Islamophobia: Hate manufactured for Political Gain

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How Do Governments  Legislate Against Fear and Hate?


Canadians know  that to hate something, there has to be something  tangible TO hate.  The trendy, contemporary Liberal solution is that if it does not exist, stir it up or create it.   Yes. Worth repeating. Create it. 

How do governments create hate to further their agenda?   By improperly legislating against fear and hate. Infringe upon the Freedom of Speech.

That  is precisely what the Government of Canada is doing, most distressingly,  this very year,  2017, on the 150th birthday of Canada.  Our  "Liberal" government,  led by the increasingly despised P.M. Justin Trudeau, is laying groundwork for  'legislation  against Islamophobia,' hate manufactured for political gain.'


Islamophobia: Hate manufactured for Political Gain

Seriously, who in their right mind —would do that?  Clearly, no one driven by honesty and  common sense would think of, much less intentionally follow a path that ultimately results in disunity, divisiveness,  hate and anger— in a normally-peaceful country.    Yet, it is happening right before our eyes in the House of Commons —here in Canada— a country with a proud 150 year-old heritage and a natural cultural core of diversity and unique identity.


How is that even Possible?

How is that even possible? By carefully planned deception. Outright lies.  Islamophobia, hate manufactured for political gain —in itself, an ugly, non-democratic concept —has been imported into, stirred up and precipitated in the  House of Commons by the introduction of Liberal motion  M103.

A motion  condemning and making it illegal to criticize Islam, and by inference, Muslims, their despised archaic culture, the brutality of Sharia law,  and —perhaps even the Prime Minister himself.  Oh, where you not told?  Reportedly, Justin Trudeau abandoned Christianity in 2009 and converted to Islam. 

Imagine that.  And all of the implications thereof.  The conflicts of interest. And wow, apparently somebody has been too cowardly to tell Canadians of his new-found passion, a religion which demands submissions, sanctions brutality  and cultural practices foreign to the vast majority of Canadians.   

  Are we to understand and "accept" that 150 years of  Canadian culture —even Canada itself— is to be Trudeau's  sacrificial lamb to appease his ego and global puppetmaster?

Is it any Wonder?

Is it any wonder that a great number of  Canadians feel betrayed and are mad as hell?  Canada, already painfully multicultural, the home of diversity, an example to the world —of multiculturalism, a population of immigrants.  Generous. Inclusive. Charitable. Understanding.  

Canadians who, for the record, already suffer discrimination from intolerant Muslims demanding that Canadian laws, tradition, and dress  be changed to their liking.  Canadians now duped to disturbing levels  by  this  less than honest Prime Minister  and his questionable agenda.   A society now torn unnecessarily by childish, devious political games played to satisfy one demagogue with delusions of global grandeur, and a  very large, narcissistic and dishonest ego.  How sad for Canada. 

Bottom Line?

Canadian politicians sorely need to do better—STOP  spewing poison rhetoric about "Islamophobia" which is not even a word,  and STOP  sewing seeds of division—or resign and  allow more competent, fair-minded people to provide honest governance. To prevent Canada from fragmenting into nasty little 'no-go' enclaves of bitter-minded, distrustful people.   As parts of Europe have already done with the invasion of migrants, parading as "refugees".

The fact IS, this devious and incompetent Liberal government has abandoned its responsibility to Canadians,  forgotten its SOLE mandate of governance,  and  is endlessly abusing power it NEVER should have been allowed in the first place. 

Although in denial,  his confused brain blitzed with drama, selfies, foreign influence and his globalist agenda, Justin Trudeau has just VERY clearly demonstrated that COMPLETE ELECTORAL REFORM in Canada is now more critically NECESSARY  than ever. 

Wake up, Canada.



  Is that Incoming I hear?

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About Raymond Alexander Kukkee

A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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2 Responses to Islamophobia: Hate manufactured for Political Gain

  1. Christy B says:

    Oh dear, I admit I didn’t realize this was going on.. So much passion you write with here, Raymond.. your words jump from the screen. I admit I avoid the news. Now I remember why 🙁

    • Hi Christyb….um….don’t feel bad, there are millions of Canadians who do not realize what Trudeau has been doing TO Canada. We think Canadians need to start paying attention, and a LOT of attention soon.
      Also, the MPPs in the Ontario legislature, like foolish sheep, recently passed the same type of mimic legislation condemning ‘Islamophobia’….
      These politicians clearly do not even understand the implications of what they have done, being in such a hurry to “appear” politically-correct, warm, friendly, fuzzy, and inclusive.
      What they are doing is actually generating more hate for Muslims, now lumping them all together, whether they be peaceful Canadians, new refugees, terrorists, ISIS, or the new opportunist illegals.

      Here’s how foolish it has become…. Even with the despised Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal majority in desperate trouble, the Ontario Provincial Conservatives’ Patrick Brown’ (the Cons. leader !) still somehow (?????) “recommended” they all vote for that FOOLISH Liberal legislation which effectively creates a new class of ‘do not criticize’ persons, infringing on Freedom of Speech, and not conforming to the Canada Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
      These so-called “politicians” are sadly incompetent blindly continue to follow Trudeau’s sneaky plans for Canada. Watch Trudeau’s appointments; he has been VERY dishonest. Watch his “chosen candidates
      in the upcoming by-elections.
      We guess it’s going to hit the fan sooner or later, with Trudeau having completely abandoned his responsibilities as PM which require him to represent Canada and protect the Canadian border from illegal entrants. It seems that people walking across the border from the USA are NOT refugees, but simply people jumping the queue to get into Canada to take advantage of our generous resettlement, health care, etc.
      No wonder you avoid the news…it is certainly not good news and does not bode well for Canada. As a writer, I am concerned, as we all must be.

      Thank you so much for your comments which are always insightful, Christyb. ~R

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