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Let’s Comment on Everything April 2023

© April 1, 2023  by Raymond Alexander Kukkee The Ongoing Russian Invasion of Ukraine   Putin's War  Photo (CNN) Artillery in Action.

Let's Comment on Everything:  April 2023

Let's comment on everything possible.  Even the outrageous.  How about that  incredibly brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine?  At times,  even to  the average reader,  practiced, studious observer or analyst,  it must seem  the world has now gone mad.  Civilization on the cusp of total  destruction. Three seconds to midnight, the total annihilation of humanity.   Shall we comment on everything in reach just to be safe? Three seconds to go.  Or is it only two?  Why not?


"A declaration of war is the ultimate admission of  human failure to reason and logic"

International news is sad. Illogical.  Angry, terrifying, and specifically, endless.  Just as there is no time limit on politics, there is no limit to resources spent upon warfare. There is no explanation of war, and upon occasion,  no justification. "A declaration of war is the ultimate admission of  human failure to reason and logic" comes to mind.  That being said and worth remembering, Our response can only be commentary.  Hopeful commentary.  Our  best bet is hope. Please do feel free to comment  if you are so inclined. It is our fondest wish  here at  that faith, reason and logic continue to inspire thought, reason, and other wonderful things.    

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The Russian 'special military operation'  invasion,  a blatant lie and an  uncalled-for, illegal  attack on Ukraine  sovereign territory  Feb 24/22 has now been blazing viciously for over a year.  Nothing but an ill-devised territorial land and resources grab— a repeat of, and similar to the Russian "annexation" of Crimea in 2014 and the 1939  Winter War with Finland. ( That resulted in a loss of about 10% of valuable Finnish territory, just for the record.  Never again.  (Finland to join NATO. )

Unbelievable Casualties.

Russian casualties are now considered to be  hundreds of thousands, but the true human cost will never be admitted by the egotistical bully Putin or the Kremlin. Russian destruction of Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, power, water, apartment buildings, private homes — has left many Ukrainian casualties,  Ukrainian elders, families, children, babies— homeless, helpless, and freezing in the dark. In basements or rudimentary shelters.  Or evacuated, migrated, possibly to never return. Thousands of Ukrainian troops  have been killed, thousands of  civilians including children are considered to be "collateral damage" by the invading Russians.

A Foolish Miscalculation

A very foolish and vicious  miscalculation by Vladimir Putin  has backfired. The bitter war has taken too long.  the war is ongoing over a year later and has just resulted in Ukrainians being tougher and more determined than ever. To live long enough to eject all Russian troops entirely from ALL Ukrainian territory.  From the  newly seized and illegally 'annexed (2022)  Ukraine territory. Russia, stubbornly, will not leave  The Crimea,  which Russia  illegally  invaded and 'annexed' in 2014, but  Ukrainian President Zelensky and Ukrainians insist that  Russia must leave ALL Ukrainian territoryNo cease-fire or negotiated peace is possible in this stalemate.  

Here at  #WeStandWithUkraine.

The slick,  delusional, stubborn and unstable  dictator Putin stubbornly insists he is 'denazifying'  Ukraine with his  delusional 'special military operation'.  Incredibly, the delusions of Putin may now have already cost more than 250,000 genuine Russian lives.  In Putin's dreams, Ukrainian citizens  and ethnic Russians alike are "worthless peasant lives' Putin considers absolutely disposable. We disagree.  All lives are valuable.  Here at we stand with Ukraine for the principles of democracy and integrity of sovereign territory.  

An Arrest Warrant for Vladimir Putin the War Criminal.

Putin's disgraceful 'special military operation'   includes the use of deadly  force provided by brutal, murderous Wagner mercenaries . Mercenaries who have brazenly committed hundreds of war crimes, including torture,  summary execution,  the  rape of prisoners,   men, women and children alike. Also the theft or kidnapping of children.  The International Criminal Court  has issued a warrant for  the arrest of Vladimir Putin for overseeing  the illegal deportation of thousands of  children from Ukraine to Russia. How about the early and murderous occupation of Bucha that cost the lives of 500+ Ukrainian civilian lives?  How about the vicious targeting and bombing of civilian apartment buildings, villages, and homes?  What about Russian missiles targeting Ukrainian  power infrastructure, water, heat and electricity— required by civilians  to survive during the winter? Rocket attacks  and bombing of civilians  are Crimes against Humanity.   *In our point of view, recruitment of prisoners  by the state or mercenary armies should be a banned, illegal practice globally.    Russian prisoners,  whether they be pickpockets, common thieves, rapists, murderers or corrupt politicians have bartered the balance of their " sentences" pending 'freedom' to fight as Wagner mercenaries on the Ukraine front lines.  

