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Deception and Confusion is not Governance

©2019 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

[caption id="attachment_3981" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The inverted Maple Leaf flag of Canada --a symbol of distress Canada in Distress An agenda of Deception and Confusion is not Governance[/caption]    

An Agenda of Deception and Confusion is not Governance.

As unique and beautiful as Canada is, it appears that Canada may be headed for epic chaos and disaster. Like France, already a failing state. Observe Venezuela, an oil-rich country. The latest, Haiti, a land of poverty —are all suffering chaos. No sovereign nation is exempt, so why would Canada be? Deception and confusion is not governance.

Over centuries, civilized nations, established, peaceful and successful, have fallen into the chaotic throes of political or social upheaval and collapse. Are we next?


Here Comes Canada.

Be forewarned; here comes Canada with a few warts. This brief discussion has the potential to be labeled as racist, fear-mongering, divisive, right-wing, and/or white supremacist. For the record we at Incomingbytes are NOT fearmongers, homophobic, racist, divisive, anti-immigration, right-wing extremist- white supremacist-nationalists,  redneck, xenophobic or *Islamophobic.

Read that twice.

( *Islamophobia-- for the record, is a scam created and perpetuated by the Muslim Brotherhood to create victimhood and suppress criticism of that  ideology and cult )

Let us carry on. Nor are we opportunists, hired spin-agents, instigators, paid demonstrators, troublemakers, or sleazy social manipulators.

We are happy to report that we are absolutely ordinary Canadians to the core. We are friendly, welcoming, tolerant, inclusive, patient, polite, and forgiving. We have most certainly not been born with elitist privilege or silver spoons in hand.

We expect our government and elected officials  to be honest, transparent, loyal to Canadians, and realistic.

Let us put political, zealotry, and religious ideology aside briefly and allow for mature dialogue by *thoughtful, mature adults. An outpouring of truth and understanding of reality. Common sense is required.

*Note that extremist, political types, subjugated followers of unwanted religious poison from foreign nations afar, and uninformed victims of ideological zealotry— are all welcomed into this discussion —within the rules and limitations incurred by civility. These ARE the subjects at hand. So is common sense. But first, a tale of woe. Canadian.    

A Canadian Story. Let Us Pretend it is Fiction.

Imagine this: a rich, elitist, ideologically-converted, mentally ill, weak-minded drama teacher is magically chosen to be crowned "leader" of a national political "party". Yes, one of those dinosaurs. All because  of a 'famous' name. Heady stuff. Once upon a time...

Yes, an inexperienced neophyte is installed by old political hacks with dreams of yesteryear, regaining unprecedented, glorious political advantage. Reclaim of fame, fortune, unlimited access to the hog trough with self-created rules.  All of that is offered as reason to shamelessly exploit a former leader's name,  and his sorry claim to political fame, beloved or not. But no matter, it is a story.

No matter again... Through lies, bribery and dishonesty, (or whatever) the drama teacher gains traction coasting uphill on his snowboard somehow, and magically "wins" both leadership and power. We do not pretend to know why. The success is suspect. Foreign meddling, the influence of corporate millions,  ideological fervour, election skullduggery. Puppet strings and secret workings of obscenely rich, magic, elitist but  warted toads living on islands and in castles far away— all come to mind. It's  a story, isn't it?

Perhaps masses of enthusiastic millennial X-box voters hiding in basements were helpful by being completely uninformed, misinformed, misled, fooled, bribed, inspired by by Ottawahood, 'nice hair',   gaspy blather. Lies, flies, and sunny ways. Promises. Unrealistic lies. A new Y(?)-box game offered devoid of common sense or responsibility is dreamily enhanced with visions of legalized euphoria, smoke and mirrors. Nevertheless, the drama teacher/snowboarder, still coasting uphill with nice hair and skewered eye believes he has been installed as virtuous teacher of the world, "leader of feminism, parades and saviour of everything else on earth while we're at it."

