A-Z Challenge: W is for Women

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Mona Lisa in Detail

Mona Lisa in Detail    (Louvre)

Why is W is for Women? Women are unique human beings.  Unusual women are everywhere,  every one is different;  debutante, delightful,  the ordinary,  extraordinary, contrary or exceptional.           It takes all kinds and all descriptions; tall ones, short ones,  redhead, blonde, brunette &  brown, plain,  cute, beautiful, smart, vibrant,  dumb, clever, witty, eye-candy, busty, small-breasted, elegant,  gold-digger, whacko,  dowdy, lazy, hard-working, fast, slow,  -girlfriend, wife,  mother,  grandmother, aunt, daughter, girl-next-door. She may be a   friend,  gay,   lively,  loser,  lover. She may be skinny, pleasantly plump, chubby  and well-toned, big and small, a valley girl, actress,  athletic and/or a lunatic, insane,  a talker, crier,  princess, duchess, dancer, ballet prancer, waitress, teacher, or opera singer when  musical laughter peals from  painted lips as the fat lady sings. Women can be delightful, annoying or diligent.  Cheaters, faithful,  genuine, artificial, painted deceivers. Sloppy. Neat. Irritating.   They may be  Great cooks, homemakers. Substitute secretary, CEO, pot-burner, gardener,  smiling, gentle baker  with great buns. She may be illiterate,  educated, compelling, personable, and  intelligent. Descriptions of all kinds keep coming;  devil, angel,  sneering,  snotty, gullible, sultry,   sexy, nice, a hottie,  silly, soulful  housekeeper,  granny grey,  maid or mom, Queen, mother, missus, Mrs., Ms. and madame. She may be a fine lawyer,  farmer,  tailor, hairdresser, hooker, companion, date,  shapely, writer or artist.  She can be exciting, arrogant, humble, dim or dull, drab, dreary,  or even in drag  do-nothing dazzler,  wear-nothing, sunburned naked nudist, bikini clad, lady, catwoman, superwoman,  teacher or  flower-girl flautist. Don't forget to check out those  bad-ass biker-babes, cello-players, genius gardening zeitgeists,  and the rhythms and rhymes of giant-hearted prose creators, gnomes and Victorian poets.  Moaning Mona and the Mona Lisa....There sure are a lot of women.... 'Ya gotta  love'em all. Women--it takes all kinds, and they're wonderful, that's why W is for Women. Is that Incoming I hear? +FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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12 Responses to A-Z Challenge: W is for Women

  1. Hehe, yes, many of those adjectives describe me … and not necessarily the ones you’d expect!

  2. Red, I LOVE your tell-all wonderful one-word response. Notice I didn’t add any secret stuff? Perhaps a poll on this subject on M3. “;)

  3. That’s an incredible list and almost 100% complimentary! You’ve got the ‘you really gotta love women!’ down to a fine art. Every Mona Lisa crack of the skin! Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, welcome to Incoming Bytes! Yes, it’s quite a list, and I now realize I overlooked quite a few more. “Flower child, psychedelic, becoming, wild, wonton, nimble, gawky, graceful, etc. etc. Mostly complimentary because women are beautiful people. Mona Lisa is beautiful is she not? “:) I really like that painting.
      Please do visit again!
      pst…. I will visit your blog too! “:)

  4. Mac Pike says:

    And once in while…just ONCE in a while, mind you, a real PITA. Just saying, in the interest of full disclosure here…

  5. We women are quite a few things! 🙂 I am some of these things… 🙂

  6. Yes, Christyb, you are. Notice the giant-hearted prose creators…haha! A lot of the other descriptions apply to you too, I’m guessing…”:)

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