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Morgidoo's Christmas Carol: The Bells of Blister  UPDATE  Dec. 2016

UPDATE:   Morgidoo's Christmas Carol 3rd Edition is out!   December, 2016    In both eBook (Kindle) and print formats.

It is the SAME GREAT Christmas Classic!  Unique, timeless, for readers of ALL ages --to enjoy all YEAR.

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol :The Bells of Blister  3rd edition Cover Artwork    by Whitewood Forge Publishing All rights reserved

About Morgidoo's Christmas Carol: The Bells of Blister.

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol   by Raymond Alexander Kukkee is a new Christmas Classic.

A work of fiction, Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is a unique Christmas story for all ages.

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol  is not oriented around the traditional 'Santa Claus' theme, but is based upon imagination, hope, and persistence of the human spirit touched with a hint of magic and belief in legends.

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol has been reviewed and has received  5 star approval !

5.0 out of 5 stars A Magical Christmas Tale!, 24 Dec 2012

                       by Christy Birmingham

Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is a magical read. I found myself smiling as I read the words of Mr. Blister and then Morgidoo later in the story. The descriptions are family-friendly and remind me of the Christmas shows I used to watch as a child. I will never think of snow in the same way, now that writer Kukkee likens it to popcorn!

NOW in PRINT,   Morgidoo's Christmas Carol: The Bells of Blister will be available at Amazon online, and  in bookstores everywhere ...

Excerpts following are  offered on this site for your reading enjoyment. Join us in the Village of Blister, where this wonderful tale begins, and snow was as warm as popcorn...


Note: Previous Editions are OUT OF PRINT, no longer available.

             Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol

(The Bells of Blister)

Raymond Alexander Kukkee © 2011

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Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol: The Bells of Blister  is dedicated with much love to my life-long companion and loving wife Wendy, my children, and especially to my grand-children as they continue to inspire me daily. Children continue to be the true jewels of the world . Without the amazing, vivid imagination of children, there would be little reason to write stories of wonder, magic, or Christmas bells. I thank them. May their world continue to be blessed with joy and happiness. Raymond Alexander Kukkee



Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol: The Bells of Blister is the culmination of an expression of creativity which is “a kindness to the soul that so invests.”  Human beings are meant to be creative. Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol : The Bells of Blister is intended to cross centuries because of the association and tradition of bells with Christmas celebrations throughout history. The beauty of sound, almost a living thing in itself, continues to stir the heart and surrounds our lives with joy. Coupled to an overactive imagination, the fascination of children with lost treasure also becomes a story in itself, regardless of actual subject matter or style. Faith in God and the perseverance of humanity declares that Bells will continue to ring in the Age of Light.

 Note: The following are excerpts only.


Morgidoo's Christmas Carol:  The Bells of Blister

Raymond Alexander Kukkee © 2011


"Ten miles from the busy Christmas shops of Twixley, that exact distance having been measured by honest men using long, sturdy chains designed for such formidable tasks, is a small but colourful, covered wooden bridge spanning the tiny River ‘Twill. Only seven short country miles from that very bridge, and along the same roadway to Twixley, lays the village of ‘Twill. The contemporary historian, one preferring to ensure accuracy in every detail, may choose to satisfy that peculiar whim by referring to that pretty place as ‘Twill Over-the-Hill’. ‘Twill being a sleepy place until the time of a great fire, was situated close to the bridge, and quaintly known as Twillington-on-the-River. The village was moved over the hill closer to Twixley after that event, since little remained but the heroism of the villagers themselves, those brave souls having saved little but the bridge itself, for want of a fine water-wagon and wooden water-buckets........"


"On Blister Street, a mere stone’s throw from the village square, a fine bakery shop with the wonderful aroma of fresh buns immediately distracts the timely visitor and a tiny silver bell tinkles happily upon entering the world of fine pastries and sweetmeats. If, upon entering the bakery, the tiny bell hanging over the door should not ring, one need not turn away disappointed. One may call out merrily for service, as the baker may simply have silenced the door-bell with a fresh muffin, and subsequently fallen asleep in the warm loft whilst awaiting the baking of fine breads and holiday pastries. The sleepy baker will soon appear without fail to fill your order, smiling happily and welcoming all newcomers to Blister....."

---------------- " You may also wish to contemplate the magic beauty of the great forest, whilst you attempt to spy the old bell tower, on a far-off hilltop—if the fog is not too thick. On a steep, little-used road winding up the steep hill above the little village, the ancient tower and it’s precious treasure rests safely once more under the watchful eye of playful children and happy folks.


On special, sunny days, if you are of sterling character and destined for good fortune, you may catch a brief glimpse of the Great Silver Bell shining brightly in the sunlight; for it remains, to this day, hanging gracefully and silently, high up in the tower. Most of the time, -- that being almost always, the treasured bell and the top of the ancient tower are well hidden from the curious prying eyes of nonbelievers, treasure-seekers, scallywags and vagabonds.... That in itself should not be surprising, for the great treasure is even hidden from the eyes of honest woodsmen, busy housewives and even bright-eyed girls and boys upon occasion, --secreted safely away by fleecy white clouds and thick fog. One may rest assured the Great Silver Bell remains there now, ---but it was not always so.....


"  Each winter, being specified as in times past, --and at the very moment the first snowflake fell gently upon the nose of any happy child in the tiny hamlet, a soft glowing light could be seen shining from the Silver Bell in the great tower, high in the clouds. From that instant on, the light spread over the valley and the village of Blister, far past the busy weavers of ‘Twill and the shops of Twixley. It spread without fail, bringing cheer and glad tidings, and could be seen far away indeed. Even in the very thickest clouds, or the darkest of nights, the light from the great bell glowed around the world, driving away the darkness..... -------------- “Oh, my!” Grandpa Blister whispered, laughing to himself and began to climb round and round up the stairs to the door, following the bell ....

--------------- “I knew that would happen!” he said to himself.  “ Some parts of stories are best left untold!” he laughed loudly...........

Merry Christmas!


Morgidoo's Christmas Carol is  available in PRINT at fine bookstores everywhere  and online in eBook format. © Raymond Alexander Kukkee 2011, 2014,  2016  ©All rights reserved


Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol Hallelujah! ...................................................*ding

Hallelujah!..................................................................*ding I heard a bell of Christmas ring, upon the very morn The angels sang of love and peace the day that Christ was born A Silver Bell heard round the world The brightest light shall shine; The Great and wondrous Silver Bell will Light the darkest times

The Silver Bell, it shook and fell, Brought darkness on the land Until one child’s faith took hold to guide his tiny hand To find the bell, in peace we dwell In light and joy for all,

To dreams of peace and happiness The Silver Bell does call...

The Silver Bell is found again, the Light shall cross the world So peace! Rejoice! Goodwill to men, and dreams are found again! So peace! Rejoice! Goodwill to men, And bring us all to sing For round the world this Christmas day The Silver Bell shall ring...... For Light on earth to bring... For Peace on earth to bring...

© 2010 R.A.Kukkee All Rights Reserved.                                ****

Is that Incoming I hear?

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