From Raggs: The Bent Man


From Raggs: The Bent Man --a historical novel


  From Raggs:The Bent Man  was entered in  the first ever competition held by . The  writing challenge was based upon 'best first chapter' for a book, or novel, a  work of fiction.

    From Raggs instantly became a prize-winning novel in progress.   First prize for the  November Fiction:  Best First Chapter Competition was awarded to From Raggs.

Congratulations to Raymond Alexander Kukkee for his First Place entry:
From Raggs: The Bent Man

by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Stone Cottage

She sat rigidly on a low, coarse three-legged stool next to the blackened hearth of the dull fieldstone fireplace, the lines on her face betraying her intense, silent determination to burn the potatoes in the blackened pot she was tending. She was the executioner, scorching the evening meal over the smoky peat fire, the flames catching her grey eyes and flickering, but not moving her soul. She did not seem to blink. It was a curious thing, watching her in the dull yellow light. She seldom moved at all.  (continued)

The complete prize-winning Best First Chapter Competition can be seen  here.

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