Freedom:  "If they  Complete Their 'Term''. 

IF they survive Wagner's brutality, and backup execution by their own troops if fleeing, surrendering, or retreating.  Forced into battle with Ukraine.   Which, by any standard, is  far better armed, better trained, better supported,  and better planned .  Deserters are arbitrarily executed,  shot in the back if retreating, with no surrender allowed. *In our point of view, forced recruitment of prisoners should be illegal. Reportedly,  300,000  civilians  and perhaps more 'citizens'   have been arbitrarily conscripted.  Poorly, virtually -untrained, mostly ethnic minority "Russians" from the far reaches of Russia  were 'signed up'.   To donate their lives to the Motherland' with no choice.  Tossed  into Putin's badly planned, badly-trained, badly-equipped,  poorly-led Russian meat-grinder WAR of GENOCIDE against Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of Russians cleverly  left the country, leaving in a hurry to flee — to Finland, Poland, Germany. Any escape to any country  that would allow them to avoid conscription in PUTIN'S WAR.   Yes,  it is a WAR by any standard,  and it is  PUTIN'S WAR.   A GENOCIDAL ATTEMPT to wipe Ukraine and her people off of the map.  An attempt to grab all  territories and countries that were  or may have been  USSR  'states' prior to it's collapse.   Or areas  Putin considers "historically-Russian' lands". Or not.  That might be more appropriately called 'hysterically'—considered to be Russian lands— in the delusional mind of Putin.   

The Target: Lands and Resources

Ukraine is a rich source of agricultural products, steel, metals,  salt, and minerals of all kinds.   Plunder has included museum treasures, and relics, artwork,   agricultural tractors and farm machinery, livestock, washing machines, televisions, computers. and food supplies. And, by the way... thousands of children—considered suitable for kidnapping and  relocation to Russian 'families' for forced re-education. Stolen children. What does that infer?  You decide.  

Ukrainian Military Personnel are Better Trained.

Ukrainian military personnel are—decidedly better trained,  more resourceful, —and far better equipped and assisted by NATO with training, heavy weapons,  artillery of all descriptions and ammunition as well as 'intelligence'.

NATO and Western Aid

Western aid from NATO, the USA, and Europe continues to flow to Ukraine. Aid, consisting of Howitzers, armored vehicles, tanks, weapons of all kinds, ammunition, medical supplies,  etc/ are delivered, if sporadically.  Mostly from NATO countries but also from  non- members of NATO, despite Putin's dire warnings of escalation.

                      A Battle Tank, only one of many...  (Photo: 2022, CNN)

Not-so-subtle, repetitive and  ugly hints of Nuclear Retaliation.

Putin's machinations and predictable bluster including threats of  potential nuclear response or retaliation with smaller tactical nuclear weapons —occur regularly.   Even  WW III.  A nuclear Armageddon. An eventful, deadly global event, a  war no country can win.  Therefore, should the existential battle in any  tortured mind be an excuse for mutual destruction?  Let us pause there and  consider that Putin's arrogant 'special military operation' has already failed.  His obscenely  long,  arrogant, gold-trimmed palatial  table  may soon  be  more useful hacked  into short, convenient pieces of firewood. Which he may well require to stay warm in a  Siberian cave.  

Just Consider.

Just consider. Putin's 'special military operation'  is not only a failure but a painful reality of   delusions in the mind of an unnamed Kremlin madman who would be King.  At any cost.  Period. You decide.  Please comment below. 


  Is that Incoming I hear?
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Identification of Canadians and the Quebec Ban

©2017 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_555" align="alignnone" width="406"]Full-face coverings including the burqua Women wearing Burkas  -Who ARE You?[/caption]      

Identification of Canadians and Quebec's  Bill 62:  Who Are You?

The Province of Quebec recently passed Bill 62, the ban of full-face covering —for anyone giving or receiving public services.  The controversial ban is criticized  by the 'politically-correct'  as being specifically aimed at Muslim women.  Wrong.   It is not. It is aimed  inclusively  at  all persons in Quebec,  any and all individuals, any citizen, foreign, immigrant, visitor, asylum seeker, fake refugee  or otherwise—any 'person'  receiving or giving services  who  arrogantly insists upon hiding  (his/her/its/gender-neutral, modified, transformed, whatever, your choice) their natural face.  You got it, anyone in Quebec who hides  their faces and identity from other Canadians is now required to conform to a common-sense law.


