Ode To Fallucci

Blue Plums

Blue Plums

Ode to Fallucci

Hey, Fallucci !

Your momma, she's well, Fallucci?

You laugh like hell,

Why you make such nice laughs?

You make the sky smile,

Where is that nice Italian boy today?

The sun shines, I see!

You give the old lady plums again,

No one wags their finger at you, Fallucci,

Many bags of plums, the best ones yet,

No money in your till, I see, no scolding,

You give plums, blue and perfect,

Nice and ripe, full of juice,

and sugar, so sweet like your soul!

Your momma would be so proud, Fallucci !

You make your grandfather sleep well, he rests,

He lays in his orchard silently, he smiles at the plums,

Laugh like hell, Fallucci !

You are your grandfather,

You are your son.

by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   ©  2008

Is that Incoming I hear?

Photo: Wikimedia commons


2 Responses to Ode To Fallucci

  1. Awwww! Ode to blue plums – love the creativity of this post! :)) Well done, Raymond!

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