The Fires of Waterland

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December 2016


    Guess what, people?  The 3rd Edition of  The Fires of Waterland  has now been released by Whitewood Forge Publishing  and is available *online  AND in in fine bookstores everywhere !! *Available in print and Kindle formats at  all Amazon websites.

The Fires of Waterland


The Fires of Waterland ©2016 3rd Edition  ©2016 Cover Art All Rights Reserved



Classification:    Literary Fiction

 Age:                        Adult Content

Cover Design :    ©2016 by  Whitewood Forge Publishing  all rights reserved. Cover Photo:       ©2016    Morningfire  by Raymond Alexander Kukkee        
  • A 5-star Review of The Fires of Waterland by *Nadine Sellers

  *Previously blogged at:  Last Known Nest....

"Raymond Alexander Kukkee has broken into print, a mark of his talent and passion for fiction. In his novel, The Fires of Waterland, he has brought an entire range of universal concerns into full view. Honesty is served in doses of violent conditions in the boiling secrecy of buried poverty.
Set in mid century Canada, the suspenseful tale of family strife and cascading abuses reads as a serial film of great scope. Somewhere between memorable epics of the great depression and Dickensian classics, the story begins as charming details of the lush countryside “small plants domesticate undisciplined cracks in the delicate lacework of broken curbstones—mosses and meticulous ivies advance”, innocuous introductions of slow memories pouring from an old man's recollections of a seemingly simpler era.
 Then the reader begins to suspect...."..( read more, go here )


Is that Incoming I hear? 

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*Notes  re previous editions:

The 2013 (Redmundpro) and the  2014 2nd Edition (Equidae)Div. Rocking Horse Publishing are outdated, withdrawn,  and  are both out of print.


2 Responses to The Fires of Waterland

  1. may i use your success as a stepping stool to my own project completion?
    your tenacity and focus always inspire me to continue plugging away at time/space and chipping limitations out of my way to the perceived surface where words can breathe.
    to Valentine Logar, Red Dwyer, and you,Raymond-Alexander Kukkee, a shining salute to strength of character, not to mention a whole lot of talents..merci!

    • Such wonderful, kind comments, Nadine, of course, we’re always happy to feel that we have made even a small difference in someone’s lives, whether it be by encouragement,inspiration, or example. We can always progress with our projects if we persist regardless of what is happening in our lives. You are so right, tenacity and focus-are key. Nadine, YOU can do it! “:) ~R

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