A Thin Line: Love and Hate

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White and Red flowers

White and Red -a thin Line

A thin line  drawn in the mire of love, ...a thin line between love and hate and Afterthoughts...

With little time, and foolish ways, did you forget to call today?  Selected path in blinding haze Destined to fail, love cannot wait; love soon flees the threaded gate.

That line you tread shall make divide, the bruising of a heart will ride forever,  in your mind; So silently, that line of hate is drawn secretly, too soon behind you now, --but wait...

Thrown with trash in severed ways, wilted rose burns heart for days. No right or wrong, but will she call, and walk away, or simply fall, like ashes in the wind?

From love to hate, all passion gone; you knew her heart could not be won,  with flowers red or white Recognize that gossamer smile, she crossed the line from love to hate.

Hate not seen,  but surely pinned on heaving breast; her soul shall fly upon the wind, the storm of agony... You knew the line, that razor edge, led shattered glass, to narrow ledge, or did you?  Did you care?

A balance in the making, calls barefooted, tears dry; there is no gentle place to fall. Was it hate, or is it love?

Afterthoughts....questions unanswered.

A thin line drawn, in mire of love, The crying of a mourning dove...



Is that Incoming I hear?

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2 Responses to A Thin Line: Love and Hate

  1. Like gentle tear drops that dry upon the face, and letting go by your fingertips.

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