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A-Z Challenge: X is for Xeriscape

© 2013 by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_1405" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Xeriscape landscaping by Grace Design Associates Xeriscape landscaping by Grace Design Associates[/caption] X is for Xeriscape.   It is interesting to note that upon occasion people honestly have neither the time, temperament, or inclination to babysit lawns, grow grass, feed and weed flowers, and trim, prune and water every Saturday without fail. Why? They're definitely xeriscape people. Special people with special needs. Once upon a time, ( in the land of Nod and almost long ago enough to be a Grimm fairy tale)  I had the good fortune to spy a front yard with bright green grass.  The driveway itself was normal asphalt gray, matching all of the other driveways on the street.   Hardly noticeable, it was, but  the lucky homeowner never had to cut the grass again. The lawn area was  paved with asphalt, and painted dark green. Green as grass.   I'm betting he had to paint it at midnight when nobody was looking,  perhaps every few years, but essentially it  is  maintenance-free, and no doubt, will never need water. That approach might be a bit extreme, don't you think?  It worked for him. He even had a gnome or two on it.  Perhaps that's what counts.  The concept. I was never there on Saturdays, so I don't know if he ran around with the lawnmower making it 'look good' and normal or not. Perhaps grass-coloured indoor-outdoor shag carpet would have looked closer to  natural. Then you'd have to vacuum it. No matter. An extreme and unusual Xeriscape.  A pioneer in the art of not-grass-almost xeriscaping. The fact is, you, too can have your own Xeriscape.  Landscaping without grass or flowers. Turn your lawn into an essentially  maintenance-free  moonscape space.   A real one. Install stone, pebbles,  crushed rock pathways, timbers,   old wagon-wheels, split-rail fencing and anything you prefer for your theme, even a few short gnomes---arranged suitably. to  avoid working Saturday afternoons  Prevent the necessity of struggling to produce green grass, live areas that demand attention, cutting, fertilizer, and fixing.  This strategy is particularly clever  if you're perpetually short of  water in hot, dry areas. Xeriscapes may not be as extreme as and designs vary widely as asphalt, and plain stone, but  typically may  also have a few clumps of grasses suitable for arid desert areas,   some dry-land bushes that acclimatize to dry conditions, and even cactii  and succulents suited for the local climate. Xeriscapes are ideal in the hottest, desert-type geographical areas where only a few cactii and succulents might survive otherwise. Stones, pebbles, sand and cactii go well together in Xeriscapes.  Try it, you'll like it!  Xeriscapes can be beautiful, improve the curb appeal and value of your property.  You won't even have to cut the grass. That's why X is for Xeriscape. Is that Incoming I hear? Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Grace Design Associates, Santa Barbara, CA +
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