Poetry: Star Fire

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The Age of Light

Sunrise in Northwestern Ontario


Star Fire

  Stumble far across the universe ride gentle comets that wish you dreams... Ignite star fire Read gentle stars as you go; Those twinkling are the sparkle of life The pale are gentle souls that give and seek time with thee for love Fail not to observe attentions offered, ways unseen, Attention due to opportunity missed, For even small stars shine brightly Magnificently lighting the way for fools and all blessed To burn dissent, shun fortunes lost Melt bleary days into silver fog, a wisp, Love missed, ethereal hope to rise; Ignite star fire in the distance Add to the universe, eternal flame, Stars missed, love carried to eternity By those who stumbled far across the universe Collecting comets that wish you dreams And read gentle stars. #

Is that Incoming I hear?

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2 Responses to Poetry: Star Fire

  1. Conny Manero says:

    Whow Raymond, you’re such a romantic soul. Is this what gazing at the sky does to you?

  2. Conny, thank you. You may be right. “:) I’m guessing the stars out in the universe are inspiration to everyone, there are few things as beautiful. In Toronto with the city lights, it must be a difficult thing to see the star fire out there. Thank you for commenting ~R

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