Poetry: You, the Girl with Wings

Nikki Nez Twirling


You, The Girl with Wings

Happy I am;

I see dancing in my mind,

You, the girl  with wings,

Are you an angel,

Dressed in white,

Or are you the butterfly

that trembles near my heart

Calling my name,

Soothing the brow,

Dancing with joy  to my heartbeat

Fluttering in  the sunshine of my mind?

Happy I am

to see you,

The girl with wings

Walks gentle paths in the serene.

© 2009  by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Is that Incoming I hear?

  tags: Poetry, the girl with wings,  angel, gentle paths, serene .   Photo credit:  1.0  Wikimedia Commons Lic 2.0 generic  "Niki Nez Twirling"  FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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