The evil swaggers into the spotlight...a bewildered, confused man-child in many-varied colourful costumes, clearly only an actor obsessed with a childish "delusion" of self-entitlement, dreams of stardom, fame, and elitism (enters stage LEFT)

Globalist visions of grandeur. A huge inner vacuum is populated by a huge ego stroked by personal inner drama, as the child drones on with scripted speeches. Cheered on by has-been Liberal hacks.  Meaningless 'answers' and  speeches 'encouraged' by doting, clapping seals with much bleating by 'fellow-sheeple'.  Demonstrated mindless 'fun' in  oily, lewd parades, recorded by ga-ga selfies. Behind the scenes there is much vigorous puppet-string-pulling by agenda-laden has-beens and assorted toady, rich, unprincipled, elitist foreign interests from afar.

The parades pass local hardware stores, where real people undoubtedly work. A loose handful of colourful jellybeans tossed about in a large tin can clamped in a rattling paint shaker offer more logic. More entertainment too.

The unrealistic child throws barbs, tantrums, changes costumes, runs amok globally with pointed sticks, and self-congratulates himself by tripping on the self-obsessed tongue with scripted, endless blather. Meaningless scripted drivel. Scripted lines recorded for posterity to be repeated at every opportunity with self-gagging sound bites.

Pretentious weeping crocodile tears and insatiable whining  are posed as apologies for 152 years of purportedly shameful, grim fairy tales.

The child carefully and tearfully peeks to see if anyone is watching the action drama. Let us take another selfie in the final act, he demands, where the delusion self-destructs in sparkly confusion....

-The end-

We must ask, in this convoluted fairy tale of woe, if brave, dignified and responsible adults should not intervene?  If only for the remnant dignity of the country? A country being destroyed by the self-endangering, erratic, disoriented, confused, weeping child?


Meet.The.Right. Confused. Prime. Minister. Of. Canada.


The foregoing story is rooted and growing in Canada.

In Canada? Yes. In Canada. A childish, unstable leader is 'running' a normally-sensible, sane and civilized country. Right into the ground. How, you ask? As quickly as possible. Using every toy at his disposal; treasonous political appointees complete with lies and deception, feminism,  shaming, insult, guilt,   hypocrisy, ideological and religious brainwashing, incompetence, misplaced loyalty and commitment to foreign interests. That would be Treason. Twisted legislation. Abuse of power.  Self-interest. Corruption. Confusion. Personal drama. Delusions of grandeur. Ideological poison. Costumes. Get it yet?

Like the poisonous daddy before him, the infamous fuddle-duddle Pierre himself, Justin Trudeau is floating about, out of touch with reality.  More importantly, Justin is out of control, flirting with  barbaric ideology and Islam, ethnic cleansing, Fascism, ultra-socialism, and ultimately, dictatorship. The immature, young  and foolish Trudeau  is wandering hither and thither upon every occasion, doing as he wishes in la-la land, even  slipping the leash of his 'directors' offstage.


A Dangerous 'Leader', a Dangerous Agenda

Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, equality,human rights issues, social and demographic manipulation, electoral procedural balance, sovereign security, immigration, justice, domestic affairs, social policy, foreign policy, national debt, long-established relationships with allies, energy independence, and global free trade deals and balances --are all being frivolously and recklessly tampered with. Seemingly with no consideration or understanding of long-term consequences.

All of the above, including the existence of Canada itself have been glaringly endangered by the inexperienced, delusional, unstable Trudeau and his incompetent, amateur 'government'. He has surrounded himself with a collection of questionable Muslim appointees with  foreign agendas, arbitrarily-chosen, homesick individuals new to Canada,  inexperienced, naive politicians who will do his bidding. Cabinet members gender-balanced at a whim yet, regardless of experience or incompetence.


Neglect and Dereliction of Duty

Outrageous neglect and dereliction of duty to protect the borders of Canada most significantly comes to the fore. As thousands of Trudeau's chosen Syrian  refugees are moved into hotels in Canada,  assorted illegal immigrants, are also now invited by Trudeau to flee the USA.  Whimsically-called "irregular travelers" by Trudeau instead of illegal migrants—busloads of opportunity-seeking "adventurers" walk unhindered across unguarded Canadian borders, to disappear into the fabric of Canada to collect welfare, social benefits that outstrip social benefits available to needy Canadians.  With lip service only paid to vetting, the illegal migrants are free to do the bidding of unstable foreign interests—even terrorist groups—if they so wish.

Concern expressed by Canadians about Trudeau's reckless 'migrant' invitation to returning ISIS killers, illegal, unvetted migrants to 'walk across'  recklessly open, unprotected borders and illegal border crossings are all  labeled as "racism, fearmongering" and "intolerance".

