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Political Promises and Lies of Convenience

©2019 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee       [caption id="attachment_3981" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The inverted Maple Leaf flag of Canada --a symbol of distress Canada in Distress ...Election 2019: Political Promises and Lies  of Convenience[/caption]          

Political Promises  and Lies of Convenience: Do Politicians Ever Learn?  No.


Since when do Canadians actually believe  political promises and lies of convenience ?  Offered by goofy, squirming,  grinning politicians paddling pink plastic canoes just because  their daddy tried to wow stupid and gullible voters the same way to impress fools  forty years earlier?   "Improve the lives of the middle class and those working so hard to join it."?   What unmitigated CRAP.  What a crock.   Do Canadians never learn?

"A new opportunity to smarten UP every four years" comes to mind. Perhaps public belief in political promises,  and  lies of convenience, blather and election rhetoric  are planned stupidity.*sigh...

The  2019 federal election has once again cultivated a huge crop of political promises and predictable, expensive  but meaningless claptrap. A huge crop of lies of convenience.  Potential debt offered by whispering snakes. Hidden by smoke and mirrors glinting in the sun, polished by political liars.  Promises of benefits  "in the future", promises sure to cost Canadians billions —and return nothing but loss of faith and higher taxes.  For many generations to come.

The politics of spending. Dictated, planned delusion,  deceptive,  contrived costs that politicians know are foolish, unwarranted,  delusional and implausible, and yes, essentially stupid. Disturbingly dishonest.  

The eventual, ultimate  cost of dishonest politicians pandering for votes to save their OWN skin  is impossible to calculate, and even more  impossible to remedy —or repay. Ever.


Unfulfilled Political Promises are Political Lies of the Past


Let's be REALISTIC and  call them what they are. Unfulfilled political promises are creative political lies of the past. Politicians selling their cheesy souls invariably happily imagine, yes  bank on it —that voters will conveniently 'forget'.   Unfulfilled political promises; the sleek, slippery lies of the past,  false hopes offered,  previous gaffes, scandals, corruption  and treason...

Surprise!  Canadians  do NOT forget. Did we forget the SNC Lavalin scandal?  No. Trudeau's breach of ethics? No.  The Mark Norman scandal?  No.  Trudeau's international gaffes and  lewd personal behaviour, groping, public displays of sleaze?  No. Other nasty criminal things rumoured and verified?  No. But we digress.


 Political Promises  Based on Easy Deficit Spending


Any  fool individual  with a new, shiny plastic  credit card can outspend  a limited income, no matter how large.... Exhaust a marginal  money supply quickly and  foolishly. And run into red ink immediately . Here's how you do it.  Economics 101.   Spend money you simply do not have. Simple isn't it?

Equally, any sleazy  political crook or political wannabe can make promises to operate government  in a happy-go-lucky deficit.    Dishonest politicians  overspend the money supply of taxpayers.  YOU Will be required to pay more interest, more taxes.  The projected future  economic security of your children is destroyed.   And that of  your grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Clearly, once again,  Canadians should know better;  political promises and lies of convenience made by incompetent fools pandering for votes  —do not make a wise or reliable government.


Spending Canada to Bankruptcy


Spending foolishly is easily accomplished when pandering  away the future for votes. Promise utopian la-la spending.  Hold your breath while blathering politicians promise   free camping, free education, free transit, free energy,  free housing, 'affordable housing'  make-a-baby benefits, make another baby for family support payments,  tax-free maternity benefits, tax relief, tax credits, tax cuts for everyone. Post-secondary grants.   Free, unlimited support for unlimited immigration —  free entry,  free welfare payments, free support, free housing in hotels.  At a cost of billions. While Canadian vets live on the streets in poverty along with with thousands of homeless, impoverished Canadians.   "What can go wrong with that?" Is obvious.


Wow...and political Liberal Trudeau and his sheeple hacks have  the nerve to say "Let us all choose "forward"   when clearly,  it has  already been demonstrated and proven, we will go backwardever deeper into debt, even bankruptcy for DECADES. And backwards socially. And backwards in the eyes of the international community and our allies. Got that?   Right. How Trudeauesque.  Just like 'daddy'.   How "encouraging' —in political-speak, Trudeau's multicultural  language of LIES.


And that's not all...

