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  SPAM and COMMERCIAL LINKS The posting of commercial links  is not welcome on Incoming  and will be removed from the site immediately.  "Spammers" will be barred from IncomingBytes.   PRIVACY NOTICE TO VISITORS TO INCOMING BYTES.COM At Incoming we take the privacy of our visitors very seriously. When you join our site, be assured that lists including  your detailed information will never be sold or distributed to  other sites for any purpose. Visitors to this website  should be aware that third-party vendors, such as Google, may use cookies on blog pages and websites to collect data and promote ads based on individual user experience. Google, certain associates and partners, may promote ads based on data collected on individual visits to this website as well to other sites linked to this website. Users that prefer not to allow Google or other third parties to install cookies on their computer while visiting this site, similar, connected or linked websites and blogs, may opt out of the use of cookies. Users choosing to opt out may do so at the page. Users may also opt out of the installation of third-party cookies at the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page at ***  COPYRIGHT NOTICE © 2012  R.A Kukkee    All rights reserved. All content within this website  is the property of Incoming  and  R.A.Kukkee unless otherwise specified and accredited.  No part of the content on may be re-used, copied, reproduced, re-blogged, sold, offered for sale, or transferred to any media, mechanically, digitally or electronically  without permission of the site owner.  Photographs are similarly  copyrighted and protected by this legal notice.  Copyright of  Photographs written or other content derived from other sources is accredited to the creator or owner(s) thereof or source from which they are derived and such content will be removed if requested  by the owner with 30 days notice in writing.   GUEST BLOGS AND AUTHOR SUBMISSIONS Authors may from time to time  submit  "Guest blogger posts" or  submit articles as mutually agreed, for mutually agreed beneficial purposes or promotion. The authors and creators of such material content retain full ownership of the copyright to material content of their articles at all times and may remove such content with 30 days notice unless the ownership of  full copyright has been specifically purchased under terms  mutually acceptable by  both and the contributor.  Content purchased and paid for by IncomingBytes under mutually agreeable terms becomes the sole property of  These terms, conditions and notices may be changed without notice at any time.   Is that Incoming I hear?FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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