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Three  things that are simply unbelievable

At times, that is.  We offer the argumentative POV that  life works best when practiced with      1) honesty, 2) diligence and 3) charity. There is much skepticism.  We seem to be wrong.  Or are we?


Unbelievable?   Try the Official Stink Test.

At Incoming Bytes that simple test can be applied  to love and matters of the heart, personal relationships,  how you treat  your spouse, dog, gerbil,  cats and kids, and neighbours.   How about that stranger, the old lady trundling down the street pushing a grocery cart, suspiciously gawking left and right. She may be smiling, ragged,  homeless,  or not.  Sketchy and paranoid, she may give you the shirt off of her back and share her dumpster sandwich with you because it's all she has to offer, but you won't give her a dime. Yes, that stinks.  Keep the concept in mind.



Unbelievable? Reality is built upon  your overview of life — personal beliefs, what you were taught, what you learned, what you practiced, what satisfied the inner child. Momentary personal beliefs, to be more accurate,  and practice makes perfect, for a mere moment from now, very little remains the same.


Honesty, diligence and charity  applies to human beings universally, including politics, or is that too unbelievable ? Too hard to understand? Too much to expect?

Disclaimer:  Wallow in the unbelievable. Facts may exceed the maximum scale in the stink test.



In overview, honesty should not include blatant lies,  fear-mongering, broken promises,  idiocy,  secret deals, ghosts corrupt lurking in the shadows of duff piled to unprecedented heights using big shovels with long, very crooked and greasy handles.


Integrity,  ethics, honesty,  true charity and compassion are increasingly unseen in ourselves, but more noticeably lacking in politics and our  so called  ' leaders'. Is it because honest leaders no longer exist? 


Oops.  Oh, golly-gee-whiz....that might be politically incorrect. We might hurt some 'feelings'.  We might disturb the 'agenda' which is being followed. We've always been told never to talk religion or politics.  So much for  Harperman, the Great Niquab debate, the sell-out of Canada, corruption, Senate scandals,  wedgies, big hair  or the smoke and mirrors  of  the great Canadian election.  

Skeptical? Go figure. 



Better yet, go voteFor honesty, diligence, and charity.






Is that Incoming I hear?



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A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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