And that's not all.  Trudeau promises to plant billions of trees. Check.  (He planted ONE in a grand photo op.)  Check.  Build 5,000 new charging stations across Canada. Check. No more pipelines.  Check.  Bought a dying pipeline. $9.3B taxpayer dollars.  Check.  Invest all tax revenue from the dead Trans Mountain Expansion project in green stuff.  Check.  Isn't that a contradiction?  Check.  Provide Indigenous communities clean, safe water with no 'boil water orders'   Check.   Right.  Another epic FAILURE.  Endless epic failures. And Trudeau promises interest-free loans to upgrade homes . Check.  Making  energy-efficient homes. Check.  For people who cannot even afford homes.  Check.  Wow.   Get that?   Check some more:  Free PharmaCare.  Check.  Free Dental Care. Check. Check.   Thirty-seven(?)  Billions. Check, check, check check...   er....hello? ....Check please...(?) Where will all of that money come from?   Nobody wants to "suggest" the rich will pay more. Endlessly. We wonder if Justin, Elizabeth, and Jagmeet know what the rich will have to say about it, other than "bye-bye"....          

Let's Pretend...


Let's pretend we "get to enjoy" those  'free'  magic offerings and promises;   every garish, frivolous  free-for-all  promise that Liberals, NDP and Greens  have sworn see to to fruition. The fact IS, no matter how promises  are handed out by cunning political snakes,   voters  WILL  pay for them later with higher taxation.

Politicians promise YOU the vision of a gift, tax relief, action on the  environment,   five thousand baskets of bread and fishes,  ONLY available at the hands of  THEIR individual parties.   They offer  potentially responsible and ( well, they DO promise after all )   - honest governance.   There is only one problem.  Their promises are fabrications, lies, and deception.  Their promises are NOT honest.  Never have  been honest.  Never will be honest. The problem is, the proceeds are usually messy political drool, arrogant snot and drivel offered by less-than-honest politicians looking for power, long holidays, fat salaries, fat pensions, self-entitlement, and with NO exceptions, the successful  illusion of power.    And that is  whether  they be clad in black tie, top hat   and red silk,  green environmentally-friendly felt,   white shirt , blue collar, white cashmere, blue jean jacket, exotic costumes of silk  pyjamas,  birthday suits, or the trendy and lewd faux rainbow deluxe  costumes with Eid socks, turbans  and blackface accents.


A Plethora of Political Promises and Lies  of Convenience


Have you ever noticed?  If so, you are aware that political promises are always promises for the future, that would be "if and when",   and two, three, four or more years down a damned rough gravel road with potholes, washed out bridges and traffic jams. Never when forming a new government, never close at hand, never reasonably 'soon'.  Why?  Because such promises are invariably placed in to a time slot far into the future based upon impossible planning, lack of forethought,  wishful thinking. And it's all based upon SPECULATION... i.e.  (...if we win) or even projected to the future, ie.  following a second, let's pretend, 'successful' election four years in the future. (Yes, that would be "if we win AGAIN,  twice in a row, suckers... )

Imagine that. in reality, promises offering nothing.  Not even hope.  Political promises and lies of convenience are  LIES.   NOT good enough for Canadians. Canada deserves BETTER.  Do politicians ever learn?  No.

  Get out and vote.  Something has to change.  



Is that Incoming I hear?

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The Sun is Setting on Justin Trudeau

©2019 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee     [caption id="attachment_3981" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The inverted Maple Leaf flag of Canada --a symbol of distress Canada in Distress:   The Sun is setting on Justin Trudeau[/caption]          

The Sun is Setting on Justin Trudeau

"The sun is setting on Justin Trudeau."  You have to be impressed.   The Prime Minister of Canada has done it again.   As usual,  Justin continues to make  inexcusable blunders, gaffes,  one after the other.  Endlessly. Making excuses. Justifying actions and errors with lies,   tossing in thoughtless insults. Arrogantly offering  'alternative experiences' as 'valid' explanations  for mindless,  off-script comments, illegal actions.  Political statements laced with wildly inaccurate half-truths, taqiyya lies of convenience, deception, and poisoned delusion. On and on. Approved and supported by The "#LiberalTeamofwhat?" in action.  Get this...


Trudeau Was Caught In Scandalous NO-NO. —a.k.a.   The Very Big SNC LAVALIN "Affair".

Perhaps most damning,  it had to happen sometime. Trudeau was  clearly exposed using political pressure, his position, and sketchy influence to  prance and skate his way around the Canadian Constitution Rule of Law —on thin ice.

