Writing life: Inspiration Surrounds Us

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"To a writer, words plucked from the airwaves become a bountiful harvest of choices and encourage a plethora of ideas. Words and concepts that result are often not made as conscious decisions, but a sublimate totality of life...."
It is not a surprise or an author's trade secret that to create beautiful writing requires inspiration. Many writers cannot write without inspiration at risk of producing mediocre disappointment or dismal failure. Inspiration is therefore invaluable, contributing strength of character and encouraging both ethics and resolve. It confirms and tweaks individual creativity and initiates the search for knowledge.
Inspiration leads thought

  Inspiration leads thoughts  photo © 2011 by rakukkee

  Inspiration encourages better writing methods and techniques, but more importantly, it encourages and even prods insistently the desire to learn well the exquisite art of writing . To be a superior writer demands inspiration, for inspired work is inevitably superior. To proffer a hypothesis in clarity, to outline technical details precisely, or to write creative works of art in an extraordinary fashion requires more than mundane thought. The fruit of the pen, to ripen elegantly, requires nothing less than inspiration, but where does inspiration come from? Interaction with other individual human beings is an important source of inspiration. It is said everyone that touches a life influences that life and it's projected outcome, good or bad. Thoughts are collected subconsciously, and all contribute to the creation of the written word. A choice phrase may be picked up subconsciously in overhearing the happy chatter of children at play, a neighbour complaining about arthritis, weeds and weather, or the finest orator strangely out of character and graciously praising her political competition. To a writer, words plucked from the airwaves become a bountiful harvest of choices and encourage a plethora of ideas. Words and concepts that result are often not made as conscious decisions, but a sublimate totality of life and those around us who communicate , to influence our thoughts, consciously or even unwittingly. In nature, inspiration and the power of life itself is easily observed in considering the smallest droplet of water. Sparkling dewdrops fall where they may, yet nourish the growth of tiny seeds, the little ideas of life that may turn into wonderful flowers, trees that bear food for thought, or a majestic, long-living Sequoia. Plant a seed with inspiration and it will grow. The open book before me may be the ultimate source of inspiration. The bible, perhaps the most famous and enduring book of all of the ages of mankind and translated in the King James Version, offers not only inspiration but history, hope, gentle persuasion, knowledge, wisdom, and solutions for life. It energizes the mind. Inspiration comes freely from the word of God to those that listen. Is it then a quantum leap to attribute universal inspiration to faith? No.
Faith, hope and Reflection

Faith, hope and Reflection  © 2011by wlk photography

  Eyes opened and minds clarified by faith see more, discern more essential truths and observe more easily the natural beauty that surrounds us daily . Nature is seen more clearly and the influence nature bears upon the well-being of the mind and it's ever present significance is better understood. Life itself is more clearly defined. Daily insecurity and worry is reduced, freeing the mind for greater challenges. A sense of peace and belonging within mankind itself, an improved frame of mind, is freely offered by faith and God's word. It is required only that we choose to heed it carefully. To choose faith is to choose inspiration. The simple reason? Faith inspires the use of truth, and truth cannot be defeated as a source of inspiration. Shall we as writers limit our imaginations to anything less than that demonstrated by the resolve and complexity of humanity, faith, truth and nature herself? I think not. I prefer inspiration.   Is that Incoming I hear?    FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

4 Responses to Writing life: Inspiration Surrounds Us

  1. Mandy says:

    Very inspiring article, Raymond. You captured the essence of it by what you conveyed. There is no limit to what ‘inspiration’ can do to one’s writing. I don’t think that I would be able to write if not for the many elements and people who inspire me. Above all, I loved the point of ‘faith’ that you mention. If only we could all believe in ourselves more …

  2. Inspiration is everywhere if we just open ourselves up to it 🙂 I love the topic of this post and your words smoothly transition from line to line. Well done Raymond.

    • Thank you Christyb, your words are always encouraging. We do have to be open to inspiration, in whichever form it takes, and from wherever it originates. Sweet words inspire, don’t they,– as does great poetry. “:)

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