Trudeau's blatant bias  in everything favours Islam and  the  so-called "culture" of Muslims, regardless whether they conform to Canadian values or not.   Glaring discrimination against others is Trudeau's methodolgy,   particularly discrimination against our traditional Christians and white European-Canadians.

Trudeau's  out-of-control immigration policy, social experimentation, policies in manipulation are reflected in the un-Canadian unequal treatment of all.  Discrimination against European-Canadian immigrants is  emphatically labeled as 'wanted" by Canadians. Any opposition to Trudeau and his blatantly discriminatory policies —and those of his 'selected cabinet appointees' is immediately  labeled as intolerant, racist, and 'Islamophobic'.

Justin's delusions include Canada becoming the first "post-nation state" without borders. Canada is to be flooded as Justin wishes with Muslim migrants/(asylum-seekers/refugees/invaders of his choice)    Trudeau's  choice is clearly  , persons from the least civilized, unstable nations on earth such as Somalia and other Islamic nations  devoid of human rights Any and all 'immigrants, fake refugees, invaders, criminals or opportunistic welfare-seekers looking to flee the "President Trump's 'evil' immigration clampdown and Populism" in the USA are invited to enter Canada illegally. ( As long the newcomers  are NOT traditional white European —or Christian, that is... )


Identity Politics

The newest forms of Liberal poison, identity politics, godlessness,  the UN ordered 'Migrant Pact' migrant quotas,  Fascism, and Communism are being spread as quickly as possible in 2019, an election year.

The assured destruction of Canada seems to be upon us. Trudeau voices his wet dreams of the silent passing of Canada's traditional white Europeans.  The import of millions of Islamic invaders (Somalis, Syrians, Iraqis,  other Arabs, all euphemistically called 'refugees')  is planned  as Justin's  blueprint for the destruction of the  Canadian 'identity' which inexplicably, is  non-existent. Justin considers white European-Canadians are repulsive, shameful, guilty,  dispensable, and  replaceable persons  to be quickly turned into an invisible minority.  In the Islamic Canada of his wettest dreams, Canadians of white ethnicity will be a non-existent,  disenfranchised relic of the past.

Why are white, European Canadians so clearly targeted and despised by Trudeau? Apparently Justin considers himself to be "not of white European" origin.

Should the delusions of a disturbed,  confused, self-loathing, self-hating,  mentally-unstable and insecure 'self-defined peoplekind' person come to mind? Readers are invited to explore that possibility. Energetically.


The Canadian Identity

We must ask what happened to the " Canadian identity" which Trudeau the actor, so emphatically denies? Justin inexplicably continues to insist that Canadians do not have a unique identity.

Read that again; in the disturbed, confused mind of Trudeau, we the people, born in Canada or not, cannot possibly have a 'Canadian identity'.

We must contemplate 150 years worth of Canadians born in Canada. Hello, Justin, anyone home? Is it possible, is it reasonable that Canadian-born persons are no longer allowed to exist in Justin's new world of confusion?

Particularly offensive is Justin's offhand dismissal and potential destruction of 152 years of nation-building by hard-working immigrants originating from, yes, imagine that, let us remind him, from not one, not two, but many white-European nations.

The thoughtless, ignorant dismissal of First Nations peoples and  Canadian-born Canadians —by a rich, spoiled, arrogant actor, a mindless, weak and dishonest poser who has not done an honest day of work in his life —is more than insulting and demeaning. It is, above all, blatantly stupid. How arrogant. How 'Trudeau-esque.'

Have we, the Canadian-born--suddenly, magically, with Justin's delusional, arbitrary declaration, sparkling Unicorn dust and fairy farts—somehow reverted to worthless, faceless nothingness and disappeared?

Perhaps Justin can take the time to explain in detail 'what' we real Canadians have become for  the duration. 

'Who' and 'what' are we, exactly?  Are we collectively "guilty whites, the hated, fit only to be shamed and judged, found guilty and sentenced by one emotionally-disturbed child? Have we been condemned  to die as economic slaves in our once-great nation? Are white Canadians already the new invisible minority, to be despised, hated, and unwanted —in our own country?  Or  Are we 'white European' Canadians collectively destined to disappear, to be removed by ethnic cleansing,  'replaced' by Trudeau's 'chosen'?