He was called out and rightly so —by the (then) Attorney-General of Canada —his own female Liberal MP Cabinet minister, MP Jody Wilson-Reybould. The first Indigenous Attorney-General of Canada. A woman with ethics. And a second woman. Dr. Jane Philpott.  There we go...the fake feminist Trudeau in action...


Jody Wilson-Reybould and Dr. Jane Philpott Expelled from the Liberal Party April 2nd, 2019.

Trudeau  smugly  thumbed  his nose at,  and  blamed the now ex-Attorney-General of Canada, Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Reybould  and  MP Dr. Jane Philpott,  two of his most highly qualified ministers — for precipitating action on the  DIRT under the rug in the  Prime Ministerial Office.   More laughable, Trudeau  whined and charged  that in doing so,  they (those  evil untrustworthy women   " created distrust and caused a rift in the dishonest Liberal  "team of  What(??) " Party of Canada

Canadians now know and understand that The Prime Minister of Canada was clearly pressuring and interfering  with, and improperly  injecting himself and his staff into the EXCLUSIVE jurisdiction  of the Attorney-General of Canada — in the * SNC Lavalin scandal. 

*Bottom line explanation,  Trudeau's office was reportedly attempting to pressure  JWR  into offering SMC Lavalin a "deferred prosecution agreement" which would conveniently avoid a criminal TRIAL — including an agreement that the company simply would  pay a "slap your pinkies fine" instead and carry on with the business of being a  corporate Liberal donor in Trudeau's riding. Imagine that....

Would ordinary Canadians ever be allowed to prance naked skate around  the Rule of Law like that?  No. Do the crime, do the time, dude,   " 'Fess up.  Go to jail, do not collect $200" —Unless you're rich and one of Trudeau's "friends" in high places (Trudeau's riding) and political donors, (Liberal)  that is....

*To simplify the SNC Lavalin 'affair' Trudeau's office was caught with dirty political  fingers at the highest  level —dabbling improperly and  interfering in matters of  law into  which  politicians —even the Prime Minister of Canada himself— have absolutely no business sticking their long, lying, political noses. Period.  International bribery by Canadians is not to be condoned.  Ever.


The Big NO-NO Exposed

A big no-no.   It seems Justin, his  friendly socialist whisperer Gerald Butts, and head honcho M. Wernick, of the Privy Council, (a.k.a.  chief public servant)—in a round of phone calls and emails — had collectively   been  placing continuous, undue and illegal pressure on the (then) Attorney-General  Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Reybould  to reverse an existing decision. To force her to defer prosecution of SNC Lavalin for corruption a serious charge involving bribery to get government business in LIBYA, of all places.

How convenient.  With a Deferred Prosecution Agreement, SNC Lavalin,  a major Liberal donor in Trudeau's riding,  could then avoid a criminal TRIAL,  avoid conviction, thereby  remaining  'approved'  for very large and lucrative engineering contracts in Canada. 

Even more convenient,  and unbelievable, when the  incredibly improper "improprieties"  were exposed,  a "Justice Committee," pre-loaded with a biased Liberal majority,  was quickly formed to hide 'investigate' the matter.

The biased "committee"  heard a highly-stifled, Trudeau-approved  version of events from Wilson-Reybould,  some assorted  and Trudeau-approved selected 'testimony'  from Gerald Butts,  and "who really knows" from the head of the Privy Council  M. Wernick.  The Liberals subsequently and quickly shut down the investigation.

The opposition screamed COVERUP!  because it was a COVERUP!  (--and far  too uncomfortable  for the sweating Trudeau and  SNC Lavalin, the  large Liberal donor.  In Trudeau's riding yet. Imagine that, but I digress )  Let us not even start on the Trudeau fabricated excuses of 'protecting jobs'  yada-yada.... all b.s. which Lavalin executives  denied and, oh-oh!... then oops....promptly backtracked.  Nice job there... but since loss of jobs just does not qualify as an excuse for political interference in matters of justice, you get the idea...

It became evident that Wilson-Reybould,  clearly and calmly,   displaying integrity and  legal ethics, had  warned the PMO about the on-going problem with  political interference in matters of prosecution and the Rule of Law,  and had refused to change her decision.

A taped *conversation between Wilson-Reybould and Michael  Wernick  was subsequently  labeled  "improper" by  "Team Liberal Hypocrites " who  expressed themselves as being "uncomfortable" that JWR had "recorded a conversation."  How dastardly, they shreiked... A *conversation that in fact had clearly confirmed improprieties that Trudeau   denied. No matter.

