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Recall The Incompetent Government

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Ontario Residents Must  Recall The Incompetent Government


'Recall The Incompetent  Government'must become a rallying cry for angry Ontario residents  collectively struggling with extreme,  unprecedented  and unnecessary cost increases , most notably the price of one essential service, electricity.


Electricity: An Essential Service

Let us suggest that In Ontario, as in most of Canada, there is no choice; electricity is an essential service.

To classify electricity to be taxed as  ordinary   consumer goods, or as a somehow 'magically-optional choice  in Canada —a cold, dark country in winter— is not only irresponsible and worse than ridiculous—but dangerous.   

Electricity should not be taxed in any way; primary production and grid distribution of electricity should remain a publicly-run service, and the cost of electricity MUST be  made affordable.

  For any  government to privatize and  tax electricity and then  subsequently and  allow corporate interests to create a "MONOPOLY" which  MINDLESSLY and arbitrarily  raises prices to inexcusable, unaffordable levels for profit is a breach of trust and  shows extremely poor judgement.  Subsequently it has encouraged and enabled multi-million-dollar executive salaries and non-affordable electricity for  all— which is not only mismanagement and bad governance, it is a failure of duty and the social obligation of government to protect the interests of taxpayers.  Their actions have been  negligent and possibly even criminal. 



Clearly a nightmare and crisis has developed for many, many Ontario  businesses , individuals, couples, seniors, and particularly families, who must now make an impossible choice:   Feeding  children  and living in the dark, —or paying outrageous electricity bills.  Ontarians must recall the incompetent government.

Seniors have paid taxes to build Ontario infrastructure all of their working lives.   Now,  living on Canada Pension,  many in poverty,  they must pay outrageous "DELIVERY" fees," to have electricity "delivered" over the same infrastructure they not only PAID for over their lifetimes, but in some cases, actually  BUILT at their own cost—and were never compensated by Ontario Hydro.

 Ontario residents have  apparently NOT already been enraged enough to call for blood yet... worth repeating,  not enraged enough yet— to declare a revolt and scream: "recall the incompetent government !"


A Government-Created Disaster

Premier Kathleen Wynne's incompetent government has consistently  ignored the disaster and crisis she and her incompetent government have created.  Families struggle with unbelievable, unacceptable hydro bills.  Meantime,  the Hydro One "President" is being paid over $4 MILLION dollars annually.

  Canadians all, but Ontario residents specifically, must NOT tolerate abusive, incompetent governance;  this outrageous  status quo is unacceptable. The people must recall and replace this foolish, inept, and insensitive  government. Canadians deserve better!

Too Little, Too Late —Demand a Recall

In the recent throne speech "Premier" Kathleen Wynne has  had a revelation and "promised" to remove the "Provincial portion" of the H.S.T.,  with  a 'rebate' of 8% of your hydro bill.  It is NOT the removal of the HST.   The "rebate"  of the Provincial portion could easily  be terminated at ANY time without notice. Too little, too late.

And when is this "miracle solution" of Wynne's to occur?    You guessed it.  "Some time in the future.

Subsequently, following Wynne's 'revelation',  the devious plan does not come into effect until  January, 2017,  months from now.  This FORCES families to continue to pay outrageous , arbitrarily-calculated-and-assessed, unrealistic  "delivery fees" —and pay the HIGHEST rates for electricity anywhere in North America. 

Winter is coming. Many homes are heated with electricity —and consumers have  NO other choice. Pay your electricity bill, heat your home, or freeze to death. WHICH part of this disaster does this government find it so hard to understand? Will they face responsibility for what they have done?  No.


Mz. Kathleen Wynne, the incompetent, devious "Premier",  for another four months,   will continue to take ga-ga selfies with Justin , laugh behind closed doors, and penalize Ontario residents with even MORE incompetent decisions and policy.  Outrageous "delivery fees" EXCEEDING the cost of electricity itself  will remain on your hydro bill.  The "rebate" is a mere pittance.

The Liberal government will ensure the HIGHEST electricity costs in North America WILL  go higher. 

Kathleen Wynne, the "most despised, least-respected Provincial Premier in Canada " will undoubtedly continue to magically SELL "surplus" electricity to her friends in the U.S. A.  and other markets. For ONE-TENTH the cost Ontario RESIDENTS are charged.  YOU, the unfortunate taxpayer, will get to "cover the 'loss' with further price increases.'.   Oh, my...doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Don't kid yourself;  there is much more to it. With INFLATED prices and "fees" in the interim, billions  more in slush-fund tax revenue will  continue to be collected 'elsewhere' . It is destined to be spent to fulfill the secret, questionable agenda of this incompetent, family-hating Premier.


 The Solution:

Before Ontario collapses in economic failure: WE, the residents of Ontario, believe the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario should :

RECALL  the incompetent  government; 

Remove the incredibly-incompetent   Kathleen Wynne and her  Liberals from power immediately;

Replace the incompetent Liberal group with a temporary  remedial coalition which MUST :

Resolve  this crisis by removing the H.S.T. and outrageous, arbitrarily-calculated delivery fees IMMEDIATELY by legislative order;

Reduce the price of electricity to affordable, reasonable prices;

STOP  immediately —any further privatization of this critically-necessary service.

Return  HYDRO ONE,  O.P.G.  and the primary production, pricing, control, and distribution  of electricity, an essential serviceto the Public sector.

 It is September...

And —People!!  Hello?   For the record and discussion (over COLD coffee...and a COLD breakfast.  That would be since since Kathleen and her cronies have made it necessary to shut off the  furnace, the stove, the oven, the water-heater,  the lights, baby-bottle warmers, the clothes-dryer, and the coffee-warmer—)  ...let us ask...

When  did Kathleen Wynne have a 'revelation' and "decide" her outrageous electricity  rates and costs have become  a " crisis" ?    Dare we ask?   It came as no surprise... it was when the hated, incompetent Liberals  lost a by-election...

*Update:   In other BREAKING news....the least-liked, least-trusted, least- popular provincial Premier in Canada has once again made a "decision"  *gasp....What,now,  you say, a glimmer of hope?         

Nope... another potential disaster...head for cover...

The Wynne "government" will now "reverse" or "halt" the carelessly-planned, poorly-executed "Green Energy Policy".  "Wynne will  "cancel some big wind and solar projects.  "Suddenly" it has been decided that Ontario has "lots" of energy and generating-capacity— for the next ten years. We don't need MORE  sweet, artificially-overpriced 'green energy 'projects'.

...We laugh raucously...at  the arrogance...the hypocrisy...the...blatant stupidity, the secrecy...the incompetence...the  political insanity...hold your breath...

We must bet that Ontarians will be left on the hook for THAT decision also, resulting in further outrageous price-gouging.  Is history to be repeated?

—So, let us wait in the dark and see...and keep our gloves, insulated jackets and toques on, drink cold coffee, and follow the money...from the inevitable backlash and lawsuits for 'project contract cancellation penalties'  to come...from someone's....er....friends. Stay tuned...

How about that... No comment...but of which billion-dollar gas-plant boondoggle does that remind you?    Think, people...



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