Who ARE You?  Identification of Canadians... a valid Question of Security


"Who are you?" remains a valid question of security for people world-wide. Around the globe.  Identification of  Quebeckers, in fact any and all Canadians or others  with covered faces in public places  —is a security issue.

Don't like it?  Get used to it.  Join the modern world.  France and other countries including Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands have done the same.   Worth noting, some Muslim countries also recognize that security is paramount and must come firstChad, and even Egypt are doing the same. With good reason.  Terrorists use deception and hide their faces, gender, and intent. Full-face coverings are NOT  an "Islamic" religious requirement contrary to the loudly-expressed opinions of perhaps well-intentioned—but   ill-informed protesters.


Identification of Canadians and the Stigma of Hidden Faces

Here in Canada we are an 'open-faced society' and always have been. Hidden faces have traditionally and correctly borne  the stigma of suspicion and evil. The indeterminate stranger approaches presenting unknown and  potential danger.   Lack of trust is invariably created, regardless of what  lurks behind masks and other forms of face coverings.


Hidden faces have been and will continue to be  associated with persons having something to hide,   criminality,  untrustworthy, evil  intent. Shady individuals, attackers, break and enter artists and car thieves alike do not want their faces revealed before or after being caught.  Terrorists with murder on their minds do not wish to be identified. ISIS 'fighters' and extremists of every kind practice secrecy of  the worst kind.  Hidden intent.  Terrorism.  The past 20 years has demonstrated an automatic correlation between hidden faces and masks, including  "burquas and hijabs".  We cannot help that.  How unfortunate.  But to deny the association between 'hidden faces' of any type and human lack of trust  is to be naive,  uninformed, and foolish.


Benefits of Open Faces and Identification of Canadians

Yes. Benefits. Open faces offer more than simple  visual confirmation of  identification.  Uncovered faces  increase trust between people in daily contact, on passing,  standing  face-to-face, silently, speaking directly to one another or not.  Open faces improve communication via  the inherent  understanding of  natural and unmistakable  language of facial expression.    Faces signal intent, friendship, status, happiness, sadness,  good or evil  —although such an interchange may be subtle, missed entirely,  understood or not.


Why are there Objections to Reasonable and logical Identification of Canadians? Why is this even an issue?

Open, honest and uncovered faces improve tolerance, inclusion, and acceptance above all.   Worth repeating, uncovered faces  offer inclusion, acceptance, and even potential friendship to strangers. Open faces reduce concerns for personal  safety— by honestly addressing, reducing or completely eliminating  suspicion. 

Canadians naturally object to covered faces for all of the above reasons. Canadians are, by our very identity, history  and  nature, friendly, open-faced, inclusive and tolerant of those who dress 'strangely' and those who may be  'different'. We want to know who specifically stands before us for any purpose.


On the Other Hand...

Want to be looked upon with suspicion by all? Try it. Cover your face fully. Hide your face from any and all observers and passers-by. Lurk in public places,  courts of law, lineups at bus stops, at the mall, in lineups at the show, ceremonies,  events, schools,  the supermarket,  the welfare office, or your neighbourhood community center. Try entering an airport wearing a balaclava—and see what happens.  Expect to be confronted and identified.

While you're at it, protest  Canadian social life, Canadian traditions,  and whine loudly.  Scream racism!    Hide your face so nobody can determine who you are, what you are  protesting and  whining loudly for, or screaming dissent.

How about let's sneak about like it's Hallowe'en. Close enough.  Pretend you're practicing  "it's a woman's choice' ,  imagine you are a different gender and supporting "women's issues."  Pretend that you're a 'feminist',  as certain out-of-touch,  ill-informed, confused and incompetent politicians posing as 'leaders'  seem to be prone to encourage. Does a  full-face covering make your voiced opinion any braver, any  more valid?  No.  In fact, the opposite;  the hidden face  demonstrates cowardice.

One may use the excuse  that a burqua, Lone Ranger mask,  niquab, rubber Grinch-face,  wooden voodoo mask, head-scarf,  extreme-weather face-cover-hoodie, ski-mask, hollowed-out pumpkin-head, rubber duck costume,  toque,  or northern balaclava — is somehow  justified by  a "religious requirement" and a 'religion'.   It is not. They are not. None of the above face coverings qualify for exemption or eliminate, dismiss, or trump the logical and reasonable quest for security for ALL Canadians. 

Walk into a bank or jewelry store or bank—or  any other civilized workplace with a full-face covering  and try withdrawing money or inciting a  nasty public demonstration— and discover why full face covering are a bad idea.  

This is Canada. It is time for politicians of all stripes to remind themselves why the essential   tradition of  open-faced  identification of Canadians IS the essence of Canada.  



Is that Incoming I hear?

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