Get this, folks, Justin lies,  denies being advised by Wernick of that accurate "*discussion".  Imagine that. (Why sure, we'll all believe that B.S.) 

JWR  had been subsequently  removed from the  position by Trudeau, and demoted to   Indian Affairs upon refusal to change her decision. Imagine that 'timely decision'. 

Trudeau lied, justifying  that demotion by blaming it as necessary because of the resignation of another MP, Scott Brison. Well, hello.  Wasn't that creative, let's blame Scott, blame someone else....always?

JWR  refused,   understandably  turning down the cheesy, dishonest,  and obviously  Trudeauesque  shifty two-step cabinet shuffle appointment, initially  to **Indigenous Affairs then to Veterans' Affairs. ( *Being an Indigenous woman ,  she is also  in disagreement with the  overbearing, highly-questionable  Indian Act of 1876, which in spite of amendments and many Liberal tears and promises of reconciliation,  handily controls and  limited all infrastructure,  the infamous residential schools, health, social aspects, education, language, and economic opportunity, defining and   dictating in its entirety  the nature of  contemporary aboriginal life in Canada ) 


The Punishment

Jody Wilson-Reybould  was CLEARLY and handily punished and demoted,  chided, scolded, denigrated  for being ETHICAL — and  later expelled from the Liberal Party by the blatantly dishonest Trudeau and  his curiously childish, uninformed, incredibly gullible, but  equally dishonest Liberal caucus.

In overview,  Justin the  FAKE sworn feminist, clearly  had absolutely NO hesitation in agitating, influencing,  conning ordering (whipping) the frightened  snowflake Liberal caucus into  tossing these two highly-qualified elected  women under the bus —and out of the Liberal Party. That is what dictators DO.

Understanding the sneaky, dishonest collection of  "Works of Trudeau" ,    Canadians can easily  conclude he conveniently conned and ordered the frightened Liberal party into once again, doing more of his dirty work.   Why?  To  avoid facing responsibility,   to protect his own sleazy agenda — and ensure his success.  The sunny,  Sunni, new,  Trudeau way.   After all it's still "2015" in his delusion. Why destroy his personal brand when he can easily lay the  blame  for the 'betrayal of trust" on the whole Liberal "team"....as he describes it?


The LiberalTeamOfWHAT (?)

The #LiberalTeamOfWhat? comes to mind. What exactly has this "team" become?   The  Liberal team of Dishonest, the Liberal Liars, the  Ignorant incompetent, the bleating sheep,   slaves, or  hypocritical?    Liberals should be ashamed not only of Trudeau but of  themselves.

So...Imagine that.  Where could it go from there?  Not one, but TWO competent, honest, and smart WOMEN—elected representatives, who, for the record, were, and remain  more honest,  far better informed, far smarter, far more astute than Trudeau will ever be...     Both with careers much brighter and longer than Justin should now ever hope to have.  Both are out. Both are now sitting as independents.

Officially, Jody Wilson-Reybould and Dr. Jane Philpott have  been expelled from the Liberal party as of this date. Why? Because the "team Trudeau" collectively could NOT INSIST OR ACCEPT  that  the dishonest Trudeau " made a serious  legal mistake  (yes, let's generously  call it a "mistake")  --and the Liberal Party,  individually and  collectively, most shamefully,  have absolutely  no intention of  being truthful with Canadians




Enough said  (?)  NO.

Because Trudeau  is a COWARD, dishonest,  and unable to accept responsibility for  personal actions, corruption, sleazy agenda, dereliction of duty,   government incompetence, we say no.  Because Trudeau endlessly expresses disrespect for seniors, original immigrants,  veterans, women,  Indigenous peoples, "old stock Canadians',  white people, and  his  improper  political interference in matters of law—   We say NO.

Trudeau compounded the error,  conning and whipping   frightened Liberals everywhere into calling  JWR's  taped conversation a crime, unethical.   (Justin continues to poison more sheep  to do his  dirty work.)

The justifiably-taped conversation which was intended to  advise and prevent  Trudeau from committing a crime —is now called a crime?  Dishonesty reigns...  The pot is calling the kettle black. That predictable  fabrication  and accusations of  "destruction of trust"   have been  publicized and exploited by Trudeau —to twist fact, cover his tracks, and justify his viciously kicking  two women—from the Liberal party.

