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Issues: Time is Broken

©2014 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_2975" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Time is Broken       photo © 2012 r.a.kukkee Time is Broken            photo © 2012 r.a.kukkee all rights reserved[/caption]  

Time is Broken, or  It's all about Time

Time is broken?   No,  this is not about the annual frenzy of setting clocks back to Standard Time from Daylight Saving time and vice versa—or is it?  There are enough people in North America already,  complaining and totally annoyed because time is broken, swearing at the foolishness of arbitrary fiddling with billions of clocks that should be left to tick happily.  acting like zombie corporate slaves in doing so. Clocks know what they're doing, don't they?  Here at IncomingBytes we're Canadian and refuse to comply with arbitrary commandeered authority. Why sure, we'll be different. Sixty seconds is still one minute, isn't it?  By the way, have you changed YOUR clocks? Getting back to reality. Dragging our heels, we changed our clocks  only because we like that extra hour of sleep, but we  bitched  complained about it too.  Loudly. Genuine Canuck complaining. It seems to me therein lies the only satisfaction in changing clocks and pretending that time is broken, other than the extra hour of sleep on this occasion, since it's 'fall-back' time.  The joy experienced in complaining when time is broken. Expressing one's self in genuine Canadian is essential.  Lowering the blood pressure, leaping into snowbanks and all that.  No matter. We think getting up with the sun is more natural. Try it.  Early in the summer, later in the fall, and even later in the winter. Maybe never.  Hibernate.  Isn't that logical?   Why be dictated to by corporate  tick-tocks, buzzers, timers and radio-clocks, digital or wind-up? Yes, it's all about time. It's about time.  Let's rebel. No more clock-changing. Think about it. Change is not in our  nature. Why change nature? Is time really broken? #     Is that Incoming I hear?    
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Life: Climate-change Liars and Deniers

©2014  Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_2739" align="aligncenter" width="448"]Winter Sunrise ©2013 by r.a. kukkee Winter Sunrise                                ©2013 by r.a. kukkee[/caption]    

The Climate-Change Conundrum

I don't know about anyone else, but it seems to me we have been fed more than  enough lies, deception and denials about climate change. We're interested, open-minded,  and we try to keep up and stay  informed to enable reasonable conclusions.  We weigh facts,excuses, lies, crap and creative discussions. One thing is clear. Extreme weather change is obvious, but acid reflux continues to flow unabated from political and corporate  lobbyists  and climate-change liars and deniers.  Common sense evaporates.  

 "Let's pretend political ideology is  responsible for bad weather"

  Dreamland suburbia. Neighbourhoods shredded  by tornadoes,  homes flooded to the rooftops. Disasters.  Nations shattered, seemingly  irreparably by  extreme  'events', earthquakes, Mother Nature's best. She is clearly becoming increasingly testy with our blatant stupidity and foolishness, yet politicians, lobbyists, liars and deniers brazenly continue to explain away reckless  agendas of exploitation and destruction. There must be a more intelligent explanation for disasters than political orientation and partisan ego, but ask  "average Joe'  who somehow confirms  the agenda of the  "other" political party or ideology is responsible for the destruction, mayhem,  or environmental disaster. We jest . Perhaps not.   "Is it really global warming?" You ask naively. "Oh, no,"  smartass wise lobbyists, climate-change liars and deniers offer; profusely, deviously, incredulously,   "that's not warming, 'they' have done studies, it's proven".  Profiteering corporations "do studies" to promote, 'prove the safety of '  and enable their agenda, but let's not go there, not today. Today we're watching everyone  play games. Alas, even political  liars and corporate CEO's will have to breathe deeply in in choking smog and bring themselves up to speed with reality.   That's worth repeating, 'bring themselves up to speed with reality.'  Gasping for air does that.


Deluded Liars and Deniers

Politicians, lobbyists, liars and deniers,  apparently,  do not require food in  la-la-land. Devastation and floods are encouraged to miss homes of partisan  liars and deniers. A tradition.  Flood waters part where there's a BMW,  and  "tornadoes go round and round"  the house of The Three Little Pigs.  Cute. In la-la land, that is.  No kidding. Get real.    

The Coffee Shop

But let's not inject climate panic into favourite coffee-shops. Behind the counter  the apocalypse is only  "tree-hugger coffee-talk" — tornadoes in coffee mugs,  you get the drift.  Real issues are disguised like a grandé latté with plastic foam on top, expensive ideological whitewash camouflaged  with  pre-purchased   political decisions gleaned from official corporate reports. Nice.   We the 'ordinary', passively entertained, get real coffee, double-double.   We are supposed to believe LL&D  rhetoric, and unbelievably, we are encouraged to  want to believe it.  Logic suggests we pick and choose.  We`re encouraged to disbelieve  "scientific fact or base-line scientific data that our  leaders have stupidly and arrogantly dismissed  like a stale doughnut. We, the Timmy's crowd, after all, know stale doughnuts.       The Harper government ignores historical,  scientific baseline data at their convenience,  eliminating meaningful comparative data. They gut environmental legislation.  Never mind that.   The government wants YOU to believe  "shiny new, modern scientific data" gathered from operating sites by corporation should be used to enable, unnoticed,  "wise puppet policy" recommended by endless corporate reports printed on shiny paper.  Uh, huh..quite a cool show, isn't it?     Loyal readers and thinkers may ask why would average Canadian coffee-drinkers  concern themselves? After all, " hamburger jobs" are created and  the economy is "under control".   Yes, we are  controlled by  'the wise', manipulators, the political, the 'corporateaucracy', the elite, the rich, the profiteers, the exploiters. The corporateaucracy  controls everything including pulling the strings of  their political puppets. We, the ordinary, are —on a 'need to know' basis.  We get it. Gag the scientists, the real ones —and offer lies from  partisan politicians, paid lobbyists, liars and deniers instead.  "Oh, yes," we whisper at Timmy's. " the elite and rich know, that makes them qualified to run everything to a state of disaster."   Really?  No. There is no alternative world to live in after "the wise" destroy this one.   Yes.  Average global temperatures swing wildly, and centuries-old glaciers are melting; the Arctic is melting, unprecedented weather events proliferate,  carbon dioxide levels are higher than they have been in 800,000 years. All are proven, scientific fact, yet are labeled partisan rhetoric, Houdini magic science, and  scare tactics.  Coffee-shop people need oxygen to breathe, clean water to drink, and food to eat,  do we not? —or is that just another scare tactic  to be  ignored at the clever advice of devious lunatics?


Liars and Deniers Persist

No matter; partisan or not,  every human being on earth is playing catch up with reality which approaches quickly.  We're told to vote for a profiteering corporateaucracy.   Stubborn egotistic leaders insist we must be satisfied with hamburger jobs and  silently allow international corporations trillions upon trillions in profits as they exploit finite resources, destroying the environment we need to survive. "Cars in China now produce oxygen?"  "Contaminated, condemned  oil lands now produce food?"  "Oil spills are good for the economy"? The liars and deniers keep at it. We laugh raucously. Lobbyists, climate-change liars and deniers passionately dismiss humanity itself. They are the partisan ''wise". Something is amiss in the coffee-shop. We can do better.  Yes, that we agree on, we need a refill. What do YOU think? Have you had enough of the reckless corporate agenda, destruction of the environment for profit,  political puppets, and  climate-change liars and deniers?    Is that Incoming I hear? ©2014 all rights reserved
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