The Winning of Humanity

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Faith, hope and Reflection

Faith, hope and Reflection

American Inauguration ( 2009)

The Winning of Humanity

A day unlike another, a page not seen before; Black man stand tall, seek pledge of peace, and more, Change for world deemed right and just; Dismiss all doubts, allay all fears, we must; Explain a path for all to take with seamless heart, Forty-fourth oath of willful change, fearsome challenge a part; Greatness in leadership, generosity offered in freedom; Hope in America, for in the world, peace shall follow dreams; Into the future, look not back to lash and darkness ; Justice for all that would step bravely from dark hold; Keep promise of new futures , in the Light to unfold, Love and honor, the winning of humanity to prevail, Men, women and children, in age, in faith, so ever frail; Notice not colour, but rather love and humility Oath, unfold bravely and show opportunity, Purpose, purity of thought, intent, with wisdom, Question not bitter shadows of the past, and welcome change come; Reformation of hearts, caressing of minds, and gentling of souls Sew patchwork of humanity to freedom and work; frame unchallenged, Take steps planned, not unwanted; Undo divisions of the past, plant seeds of hope; Victory for all that would dream to succeed; Walk without fear, dwell in sweet music of the future, Xylophone to viola, gentle music, extract thorn from feet and side, Young and old , none shall have needless tears in eyes; Zealous effort, we shall not fail a new America, A winning of humanity, a new beginning, untold, untested; Inauguration, transformation of peace unlike no other Poppy Blackbird to sing; the Star Spangled Banner; A babe in arms, her future blessed in all manner; We the People, in God we Trust; all to be free, Declare the winning of Humanity.

*Dedicated to  Poppy Blackbird    

(Posted for 2013 Inauguration)

Is that Incoming I hear?


2 Responses to The Winning of Humanity

  1. What a wonderful post for the Inauguration. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead Raymond. The Incoming is intelligent indeed.

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