Poetry for the Heart: I Spend Words

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Serenity in Gardening provides inspiration for I Spend Words

Serenity in Gardening: Inspiration for  I Spend Words


I Spend Words

©2016 Raymond Alexander Kukkee


I spend words to make you smile,

To create worlds wherever you may be;

Where drops of emotion sparkle and flow

Elegant blossoms conspire

in storied gardens of delight


I spend words to let curious minds

cross ancient bridges, to explore, unseen

Worlds of devotion;

To let your dreams flow free, I spend words...


I spend words to build islands in the sun,

to let butterflies flutter,

to rest peacefully, grow stronger, to be born again

After soaring, to float delicately, over warm, sparkling water

Chasing mirrored shadows of butterfly faces,

And vixen smiles, in pools that fill with laughter


I spend words to hasten waterfalls of petals;

So endless rows,  sunflowers and roses can entwine unhindered,

tendrils reaching gently for the sky, turning

To fill the silence in your heart


I spend words without question;

to heal souls crying, or raindrops falling

On  sun-filled days,

In places green and mellow


I spend words to see

the drying of tears;

the warming of tear-filled souls

to stay silvered tears, too long remembered;

To warm forgotten love in trembling hearts,

To drive fear from shadows of the past...


I spend words

It is all I have, so pen in hand,

 I spend words…

Where do they go?



*About poetry...for this poet, some poems come from the head, words coalesce out of  the pastoral  blue when least expected. Some grow from inspiration  by the smallest detail, on a summer breeze,  the sound of the earth, a sprouting seed, from the wonderful serenity of gardening ... Some simply flows from the heart of the muse.   I Spend Words comes from nature, from  the serenity of the garden and its eternal hope for yet another season...

As usual, spacing  of poetic verse seems to be sacrificed in the  trendy attempt to present text on all screen devices known to man, past and present...

Is that Incoming I hear?

Photo Credit © by rakukkee


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