Twisted Tales: Chicken or Egg?

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The Big Egg

The Big Egg

Which Came First, the Chicken or Egg? 

The answer to this ageless philosophical riddle  is not shown to be simplified at all  by Twisted Tales: Chicken or Egg....

  Once upon a time there was a smart organic egg with a nice brown shell, a few spackles and and many freckles, but it had no legs, feet, or eyes. " Do tell, I am so happy, just laying here in the warm sunlight " the egg said, thinking out loud, early one morning. "I heard that" a loud voice responded, making the ground shake almost hard enough to scramble the egg. The egg tried in vain to run and hide, but like most eggs, could only roll about in circles excitedly, for it was smaller at one end than at the other, and had no legs. " I see you are afraid and wish to hide, but without legs and feet, how shall you ever run about?" the great voice from beyond boomed, " and by the way, how do you see? We could help you with that" . The egg thought about it for a few moments and changed his mind. "Anything is possible, is it not?" he asked out loud. "Perhaps I have yet-undeveloped characteristics and abilities." "Well, yes, it is quite possible, that is the general consensus up here ", said the great voice. "Then, please, sir, is it possible that I may have those physical abilities and characteristics soon bestowed upon me?" asked the egg shyly, trying hard to look up, but not seeing, as the egg had no eyes to see with. The big voice sighed. "Everyone wants to be something different, I guess eggs are not an exception, ....well, all right." "There is but one condition you must meet prior to having legs, feet, and eyes being given to you, you do understand." "Anything, I'll do anything" the egg shouted happily. "I'll do anything, even grow feathers, comb, and a beak , I'll even wear silly three-toed yellow feet if you want me to! " "Well, that's really not necessary, but....then if you insist, you may do so, be creative, just do as you wish." The great voice boomed again. "Anything, I said I'll do anything!" the egg yelled again, somewhat impatiently. "In that case, there are a few other conditions you must meet also, some of them you may not like as much as legs, feet and eyes." the big voice added. "Several things may be required of you." "Okay, anything, I'll do anything" the egg repeated, smiling nervously, thinking he had tested and bested the big voice in the sky. Or at the very worst... "Well then, get cracking!" said the big voice suddenly. "What's taking you so long, what are you, a chicken or something?" #   tags: twisted tales, chicken or egg,  fables, tales, philosophical riddles,     Is that Incoming I hear? FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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