Christmas Once Again, So Merry Christmas to All

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Christmas decorations taking an eggnog break. Merry Christmas to all and a pleasant good night!

Merry Christmas to All And a Pleasant Good Night!  2022


Christmas Once Again, So Merry Christmas to All

  Christmas once again,  so Merry Christmas to all ! And a pleasant good night!   After a whole year of much breathless waiting, yes, it seems,  it REALLY is  Christmas once again, So Merry Christmas to all!  Coloured, blinking lights, decorations, Christmas trees and childhood dreams of all descriptions float once again into our busy lives.  Happy decorators, take an eggnog break!  

Christmas Food &  Sugar-plum Dreams

Christmas Food and Sugar-plum Dreams are the order of the day.  Eggnog, roast turkey with cranberry sauce, vegetables, visitors, gatherings,  traditions galore.  Christmas cake full of fruits and nuts,  sugar-plum pudding. Don't forget cookies. One for each hand.  

St. Nicholas, a.k.a. Santa Claus and his Reindeer

St. Nicholas, a.k.a. Santa Claus,  drives a magic herd of reindeer lead by Rudolph, you know the one. The one with the red and shiny nose (discovered one dark & foggy Christmas Eve so  long ago, now by necessity leads the team).  Rudolph leads the team to make  deliveries to restless, waiting children.  Holding their breaths.  After all, it's Christmas once again, so Merry Christmas to all!    

It's Christmas Once Again,  So Merry Christmas to All!  Pulling a Sleigh Can't be Easy...


Pulling a sleigh, can't be easy a red, magical  flying dream  carrying  the jolly Old Guy around the globe with a  very large and  magic auto-sizing  sack of brightly-wrapped gifts, lumps of coal and peace of mind with a merry HO-HO-HO! And down the chimney we go! What's in the bag?   A very large bag of dreams it is;  we can only imagine, for it includes kind and happy secret responses to long wish  lists. Desirable and imaginative lists sent to Santa at the North Pole. Lists  include oft-repeated wishes for candy canes, bright wrappings, toys that chatter, bounce, spin in every direction. They also chase puppies and kittens, and  make children laugh with glee. Exciting, elegant play-dolls, and magnificent, tough superheroes wearing uniforms  stare their way into the psyches  of boys and girls alike forever, regardless of age. To deliver gifts around the world to young children, old children, and ancient children all on the same evening is a very large task.  Santa has done it for centuries, he says.   All ages love to receive gifts from Santa.  And in return he gets cookies and milk. Mrs. Claus nabs the excesses and hides them in the freezer, we believe. For snacks later. Only at Christmas, that is, the best time of the year. Not everyone young or old has the same ideas or wants.  That is probably helpful for  hard-working little elves dressed in red and green.  Extra assistants on overtime.  Keeping track  of activities at Santa's workshop. Where lists and letters display excited handwriting and must be first interpreted.

We Must Ask...

We ponder if  all toys are invented, designed, approved by the jolly old boy himself with Mrs. Claus' approval.  When she gives him the nod, they are officially approved for manufacture.   Then, and just in time,  all  products are tested officially in the test play center. We're sure that's more fun. Then  carefully painted by the painting elves. And wrapped by specially-trained wrapping elves,  who select and install— wrappings with ribbons and  bows and tags. Name tags, that is.   *Every tag is printed neatly  with the  correct names of good children everywhere. Boldly printed in red ink, you say? No matter! It's Christmas! *note  Gifts, treats and  fun alike, are also included for pets of every description wherever Santa calls.

Christmas Eve nears and Santa is on the way!  Merry Christmas everyone!  **

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