Writing Life: Trolls and Nasty Haters

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Trolls and  Nasty Haters

Trolls and Nasty Haters Criticize Treasures


Beware, the Critics: Trolls and Nasty Haters

" Once upon a time, some trolls, nasty haters and bitter persons calling themselves critics insulted some fine writers and artisans. The writers laughed raucously, smiled peacefully, and kept on writing happily, ignoring the trolls, the nasty haters and all of their ilk, instinctively knowing that smart writers and intelligent people ignore trolls, nasty haters and failed but itching wannabe's. The other artisans did likewise, endlessly dreaming and happily creating more original treasures and fabulous works of art. The trolls, disgruntled at their newest failures to criticize and create misery, cried and ate worms.”

--the end--

The Beginning: Trolls and Nasty Haters

A friend of mine is a wonderful, creative writer, a beautiful, creative artisan with a huge heart who does everything she can do to make other people happy. She was recently upset by 'trolls and nasty haters' who were unkind, miserable and uncomplimentary, unnecessarily insulting her beautiful work. The insults from the critic almost brought tears to her eyes, but as she thought about it,  instead brought laughter to her lips and mirth to her soul. As writers we observe humanity and know that trolls and nasty haters are people who pride themselves in insulting great people. They invariably attempt to diminish and degrade beautiful manuscripts and other priceless works of art created by others far more gifted. That may be in part simply because trolls and nasty haters are usually dregs of the incompetent, inferior ilk, have low self-esteem and do little or nothing on their own. Are they lazy? Perhaps.  Lacking initiative? Likely. Let us be kind, more likely it is because they are sad and frustrated at not being able to string two words together, create such immense, startling beauty from virtually nothing, or lack creativity completely.  They may also be jealous, mentally and emotionally challenged individuals incapable of escaping their own sad, confused, and delusional world. The latter may be excused. It seems trolls and nasty haters come in all forms and genders; they may equally dwell under damp bridges waiting to admire passing Billy-goat butts, hide under dark hoodies in their parent's dank basements, playing on the old X-box,  or live arrogantly in sterile chrome towers, drinking champagne and playing fantasy computer games on the big flat-screen next to the hot tub. Regardless, they have nothing better to do with themselves than cause unnecessary anguish and pain for good, kind, accomplished  writers and other extraordinary artisans in an attempt to improve their own sorry, and rather sad lot in life.

What the majority of unhappy trolls and nasty haters do not realize is that they reveal more about themselves than they may ever care to have made public. 


The Moral of the Story

So, the moral of the story is, if you're a troll or an unhappy, nasty hater, stay under the bridge and eat worms, or climb up to the penthouse in your fantasy tower, play on the X-box and keep out of sight. If you cannot climb that far, play Pac Man® on your mommy's computer in your mommy’s basement. If you’re lucky, she will call you for lunch. A word to the wise; just like playing with Pac Man® or fantasy games, it takes endless practice to write, or paint, or create.  It’s called work.  Try it.  Read a book, then write a book or paint a picture or create a statue, your choice.  Get to it. You’ll soon see what is meant by ‘work’.  It even takes genuine work to be a critic. Psst....While you’re at it, let your older, wiser 13 y.o. sisters and brothers take a turn and learn something too.   Who knows; unlike you, they may turn out to be great writers or artisans some day. "the end"  (Again). # Is that Incoming I hear?   Tags: Critics, critiques, trolls and nasty haters,  writing life, writing, Fables, Pac Man,  computer gamesFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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  1. Conny Manero says:

    Jeez Raymond, now you have me worried.

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