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Major issues: Unleashing the Dogs of War

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Unleashing the dogs of war is the final proof and admission of the failure of humanity to reason.

 Nothing More to be Said?  The dogs of war are about to be unleashed upon Syria.

In the art of modern warfare,  the  use of disabling and deadly chemical weaponry against other human beings has perhaps always been considered the pariah of murder weapons.  Weapons of mass destruction are unacceptable,--- but we quickly observe  it is deemed proper to  kill, disable, or neutralize the enemy in any other fashion possible including starvation,  hand-to-hand combat with sticks, stones, clubs, knives, arrows, spears, poison,  axes, swords,   flamethrowers, catapults tossing rotten carcases and disease into secure enclaves,  turning loose animals trained to kill,  shooting, cannons, machine guns,   bombing,  strafing, fighter aircraft and aerial combat, cluster bombs, nuclear bombs,  all 'helped along" with politics,  power-mongering,  greed, envy, territorial theft, manipulation for resources,  deception by treaty or and betrayal. As a distraction, combatants do seem to enjoy *killing for love, money,  politics, ideology, territory, oil,  revenge, honour, or simple hedonistic blood-letting of their own for self-satisfaction. *   " Kill'em all,  they're different and they won't give us all of their toys, won't let us rape their women or their country and don't live like we want them to and don't worship like we think they should, or do what we tell them to."  Unleashing the dogs of war is the final proof and admission of the failure of humanity to use logic and reason. It is  stated   "--But some cultures and religions people cannot be reasoned with, can they? They thumb our nose at us and. the reign is genocidal". Is that any excuse to declare war, expand the already-unacceptable human cost  and kill thousands more innocent people who want nothing better than to exist in peace? In observation, it must seem to be so.  The Middle East immediately comes to mind. Horrific warfare, civil war, and unrest. The Arab Spring uprisings, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt--and now Syria.  It must be the heat. Tribal and religious factions  no longer just point fingers, shout and call one another bad names, but also run around like  lemmings  possessed,   destroying themselves, their neighbourhoods and  their countries that already suffer abject poverty, exacerbating a sad coexistence and reducing deliberately, -or completely destroying the few remaining already- broken remnants  of civility and civilization itself. Growing Madness in the Sands? In the barren Middle East sand dunes,   lunatics  happily kill,  dismember, behead their enemies, explode car bombs and stuff everywhere, including public places, themselves, their women and children in suicidal missions that prove absolutely nothing except how futile, mindless, sick, and hopeless the current culture of the affected region is.  Is it  fanaticism, oil madness frustration, or religious madness? The heat?   Psychiatry 101 basic instructions in  insanity?  The ungodly will to self-destruct for  population control? Drugs and chemicals in their food?  Conspire that. On the surface it appears  total madness, a collective mental illness and sickness of the Middle East has spread like wildfire. Africa is following suit.  Intolerance. More madness growing in the sands of the Middle East.  We digress, being forced to wonder and shake our heads  at the useless, seemingly hopeless totality of human foolishness observed. Regardless, back on track,  in warfare,  anything goes except WMD's which include chemicals, nerve agents, and poison gas. How to kill everyone and anyone.  Almost. The use of chemical weapons by a government in power against it's own unarmed population in genocide  is deemed far worse;  the lowest of the low, and a heinous crime, Inexcusable, unacceptable to civilized human beings,  international response to genocide  may be slow and steadfast, but nations invariably rally and unleash the dogs of war in response. The problem is, if Iraq was any example, it is a bad idea.  Billions of dollars will be spent in futility, thousands more  lives will be lost, and generations of children will be harmed forever by protracting and magnifying the ugly war in Syria. It will not resolve the basic issues. The Syrian people do not need more warfare, they need relief,  an oasis in the desert. It is time for ALL nations to act responsibly in a cohesive, firm and resolute manner instead of arbitrarily firing cruise missiles,  creating more mayhem and destruction.   Issue international arrest warrants for all individuals responsible for using nerve gas, or any chemical killers and weapons of mass destruction  -and bring them to real justice. Do not "pretend" the west and cooperative nations cannot find those leaders,  individuals  and politicians responsible. We know better. Let the individuals responsible be punished suitably and locked up forever as an example to other tin-pot dictators, royalty, nasty bureaucrats, or 'so-called 'leaders'  who would murder their own citizens in the belief that innocent life is worthless --and that  they alone are beyond  international law. Genocide is unacceptable under any circumstance. "Regime change' is "denied"  but that is precisely what is required.  Remove the guilty from power quickly, install internationally supervised mandatory coalition governments  representative of ALL of the citizenry for a minimum of 12 months--and then hold democratic elections. That's what we believe should happen, but it seems,  the supporters of war are  preparing once again to profit by unleashing the dogs of war  to teach Bashar al Assad a "lesson".  Will it last for 3 days, 6 weeks, 6 months, or 10 years?  No matter how long,  it makes us sad.  There has to be a better way. If nothing else, let us provide an oasis of hope.   Is that Incoming I hear? +
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