A-Z Challenge: U is for Utopia

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The Peaceable Kingdom Edward Hicks

The Peaceable Kingdom   Edward Hicks

U is for Utopia.  A state of perfection. Something none of us have, but everyone wants. Isn't that strange?  Every human being in the world has probably contemplated perfection at some point. Becoming perfect. Living in perfect conditions; Utopia itself.... No fear, sickness, poverty, or political problems.  No flat tires. No fire alarms. No headaches. No cheating, stealing or being bad.  Peace.  No war. No lack of jobs, no bills, no wants going unfulfilled. No reality. Wait.  That's a good point isn't it? No reality. A total suspension of reality.

Why is utopia never achieved?

Human beings are imperfect, so it defies logic to imagine a collection of old reprobates, crabby people,  profiteers, jealous spouses, broken minds, thieves, court jesters, diamond dealers, scientists,  bankers, kings and fools  working together to achieve perfection? Let us laugh raucously and proceed with our inordinately imperfect lives while we wait. You never know, it might get better. Keep thinking of perfection. Tongue in cheek. Fingers crossed. Ready?  We're waiting. It never hurts to dream.  It never hurts to keep hope in the heart. That's why U is for Utopia.   Is that Incoming I hear? Photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons +FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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2 Responses to A-Z Challenge: U is for Utopia

  1. it would be absolutely perfect to take the time to contemplate this well balanced portraiture of utopia, an artistic marvel of light and darkness, of depth and lightness..it could feed the pocketful of hope which i keep for times of hardship..

    you know, like the story which mocks my restful sleep or the slow air leak on my wheelbarrow tire, the blankets which refuse to bid good bye for the season, the cabbages and onions which poke their confused heads out to tease my spring fever..oh, sorry, this is my own version of utopia, a precarious, delicious homeostasis..

  2. Nadine, I smile when I read your version of utopia, for it is so grounded, so natural–I prefer your idea of utopia better. It is much handier and far more logical to have restful sleep, a wheelbarrow tire that holds air, happy, healthy pants in healthy soil, and a precarious, delicious homeostasis –rather than moping about, waiting impatiently for the rest of the world to catch up to what is already the absolute perfection of the well-grounded, happy and satisfied gardener enjoying herself on Terra Firma, hanging out with daffodils, cabbages and crocuses entertained by the songs of nature provided by crows, chickadees, robins, and mockingbirds…. “:))

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