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Balancing on the The Edge?

©2014 Raymond Alexander Kukkee  

It takes Leadership at the Edge

[caption id="attachment_40" align="alignleft" width="300"]Thoughts lead to Ultimate Potential Lead us to the Edge?  photo by rakukkee[/caption]   Here at IncomingBytes it seems we have difficulty remaining silent about the problematic status quo. You know, zip the lip, bucko,  or stifle it, Edith,  as Archie Bunker might say. We try hard;  it's  good to restrain one's self  where  possible, but the devil's in the details isn't it. The desire to be  silent is not always  achieved. Yes, we doodle, dawdle, go for coffee and procrastinate hoping that delay might remove the sense of urgency to comment upon occasion,  but that changes nothing. If we choose to leave it to someone else to raise hell speak up about any given issue, close to the edge,  fact is, it feels like a betrayal, passing the buck. It takes leadership to stand on the uncomfortable cutting edge —to do the right things at the right time. Should writers  zip it and silently shift responsibility to others? Should writers  live a life of avoidance apathy?  I think not. If we, as communicators fail to speak up, we lose the right to complain, or  speak at all. It becomes incredibly easy to bitch about everything, make random observations and comments.Draw  incorrect conclusions. Raise ire, draw fire.  And perhaps raise hell.  Remain silent while innocent people are being beheaded? No.  Should we collectively live in fear? No. Is that conundrum something new under the sun? No. It  is also easy to criticize and forget the path others must walk, but let's take a closer look at what's happening.  Let us generously allow other people to define their own straight and narrow, their route to happiness, or equally their chosen path to disaster, disillusion,  tragedy, loss, and grief, even death. Yes, it is their choice;  their actions, their beliefs, their dogma, —and their outcomes,  problems, and in some cases,  their biting mad-dog lunacy that condemns them.  Barbaric acts committed in iron-clad, intolerant zealotry  affect everyone in the world in one way or the other, lessening the civility in this civilization but seldom achieve the intended goal.  And no, for the record, civilized people  do not have to "like" or tolerate murderous barbarians, whatever their 'ideology'. Standing close to the edge, wondering why the world is tilting toward total destruction, we must open our eyes.  Blood and guts, warfare, murder, mayhem, bombs  and hell, —or not, we must give pause for thought.  Timely action must be taken against outrageous aggression, genocide,  the bristling threat of fever-driven religious  fanatics—cooperation with traditional enemies must be considered—no matter what the plan, and yes,it can still be a no win. Why? It is simple. Fear.  With the world in turmoil, there are already more than enough difficulties and fear to  share without the  unknown unpredictability of fanatics. Terrorism. Heinous acts committed by barbarians attempting to force their agenda upon the civilized.  ISIL fanaticism. Genocide. There is warfare. Israel and Palestine. Sabre-rattling aggression and potential expansionism of Russia into Ukraine. The civil war in Syria.  Never mind the complexities of  warfare, there's Ebola, a horrific, unprecedented global health challenge.   Climate change. Environmental and economic disasters. Earthquakes.  Dying oceans, suffocating carbon dioxide levels. Get the idea? The fact is, no one, global leaders included —can now claim the luxury of standing back and simply observing potential global threats and shrugging their shoulders. There is always trouble somewhere in the world, but for our own 'pseudo-civilized' security  and control, it has always been convenient  trendy  to consider those things happen elsewhere.  The other side of the world. Other countries. Other places. Leaders say "It's  over there, we're monitoring the situation......"  Uh...huh. Apparently not carefully enough. Regardless, it's always somewhere else. Really?  Nowhere close to our comfort zone? Perhaps until now. New threats lead us ever closer to the edge. There's a whole new 'game' on, where everyone actually wakes up --including politicians and world leaders --and are forced to look down over the edge, into the abyss. It's time to do more than just observe. Don't waste time setting the alarm clock. Wake up early and think for yourself.   # Is that Incoming I hear?     photo by rakukkee2014 all rights reserved
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Writing Life: New Beginnings