The Liberals  accusing  JWR of unethical behaviour —is a travesty of justice.   How convenient, now contrived, a mere distraction  to  distract from  Justin Trudeau's dishonesty—and the ongoing agenda of the  poisoned, dishonest PMO.   Butts, the Trudeau-whisperer,   and Wernick the conniver —both resigned. Imagine why? ... yes, let us simply imagine WHY.


Liberals Continue to Choose Evil over Honesty

In observation, the Liberals have now demonstrated themselves to be  a "team" of spineless, dishonest hypocrites— which clearly approves of  political interference with  the Canadian  Rule of Law.

Liberals choose  to support corruption and the  childish, treasonous, dishonest, and 'team' including the  incredibly  incompetent 'lying leader'. Liberals continue to choose evil over honesty.

Canadians can justifiably no longer trust the 'lying leader'  OR the  Lying #LiberalTeamOfWhat?


Guess what, that wasn't ALL...

"The sun is setting on Justin Trudeau.." 

B.C. Grand Chief Stewart Phillip

Even more telling was Trudeau's visit to a Liberal fundraiser which happened to attract some protesters from Grassy Narrows, an Indian reservation where tragic mercury contamination from an old paper mill  has been known for decades.  Mercury-contaminated soil and water has been  ignored,  causing endless health issues, illness and deaths— in the native population.

While  those  protesters were being  quickly "removed" by Trudeau's security goons,   the Liberals  in attendance were —LAUGHING— as Justin repeatedly shouted  to the protesters being forcefully removed: 

"Thank you for your DONATION"

Can you imagine that?

Trudeau's crass, thoughtless comment  revealed and  demonstrated  his  fake "concern"  and  "genuine interest   in reconciliation" nicely — his lack of concern for the well-being, the very lives of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Human beings. Real children. Real families. Real people.

Yes. The Prime Minister of Canada addressed the disgraceful, inexcusably tragic situation facing the people of Grassy Narrows  with ignorant, arrogant comments which were accompanied by Liberal laughter.  How disconcerting.  How unbelievable. 

Yes.   Believe.  it.  or NOT.


"The sun is setting on Justin Trudeau"  was subsequently observed and politely stated by Union of B.C. Chiefs Grand Chief Stewart Phillip in an interview with Global TV correspondent Mercedes Stephenson. Chief Philip  thinks

" the prime minister is now showing his true colours on indigenous relations' and that it is "very disturbing and very disappointing."

Right.  That says it ALL.  The sun IS setting on Justin Trudeau in the rest of Canada too.  Canadians are fed up with Trudeau's dishonesty;  nothing he says OR does can be believed OR trusted. Ever.


Let's Repeat That! Words from the Prime Minister of Canada yet.  Unbelievable. 

 "Thank you for your donation". 

Wow.  Worth REPEATING.  The BC Union of Chiefs Grand Chief Stewart Phillip summed it up nicely in an interview with Mercedes Stephenson ( Global News, West Block Mar. 31/19):

 "The sun is setting on Justin Trudeau".  "The Prime Minister is now showing his true colours on indigenous relations.....it is very disturbing and very disappointing."

* In observation,  we at IncomingBytes suggest that Trudeau had protesters removed from his "fund raiser" ($1500.00/ plate Lying Liberal Rubber Chicken) because  he cannot face the embarrassment, truth, lack of integrity  or the factual necessity of addressing and remediating  historical wrongs,  chronic neglect, and the incredible case of  the Grassy Narrows mercury contamination that has had  deadly, tragic consequences for decades.  It is making real human beings sick, and killing them. 

No cleanup of  Grassy Narrows mercury contamination is scheduled or expected.  Imagine that.   

—With decades-old mercury poisoning of Grassy Narrows,  outrageous poverty and timeless, unresolved  20-year boil water orders on other  indigenous communities,  it is becoming surprisingly easier  to believe that Trudeau considers  Indigenous peoples irrelevant,  less than human, disposable, and  not worth bothering with. Apparently these human beings are considered to be  unworthy of clean water and a safe environment. 

For the record,  real Canadians believe that Justin's ignorance and racist attitude to  Indigenous peoples of Canada was inexcusable, shameful,  and a disgrace. 

His  blathering  "apology" the next day was absolutely unbelievable and meaningless,  coming from the confused, forked-tongued actor. Understandably, First Nations people simply can no longer trust or believe Trudeau. Neither can other Canadians.

"The sun is setting on Justin Trudeau."

Sorry, the truth must be told.

All Canadians in Canada deserve MUCH better.

Is that a surprise?  After all, it is 2019....




Is that Incoming I hear?

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