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  [caption id="attachment_1114" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Hope  (c) 2011 by wlk photography    Hope (c) 2011 by wlk photography[/caption] THIS PHOTOGRAPH IS COPYRIGHTED 2011 BY WLK PHOTOGRAPHY !      

               Recently,  here on Incoming Bytes.com  it came to my attention that IncomingBytes.com  has been hacked.  In the process,

  A  FALSE PHOTO CREDIT ATTRIBUTION  was ADDED. SPECIFICALLY :   "Photo Credit by  Chris 73 Wikimedia commons" ---was ILLEGALLY and improperly,  ADDED to a photograph that is, and remains, the property of Incoming Bytes.com ANY AND ALL site users are therefore  reminded that  ALL CONTENT, INCLUDING  photographs, articles, video and audio content found in IncomingBytes.com is the EXCLUSIVE property of Raymond Alexander Kukkee  as his original work,  or by obtaining permission for use of specific works of art.   CONTENT on IncomingBytes.com  MAY NOT BE COPIED, OR REBLOGGED  WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE BLOG AUTHOR. An unknown person or persons  ILLEGALLY hacked INTO  Incoming Bytes.com and  added this bogus photograph attribution TO THE ABOVE PHOTOGRAPH ON OR ABOUT AUGUST 15, 2013.     A  IP address AND PRESENCE ON INCOMING BYTES has been LOGGED, traced,  AND NOTED.  Hacking websites  is  illegal and unprofessional.  It is not clever. The photograph in question is that of a burning candle, an amethyst clock, and a gold cross on a chain, with the reflection of the flame IN the polished amethyst clock.This photograph was, and remains  COPYRIGHTED (2011) by  wlk photography, ( Wendy Lee Kukkee, MY SPOUSE AND PHOTOGRAPHER ).  This photograph has been used repeatedly  by IncomingBytes.com  and IncomingBytes.blogspot.com with the photographer's  express permission.   BE ADVISED: This incident of HACKING INTO  INCOMINGBYTES.COM  HAS BEEN NOTED AND REPORTED.  THIS ATTEMPT TO APPLY BOGUS  "ATTRIBUTION" TO THIS PHOTOGRAPH HAS BEEN NOTED AND WILL ALSO BE REPORTED . USE OF THIS PHOTOGRAPH WITHOUT PERMISSION IS THEFT.

I now ask my loyal readers HERE AT of Incoming Bytes AND www.incomingbytes.blogspot.com  :

Have YOU seen THIS photograph with attribution by anyone other than  wlk photography  , Wendy L. Kukkee,  or  Wendy Lee Kukkee ?  
  • If you have, kindly report it WITH A LINK to us in the comments  of ANY post here on IncomingBtes.com 
  • -- or LEAVE A COMMENT AT my older site,  www.incomingbytes.blogspot.com 
  • OR  EMAIL ME DIRECTLY AT:  rkmywest@gmail.com    

  Thank you.

Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Is that Incoming I hear?

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