©2013 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Changes in the Wind

Happily,  a new and unquiet revolution in the world of writing is on the wind.  Writers are increasingly realizing it is a good idea to step away from traditional content mills with good reason.  Site ranking  and revenues of various sites have fallen, punitive search engines are inferred to be the reason.   Sites shut down, or promise "change".  Writers, having been burned with severely diminished incomes, are smartly moving on to potentially bigger and better personal opportunities. Let's face it, even in the optimism of the writing life, eventually reality has to set in;  writing free content for promises of mere pennies for thousands of page views, and "maybe or maybe not" reader clicks on ads --euphemistically called 'revenue share'-- with tiny if any 'upfrontnothing' payment offered for new content  --was hardly a guarantee of  income for neophyte or professional. The disquieting and unacceptable, unethical content mill  "Terms of Service" including a self-assigned 'free license' to "use" writer's content and copyrighted material   'forever' without compensation was, and remains both arrogant and problematic.   The refusals to take down content,  --even if the author leaves the site requesting content deletion and withdrawing permission  to use the content--- is hardly ethical business practice or logical enticement to submit additional free content. "Why would that be?" you ask. Copyright infringement comes to mind.   Arbitrary theft of intellectual property comes to mind.   A clear lack of business ethics comes to mind.  Arbitrary, heavy-handed and less than stellar treatment of writers that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for content mills comes to mind. "Let us NOT write more FREE content for unethical content mills" most resolutely comes to mind.  Karma does that. How predictable.  Who says destiny isn't predetermined?  No matter. Let us cheer for common sense and Karma.

Moving On

It seems to me writers shall prevail. Writers are a hardy lot; we shall not be silenced or discouraged. The pen continues to provide power.  We studiously move onward and upward to better things, new beginnings. Publishing.  New blogs. Specialized niche websites built on new and more honest business models. High-earning, custom-written articles. Books. Self-publishing of books both in print and eBook formats is growing exponentially. Why not?  Life is what you make it and  2013 is The Year of the Writer  We  kick butt. smile. In fact, we laugh.  Life has never been better.  Why?  Great things are happening!


New Beginnings-  My Gardening Network  ( MGN )

Guess what?   New, GREAT projects are sprouting.   I am happy to be involved with a start-up gardening specialty website,  "My Gardening Network"   which recently went online and is already "Growing a community of gardeners' [caption id="attachment_1741" align="alignleft" width="584"] Flower garden -- photo courtesy of MGN[/caption]    My Gardening Network  (MGN) was conceptualized and founded  by outdoorsman Mike L.Williams, writer and blogger at Saturday Sunshine, (  -stories ,outdoor adventures and outdoor skills, --yes, the adventurous rascal himself ....   Mike dares to test deep waters, catch fish the hard way, and shoot rapids simultaneously  while others stand in awe. ) MGN is unique in that the content remains the exclusive intellectual property of the authors and contributors;  content on MGN  is used only with the express permission of the creators. My Gardening Network  offers specialized garden content  written by experienced and expert  gardeners --especially  for the use of gardeners at all skill levels from the neophyte starting out in the back yard to highly experienced  gardeners who may  delight in the technical aspects of botany as well as the mysteries hidden in compost.  MGN  is taking off fast.  Drop in and check out the progress of the garden at MGN -- "Growing a Community of Gardeners".      .....and this just in---more good news, MORE wonderful 'incoming' ! [caption id="attachment_1739" align="alignright" width="200"]Christy D Birmingham Christy D Birmingham[/caption]   A unique poetic voice  is published!    An amazing writer and poet, Christy  overcame the status quo and has bravely stepped out to offer her vision to the literary world. She is none other than  Christy D. Birmingham of Poetic Parfait fame. "Christyb"  as I call her, has reached her goal!  We are so proud of her accomplishment and happily offer our very  best support and  wishes to Christyb!   Christyb speaks volumes about hope and the future in her new book of poetry "Pathways to Illumination"  --an exceptional book of poetry. What becomes immediately clear is that Pathways to Illumination is written by an artistic, poetic voice flowing gently from a gigantic heart.
"Birmingham’s intense collection of poetry follows the trail of a woman’s journey from the end of an abusive relationship to the valiant growth of a newly-awakened, independent spirit. Inner light shatters layers of powerful verse....  
[caption id="attachment_1738" align="alignleft" width="200"]Pathways to Illumination Pathways to Illumination[/caption]     Pathways to Illumination is available online  in print and eBook formats NOW  at: http://redmundpro.com/book-store/pi/         At Incoming Bytes we offer the most sincere and heartfelt congratulations to Christy for her magnificent  accomplishment. ---Kudos to you, Christyb! That, people, is why life is amazing, and  why 2013 is The Year of the Writer.  The beat goes on.... #   Is that Incoming I hear?   +  
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