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Misinformation and Political Euphemisms are Lies of Convenience.

Misinformation and Political Euphemisms are Lies of Convenience

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Misinformation and political euphemisms are lies of convenience.

  When will civilization declare "enough already"?   Increasingly, democratic nations have  come to accept dishonesty, misinformation and political euphemism, lies of convenience as 'truth'. The fact is, misinformation and political euphemisms are lies of convenience.


Why should populations of honest human beings, civilized democracies —tolerate  disinformation and lies of convenience from politicians and others who seek only their own gains?  The surreptitious injection of their personal agendas into daily social  life,  business, and government policy.  By use of deceptive coverup, corruption, misleading 'intent'.  All can be achieved by the use of creative euphemisms. Which are, bottom line,  half truths at best,  or convenient lies.   

Has Genuine, Honest Democracy Expired and Run Out of Time?

  'Is time broken? ' Cracked and just damaged? Is history repeating itself?  Has humanity gone mad?  Or have societal norms  and humanity itself become   jaded, convoluted,  and distracted?  And become so self-destructive  that euphemisms, abuse of power, corruption, and dishonesty are the new status quo?  Has honest democracy expired and run out of time?      

The Question Must Be Asked

  If misinformation and political euphemisms are lies of convenience  and accepted as truth,  the question must be asked "what does old-fashioned truth  become?"  Quaint? Out of  fashion? Inappropriate?  Irrelevant?  Unnecessary, even silly?  A paradise lost in the sands of time?   The essential fact is that disinformation and political  euphemisms have increasingly come into fashion and have too easily and equally been accepted by 'woke', unthinking populations.  People who have forgotten what total honesty is about.    Acceptance  of half-truths,  political euphemisms —and even the total  disregard of corruption, blatant criminality,  abuse of power, and arrogant self-entitlement —has  become 'acceptable'.   At this time we can offer no palpable suggestions for an immediate fix. How sad for humanity,  how sad for civilization itself.   What do you think?


    Is that Incoming I hear?
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Issues: Time is Broken

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Time is Broken, or  It's all about Time

Time is broken?   No,  this is not about the annual frenzy of setting clocks back to Standard Time from Daylight Saving time and vice versa—or is it?  There are enough people in North America already,  complaining and totally annoyed because time is broken, swearing at the foolishness of arbitrary fiddling with billions of clocks that should be left to tick happily.  acting like zombie corporate slaves in doing so. Clocks know what they're doing, don't they?  Here at IncomingBytes we're Canadian and refuse to comply with arbitrary commandeered authority. Why sure, we'll be different. Sixty seconds is still one minute, isn't it?  By the way, have you changed YOUR clocks? Getting back to reality. Dragging our heels, we changed our clocks  only because we like that extra hour of sleep, but we  bitched  complained about it too.  Loudly. Genuine Canuck complaining. It seems to me therein lies the only satisfaction in changing clocks and pretending that time is broken, other than the extra hour of sleep on this occasion, since it's 'fall-back' time.  The joy experienced in complaining when time is broken. Expressing one's self in genuine Canadian is essential.  Lowering the blood pressure, leaping into snowbanks and all that.  No matter. We think getting up with the sun is more natural. Try it.  Early in the summer, later in the fall, and even later in the winter. Maybe never.  Hibernate.  Isn't that logical?   Why be dictated to by corporate  tick-tocks, buzzers, timers and radio-clocks, digital or wind-up? Yes, it's all about time. It's about time.  Let's rebel. No more clock-changing. Think about it. Change is not in our  nature. Why change nature? Is time really broken? #     Is that Incoming I hear?    
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