A-Z Challenge: V is for Victory

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Victory- The Greek Goddess Nike at Ephesus, Turkey

Victory-   The Greek Goddess Nike at Ephesus, Turkey

Victory: A state of Mind V is for Victory.  I've always contemplated the possibility that victory could somehow be just a state of mind,  --a condition of the mind we happily convince ourselves is  important.  Questions about victory abound.   Is victory just another 'state of mind in time ' with which we delude and entertain ourselves? Is the concept really much simpler, for example,  just instant happiness derived from small achievements in life? I have to admit achieving victory in a sweaty, physical  sense can be quite real,  a heady, worthy goal. Something like completing a three-legged race; let's say a hundred yards or so and the delegated  prize is an ice cream cone.  On a hot August day one can be be victorious and win.   Not surprisingly, to the victor go the melting spoils.

Let's feel it.

Imagine you won that  3-legged race to nowhere at a last-day-of-summer picnic. Celebrate.   Victory is ice cream melting;  enjoy it quickly, before it disappears.   Cheering, sweating, falling over into some  lumpy buffalo grass,  grinning at the so-called slower  'losers'. Happiness.  Wander around, proudly, smiling, eating that vanilla ice cream cone. Rewards All that effort for such an insignificant, melting victory,  but it is victory nevertheless.  You are unbeaten,  elated, superior, victorious, and somehow, invincible.   That's what victory at age 6  feels like. Is it any different now?  Not much.  Bigger trophies, bigger toys, bigger delusions. On to bigger, sweeter dreams and the next, bigger challenge and achievement.  It's still a state of mind. That's why V is for Victory   Is that Incoming I hear?  Photo: Wikimedia Commons +  FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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