"Faceless" Canadians all-- say NOT.

Canadians increasingly observe that sleazy social manipulation without a mandate, questionable delusions, childish confusion and most noteworthy, willful deception of Canadians, betrayal, and treason —deception and confusion is not governance. Canadians deserve better.

In 2019, a federal election is only months away: Justin's agenda, virtual signalling, intent and actions have increasingly been demonstrated to be far less than honest --and far more than misleading.

Worth discussing seriously is whether Trudeau's dereliction of duty,open borders, social manipulation, incompetence, deception and confusion can even be considered governance.

We say not; it is abuse of power, abuse of office, abuse of privilege.

Treason, an unCanadian virtue -- comes to mind.

Justin intends to poke ALL Canadians in the eye with his childish, pointy stick. Without consultation of any kind other than with his sleazy foreign spiritual advisors, Islamic infiltrators, treasonous appointees, fake directives and immigration 'quotas' dictated by the UN. All in his bid to play 'big boy' and obtain a dramatic, 'prestigious' seat on the shamefully-biased, incompetent UN Security Council so he can attempt to direct the virtues of global sovereign nations.


Trudeau Dividing Canada

In observation and reality both, it is blatantly clear that Justin Trudeau is the most divisive, racist, hate-inspiring, fear-mongering, incompetent, deceptive, and traitorous PM Canada has ever tolerated.

Trudeau may be the only "peoplekind "personkind,imbecilic, elitist jackass" in Canada who fails to understand that Canada IS a country. A country full of dedicated, serious, responsible CANADIANS with a hard-earned Canadian identity. Canadians  are not amused with his incompetence and childish lunacy.

Canadians will continue to object, to criticize, and fightto remain a civilized nation as necessary —at whatever cost.

Yes. Canada, as WE are aware, IS full of — Canadians —who worked like hell for 152 years, fought shoulder to shoulder  and often died to build  and keep Canada out of the claws of the very ideological lunacy and barbarism Trudeau so happily espouses.

Canada is full of Canadians who do NOT want to be forced into the insanity and eternal, mindless state of darkness and wars of the uncivilized Middle East. Canadians choose NOT to be stifled under barbaric Sharia 'law', incompatible ideology and barbaric culture, whether it be alien Klingon, Somalian, Chinese,  Arabic,  Islamic, or otherwise.

No thanks, 'Justin';  Haven't you heard? Civilization is supposed to be advancing, not returning to the dark ages. This is CANADA.

Stay tuned, people. And speak up. Comment below.



Is that Incoming I hear?

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Chaos in Canada, a Handy Guide for the Future

© 2018 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_3981" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The inverted Maple Leaf flag of Canada --a symbol of distress Chaos in Canada --or Distress?[/caption]

Chaos in Canada:  A handy guide for the future?


A handy guide to disaster in the future? Would that be more accurate?  Chaos in Canada, observable today — could not only  be a handy, but predictable guide for events in the future.  It will not be necessary to guess where  chaos in Canada is heading.  Predictable. Perhaps the title should be Chaos for Dummies. Chaos for The Apathetic. Chaos for the Foolish.  Chaos for the Remnants of Canadian Civilization. Chaos Directs the Demise of Canada.

Is  chaos observable in Canada today  —a guide, a template for the future? You decide.  Step by step...a handy guide to chaos... We must wonder who would want a handy guide to chaos in Canada. The prime minister?   Americans? Islamist invaders? The average family-fan-driving mom? Non-thinking think tanks, UN elitists, Hollywood, ANTIFA, globalists,  Justin's 'little friends'?

Chaos Comes in many Forms

Chaos comes in many tangled  forms but let's be brave and attempt to list them.  How many do you recognize? Have you witnessed, participated, or been subjected to these? Would you care to add any?

Environmental changes observable. Climate change, (personally-believed or not).  Extreme weather events. Catastrophes. Economic disasters.  Fallout from insatiable corporate greed, power, and corruption unchallenged.

Inexplicable political events and trends.  Traitorous political activity in government which  is Treason.   Instability of foreign nations, manufactured or otherwise.  Invasion of  western sovereignty by incompatible cultures via internationally manufactured "refugee crises".   Verifiable creeping intrusion into domestic governments by elitist, globalists, Islamists and other elite foreign interests. Rats in the woodpile.

