Writing Life: No reason to Procrastinate

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Characters drive both shadows and light...

Characters drive both shadows and light..until you  procrastinate

 ” The blank mind  stares you in the face…what to do?”


Writing Life:  No Reason to Procrastinate

Writers.   Truth be known, it’s becoming ever more apparent we’re a strange bunch, –although admittedly creative.  We write, struggle, procrastinate, drink too much coffee, and have an unquieted thirst for knowledge. We may appreciate news, drama, foibles of human nature, even foolishness at times, but above all else, life.  We observe and write simply because we love to, no matter the topic. Bitty-small, large or megalithic, hot or not, ideas of all descriptions flood the creative mind,  ideally  overflowing  onto paper and screen alike.  A veritable river.  Alas,  the same creative mind arbitrarily and inexcusably shuts down, goes on sabbatical, or even an extended vacation…usually at the worst possible time. The blank mind stares you in the face, what to do?

When creative pickings are slim, fluff   just doesn’t cut it, disappearing into that big hole in the sky. Some ideas are fleeting, disappearing before being fully understood.  Has that ever happened to you? Some are static, almost motionless,  akin to a slow river, forget that idea, I don’t have waterfront property to stimulate the mind.  Lazy ideas move, with the lifelessness of deadwood. Really bad ideas cause even more procrastination; they drift until they become  waterlogged and submerge themselves in files, the ones in dusty cardboard boxes  labeled dull and unviable;  re-read,  re-think, re-write,  research.  Hm…search old files, another excuse to procrastinate. Happens all the time.

Interestingly, and a contradiction,  ideas may be dead weight,  sunk as expected –but curiously pique and fester, stuck in the craw like a fishbone. We play word games and pay attention to those.  Some may be worth reconsidering, yank them back into the boat. Perhaps they are intended to act as signposts or anchors to keep us from fleeing the incredibly interesting writing life.

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