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St. Patrick’s Green and Gold

©2015 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee [caption id="attachment_1247" align="aligncenter" width="800"]The luck of the Irish, a 4-leafed clover Here's a  4-Leaf Clover for Luck on St. Patrick's Day[/caption]

Once again here at Incoming Bytes   'tis the day of the green and gold, too, is it not?  

  St. Patrick's Day— the day of green. Green shirts and green ties;  green hats and green eyes; green ribbons, green dress of all kinds, with fashionable green accessories. St. Patrick's Day commemorates the chasing of snakes and the fine art of parading other such rascals out of Ireland; livening everything green  including bright green beer, green cookies, green eggs and  ham, green Leprechauns, oh, by now, —faith and begorrah!... you are probably getting the idea if you are seeing green clouds and green ducks and green chickens. It is a fine green and gold day is it not? Yes, gold also.  Gold. Yes. Wee pots of gold, hidden from the sight of snoopy treasure-seeking humans trundling about  in the greens of the forest glen by Leprechauns, the wee people. A treasure gold is, so what more could we ask?  Why, beautiful, smiling  Irish girls with green eyes, of course, and as an aside, I have never met an Irish girl I didn't like. No matter;  intriguing  Irish stories of green and gold from that legendary green island inevitably surface in spring; there are certainly pots of gold to be found if you are fast enough to  spot a wee Leprechaun hiding his pot of gold and catch the speedy little man by the heel. Look sharp.  Beware, he will escape in a flash... So to a story now, it being  just for the Irish—and anyone who has ever wished to be Irish, loves someone  Irish, knows a sweet  Irish poet, listens to enchanting Irish music —or perhaps just likes green beer. Gather 'round the green...Happy St. Patrick's day to all...  

Green and Gold

© 2011  by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Orchyd,  the chief  leprechaun,  tapped on the great wooden door of the sleeping chamber.  “Wake up,  wake up “  He tapped loudly and blew on his golden trumpet.  Not a sound but snoring was heard from within.

Wake up, young leprechauns, the snow is melted!   ” ‘Tis  spring,  the awakening of the green! There are great tasks to be completed! more

Is that Incoming I hear?
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The Huegelkultur Experiment

© 2014 by R.A. Kukkee Photo © 2014 by rakukkee All rights reserved [caption id="attachment_2909" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Even Cantaloupe and Squash will grow on a huegelkultur Even Cantaloupe and Squash will grow on a huegelkultur    photo by rakukkee[/caption] Grow anything you wish. Water less. Get great results. Want to try something different? Want to use less water? Finally, The Great Huegelkultur Experiment has been completed and is showing very promising results.  If you're a gardener, you may want to build one yourself. What is a huegelkultur?  Something weird?   What is it used for?  How do you build one?  What can you grow on it? Get all the answers you need in The Great Huegelkultur Experiment here... (more…)
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