Unwanted social manipulation by bureaucrats and politicians in office. Lunacy and emotional instability (expressed in unprecedented human behaviour and the trend to violence. ) Less than ideal "idealism". Mass populism, violent demonstrations by the so-called 'peaceful'.  Unexpected and unwanted results from elections...manufactured trade wars with allies.  Distrust by historical allies and friendly next-door nations.

Should chaos in Canada be a surprise when politicians are clearly more interested in promoting their own personal agendas? Obsession with gender, of all things. What's in your pants, dearie?  Obsession with "identity". Obsession with 'feelings'. Obsession with drama and ga-ga selfies.  Self-entitlement.  Divisiveness. Intolerance.  M103.  The scam contrived and labeled "Islamophobia". Hate speech. Hate crimes.  ALL encouraged by government. Have no doubt, the removal  of freedom of speech is the goal —to justify "action" and 'clampdowns' by this devious, untrustworthy government. which clearly displays an arrogant tendency to dictatorship.

The handy guide itself.... becomes damning and  hideous. Good grief.

Backlash and Predictability

The backlash to trendyNeoliberal Fascism and questionable ideology is not a surprise, nor should it be. Is chaos predictable as history itself?   Are the forces of evil once again growing as a supreme test of humanity?  Let your faith be your advisor.   How about ...what goes around, comes around?  Reality  and necessity eventually overtake unrealistic, grandiose manipulation of any country by fools. Shall then, the predictability of chaos —actually be what  guides us?

We Remain  Polite even with the onset of Chaos in Canada...But...

All of these factors and others have  inevitably contributed to the onset of chaos and self-doubt  in Canada.  Worth noting and repeating. Canadians may be polite but... we're not immune to upheaval, disaster, or self-inflicted wounds.  We Canadians are quite capable of action should the onset of  civil war,  so common in other countries, becomes  necessary.  Do our 'politicians' not recognize that fact?

We're NOT Different.

We're not different.  With callous, arrogant, careless leadership Canadians  can realistically expect  the eventual coming of the same  calibre of events as those occurring elsewhere on the globe.  With weak and dishonest, distrusted and disliked  leadership which is so offended at being  called out  in Canada, we are  no longer  immune to the  reality, brutality and gob-smacking  instability of  unpredictable tarriffs and economic warfare, much less  historical violence, terrorism, murder and mayhem  so often displayed in Europe and  the Middle East.  Balkanization of Canada itself.   Terrorism. Let that sink in.  Demonstrations, riots.  Violence.  Why?

An epic fail in political  leadership, domestic and social political foolishness has occurred in Canada.    As  if social and domestic policy failure are  not bad enough, an immigration crisis is now full-blown and has already become far too problematic.   At the invitation of the Prime Minister himself,  Muslim and other illegal immigrants walk across uncontrolled border points at will.

ISIS fighters, enemies of Canada, return freely to Canada, recklessly endangering the lives of Canadians and the stability of Canada itself. Unbelievably, at the invitation of Justin Trudeau himself. Why? Divisiveness encouraged. Intolerance, terrorism, a culture of fear are a delight to this 'leader' --and his 'government.

The problems of the middle East and its traditional, stubborn, disagreeable, dominating and incompatible 'cultures' are on the march right into Canada. With the blessing of the UN, the EU, and the  confused,  treasonous and delusional "Prime Minister" Trudeau ,  his personal agenda, and his poisonous appointees, who endlessly prove they will simply thumb their noses at  the traditions, laws,  blessings, inclusiveness  and security of Canada. By destroying it.  Add that to the 'handy guide' and it becomes eminently more clear, more predictable.

Is Chaos in Canada  the new Normal? ...er....um....er...Yes.

The new social confusion trade wars, the potential failure and end of NAFTA brought on by incompetent negotiation and epic failures of trust. Genuine international distrust. Hurt feelings.  Unwanted, uncontrolled immigration. Blossoming cultural domination by an unwanted,  bitter, incompatible, archaic  ideology.  Open bordersBottom line, chaos in Canada courtesy of politicians completely  out of touch with the nation, the people,  the past, the future, all  embellished  with  disastrous economic and unwanted social manipulation.

How handy!

Enjoy.  How handy! A guide to not only Chaos in Canada  but a guide to the Fragmentation of Canada itself.  Two for the price of ONE.



Is that Incoming I hear?

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