The Writing Life: I Am Canadian First


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Canadian Flag

Canadian Flag


The Writing Life: I am  Canadian First.

Let's get this straight.  I am Canadian first, but  I am a writer,  published novelist, blogger, story-teller, freelancer and even a poet at times.  I do other stuff too, visual arts, old guy stuff, gardening, endless hobbies out in the great outdoors. Let's not lose sight of the fact that  I write because that is  what drives me, it is who I am.  In spite of all that,   I am still Canadian first. Do tell.

Writing  is special.  Writing encourages the spirit and imagination; writing tugs at the heart strings, at times explores  tears,  fears, remorse, love and  joy.   At other times  curiosity, wonder, sarcasm,  the mystery of  love and laughter.  And yes, there is the other side.  The dark side.  Observations of humanity itself, the shadows of contemporary life.  Social mores, traditions, cultures.  Which also include  anger and disbelief and unacceptable ugliness, which precipitates valid concerns  about modern 'events'   thrust upon us.  Why? Because we are Canadian first.  Not any kind of  hyphenated Canadian.  Canadian AT the core.

Let us not Go There

Not go where, you ask?  Being Canadian first, let us not collectively drift toward the loss of freedom. The loss of words.   As Canadians first, we are not referring to words scribbled  so carelessly  on paper they fall by the wayside as trash. Words contrived,  callously written by babbling, thoughtless, arrogant political deviants  with the intent to deceive.  Words written by deceivers.

How about words spoken,  civilized words, words of concern,  words used in free speech?  How can we  ever allow these words lost?  We must not allow any loss of Freedom of Speech. 

Canada is in distress. Wake up.

Canada in Distress

Canada in Distress


We are Canadians first; I am a Canadian— but I am also  a writer.  A writer very concerned for  words , Freedom of Speech and the disquieting  direction Canada's Liberal government is presently taking. The future of Canada is at stake.  A Canada worth writing about.

Let us not go there. Ever.


Is that Incoming I hear?

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