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Earthquake: Northwestern Ontario

Earthquake Zone Nuclear Waste Storage:  Let's Shake It up..... Imagine this.  There are a number of communities in Northwestern Ontario examining the process of  'becoming nuclear waste dumps'  for Ontario's nuclear industry.  These small towns like Nipigon and Schreiber east of Thunder Bay are investigating the 'construction' of a permanent nuclear waste depository deep in the bedrock of the 'stable' Precambrian shield, also called the "Canadian shield". . "Jobs" are quoted as the glowing reason for  the establishment of a 'waste industry' as a 'wonderful' idea. Nuclear industry propaganda is flowing, touting the "safety" of such "SAFE" depositories, even though none have been built.  The waste would be "stored safely" for thousands of years. On January 25th,2013,  just prior to 2:00 PM,  there was an earthquake between Nipigon and Schreiber.  (1.)    It was only 2.3 magnitude on the Richter scale,(2.)  it was a "mild"  earthquake.  Clearly any earthquake is enough to shatter rock.  It was the THIRD  "minor earthquake"   this month. We cannot resist asking how "stable" the Precambrian shield really is, supposedly one of, if not, the most stable piece of rock on earth.   We have to ask how foolish it is to even consider a deep-rock nuclear waste in either Nipigon or Scheiber.  Both are located on one of only two major transportation links, on the TransCanada Highway 17.   We have to ask why pristine Northwestern Ontario should be subjected to the potential contamination  from leaks, accidents,  earthquake disaster caused by "supposedly safe"   storage of nuclear waste generated by the populous south.  We have to ask why governments and nuclear "authorities"   are arrogant enough to insist  that nuclear plants in Southern Ontario are   magically  not subject to earthquakes or other disasters like Fukushima, Japan.  The same people are also  aware the Pickering nuclear plant is  located on a geological fault line. We must ask delusional  experts  where the populations of southern Ontario would 'flee to safety' if there was a major nuclear disaster in Pickering or at the Bruce nuclear facilities ----and "Northern Ontario Nuclear Dumps"  were  damaged by earthquakes. Just asking.  It's not a matter of "if,  but when a disaster will occur. Common sense is required. Alternative energy technology exists NOW.  I encourage all readers at Incoming Bytes to think for themselves. Is that Incoming I hear?  1.     http://www.tbnewswatch.com/news 2.   Earthquakes Canada  
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