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Major Issues: Brit Oil Madness

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Brit Oil Madness Reaches a Frenzy with a New Major Strike

Yes, another one. Another great deposit of crude oil.  No kidding. Opportunistic  pip-pip-pippers, politicos and oil  industry moguls  in England must be ecstatic, particularly the  oil exploration group  UKOG,  UK Oil & Gas Investments  which  announced the tentative discovery of yet another great deposit of the dirty black stuff. Brit oil madness and opportunism reached a new high as a deposit with a  potential of up to 100 Billion-barrels was recently announced... England is floating upon a great, deep deposit of crude oil, close to Gatwick,  —if one is to believe UKOG.

Oil madness suggests Brits and England will soon be floating in Oil

Geologically, it would hardly be surprising if a major oil discovery actually has been made next to the great Gatwick airport in England considering the size and scope of the historical  North Sea deposits.

Should Oil in New Discoveries be Extracted?

Assuming the new deposit estimates are valid, should it be extracted?  Everyone knows oil floats, but the Southern end of Great Britain  is already known to be sinking. The Northern end, attached firmly to the Great Haggis, Nessie and inflated bagpipes, is happily rising.  Go figure. Oil is king, let us pump out the old girl.  Damn the sinking, we shall blame the Great  Sinking  of Big Ben on the ice age too, they say, as they tipple away in Ye Olde Boy's Oil Club. Regardless, with low oil prices and a world glut of oil, should new discoveries be extracted? Logically, we think not. If Brit oil madness is warranted and  the deposit is confirmed, ever more oil madness is virtually guaranteed, just as there is little doubt Ye Olde England will continue to sink further.   Logic dictates the discovery will be exploited by greedy corporate interests allowed to run out of control by self-entitled, bobble-headed politicians, no matter what the environmental cost.  Alas, Brits will  soon coated in more nice dirty crude oil far above their peculiar Wellingtons. Will the well-intended stiff-upper-lip Brit then be tempted to forgo the wonderful potential of green energy and revert to archaic oil madness, praising  fossil fuels in order to justify the extraction, exploitation and profit offered by a new world-class deposit? Of course.  Pip-pip, old chap, recognize the shimmering possibilities offered by 100 billion barrels of stinky crude.  Swimming pools, movie stars, and exporting to the Chinese, to further enable their suffocation in industrial smog. Wake up and smell the burning gas flares roses. Pipelines. Oil disasters.  Let us suffer oil madness just like  the USA, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and many others, but especially worthy of note, Canada. Really? Canada? Back to the question;  Is it ethical to consider extracting another hundred billion barrels of oil, further endangering a global environment which is already teetering on the edge of total destruction?  What is oil madness?  Ask Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper —who gutted environmental legislation to enable unlimited strip-mining and expansion of Alberta's oil sands—exacerbating and expanding what is  possibly the most horrific, potentially-disastrous environmental assault on earth today—so he can leave a legacy of oil madness to his own grandchildren —and ours. We do hope the Brits are at least smart enough to  think about it.  Pip-pip... .  Is that Incoming I hear?
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