Earthquake: Northwestern Ontario

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailEarthquake Zone Nuclear Waste Storage:  Let's Shake It up..... Imagine this.  There are a number of communities in Northwestern Ontario examining the process of  'becoming nuclear waste dumps'  for Ontario's nuclear industry.  These small towns like Nipigon and Schreiber east of Thunder Bay are investigating the 'construction' of a permanent nuclear waste depository deep in the bedrock of the 'stable' Precambrian shield, also called the "Canadian shield". . "Jobs" are quoted as the glowing reason for  the establishment of a 'waste industry' as a 'wonderful' idea. Nuclear industry propaganda is flowing, touting the "safety" of such "SAFE" depositories, even though none have been built.  The waste would be "stored safely" for thousands of years. On January 25th,2013,  just prior to 2:00 PM,  there was an earthquake between Nipigon and Schreiber.  (1.)    It was only 2.3 magnitude on the Richter scale,(2.)  it was a "mild"  earthquake.  Clearly any earthquake is enough to shatter rock.  It was the THIRD  "minor earthquake"   this month. We cannot resist asking how "stable" the Precambrian shield really is, supposedly one of, if not, the most stable piece of rock on earth.   We have to ask how foolish it is to even consider a deep-rock nuclear waste in either Nipigon or Scheiber.  Both are located on one of only two major transportation links, on the TransCanada Highway 17.   We have to ask why pristine Northwestern Ontario should be subjected to the potential contamination  from leaks, accidents,  earthquake disaster caused by "supposedly safe"   storage of nuclear waste generated by the populous south.  We have to ask why governments and nuclear "authorities"   are arrogant enough to insist  that nuclear plants in Southern Ontario are   magically  not subject to earthquakes or other disasters like Fukushima, Japan.  The same people are also  aware the Pickering nuclear plant is  located on a geological fault line. We must ask delusional  experts  where the populations of southern Ontario would 'flee to safety' if there was a major nuclear disaster in Pickering or at the Bruce nuclear facilities ----and "Northern Ontario Nuclear Dumps"  were  damaged by earthquakes. Just asking.  It's not a matter of "if,  but when a disaster will occur. Common sense is required. Alternative energy technology exists NOW.  I encourage all readers at Incoming Bytes to think for themselves. Is that Incoming I hear?  1. 2.   Earthquakes Canada  FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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8 Responses to Earthquake: Northwestern Ontario

  1. We are having a few earthquakes close to us as well. It’s a little unnerving to think that a big one could be around the corner… I have yet to get an earthquake survival kit together… Good info here, as always!

    • Yes, Christyb, the earthquakes in your area are a concern, no doubt about that one, with the ‘big on’ way overdue. It would really be a good idea to have an earthquake kit survival kit put together. A lot also depends on precisely where you live, in an apt., a house, and if you’re on the seashore or higher up. Regardless it’s a fine idea to be aware, and be prepared! Thanks for commenting, Christyb! “:) ~R

  2. ah, more questions than solutions in this ongoing dilemma..every time a child is born, i wonder where his energy is going to come from–renewable wind/solar/hydro/geothermal/tidal/algal or biomass? where? how?
    in the course of daily life few stop to consider consequences of multiplying demands and expectations.
    and then–the inevitable push to dump the refuse onto native lands–any natives, as long as it is far enough from the primary users, it’s fine! throw out the jobs as carrots –tease the greed, and tweak the truth, the worst of our societal instincts pushes us nearer to the brink of human collapse, oh well? anyone afraid of a little ‘ol’ earthquake shaking their fuku-shimy?

    • Hi Nadine, with ‘big corporate interests’ always tweaking the truth at threat of loss of profit, there are always more questions than answers, and not likely logical solutions either. For each child born, the sun shines, however the corporate structure hasn’t quite figured out how to ensure their profit on every watt of energy from the sun so will not promote that technology. There is endless geothermal energy available (we heat with geothermal) –and automotive technology(battery power) is now capable of a vehicle with 500km or greater range. Tesla proved alternative forms of energy exist that haven’t been tapped because the PTB couldn’t control or profit from it.
      We have no need for nuclear power, and the areas that generate it can KEEP IT. It is far less than logical to ship it and store it in an earthquake-prone area. Economics is quoted as being the ‘necessity’ when logic and common sense should take priority first. The proponents of nuclear energy do not CARE–the arrogant PTB do not care as long as they make profit. How sad is that for small communities that will be stuck with this contaminated material for thousands of years-sitting on a time bomb as “safe” containment becomes weaker and weaker —should civilization survive that long. Thanks, Nadine!

    • Vivian Bechard says:

      This is very nerving,we must take a stand on this now!!!!!!!!!

      • That is correct, Vivian. Very few people actually know this ‘search for a deep depository’ is in progress–and that basic decision should be revisited. Transportation of radioactive material unnecessarily is a foolish risk. Potentially contaminating the North Shore of Lake Superior for centuries is uncommonly foolish and unnecessary.

  3. Pat Bourguignon says:

    I understand some people’s concerns about nuclear waste but because there was a minor earthquake does that mean that all hazardous waste should be banned. The railways handle tons of toxic and hazardous materials every day. And earthquake could cause a derailment which would be devastating to the environment and people the traffic passes by, also highway traffic could be affected by earthquake. Do people think that all the semis on the highway carry just furniture and non hazardous materials.

    • Precisely, Pat! Hazardous waste MUST be stored where it is generated, or better yet, NOT generated, and certainly not transported. Of course the ‘industry’ and big money does whatever they want–but not legally. There are derailments and accidents involving transport trucks every day–hauling toxic waste, or this nuclear waste is asking for trouble we do not need–that could contaminate the area for centuries. The earthquakes show that even deep storage of this waste is not safe. This is not a game. It is deadly serious with the lives of generations at risk. Contaminating Lake Superior with this material–one derailment– could contaminate the whole Great Lakes basin and all the way to the East coast.

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