A-Z Challenge: P is for Potential

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Thoughts lead to Ultimate Potential

Thoughts lead to Your  Ultimate Potential

  P is for Potential How's yours?  Potential, that is. everyone has a lot of potential. Surprising, isn't it? What do you do with yours?   Do you try to encourage others? Does your potential remain inactive, lazy, unexplored, untested?   Perhaps you consider yourself a dismal failure. A poor writer.  A failed scribbler dwelling in a barren attic. Perhaps you are resigned to be a follower,  a bleating sheep wandering fruitlessly, half-heartedly producing free articles for greedy word mills instead of  attempting to fend your own way amongst wolves,  write original works of merit; be a unique writer, a brave shepherd. With inaction, you might  be a poet laureate,  but more likely, remain a sweeper of streets  after parades of others more successful  visit the queen. Think about it. No matter what your status is, you can do better. The ultimate  goal is to improve,  and be better.

Developing your own Potential

Developing your potential is like any other 'self-improvement' program. Improve your own potential quickly by:
  • Evaluating your existing strengths and weaknesses realistically.  The old adage "Know thyself" comes to mind. What can you do best with what you already ARE?
  • Use your strengths appropriately.  Apply the talents you have been blessed with. Why hide wonderful talents when you could ride them to success?
  • Explore working outside of your comfort zone.  You may surprise yourself with your abilities.
  • Appraising your weaknesses with an eye to self-improvement. If you recognize weaknesses and wish to pursue goals within that field,  take appropriate steps to strengthen, fill  gaps, --learn what you need to be successful, -and with confidence, strengthen your personal resolve to achieve your goals.
  • Persist quietly with inner peace and  patience.  Keep "Patience is a virtue" in the back of your mind at all times.  Great accomplishments take time.
  • Never quit because of early failures..  Great accomplishments may take many attempts to achieve the desired goals and excellence. Practice makes perfect. No kidding.

Encouraging the Potential of Others

From a position of  success, skill and easy street, the struggles of those surrounding you are easily overlooked.  It never hurts to be kind.  You can make a huge difference and play a key role in the future success of others.  Never underestimate the power of a kind word spoken at just the right time.  Encouragement and inspiration is a positive influence in the lives of others and can spur them on to far greater accomplishments --and perhaps even fame and fortune.  You can encourage others to  their potential and learn much in the process by careful thought and progressive planning.
  • Helping others identify and  appreciate  their own strengths, skills, and possibilities. Some individuals with low self-esteem  fail to recognize good  inherent skill sets they already possess.
  • Offer sincere congratulations, assistance, and  above all,  be happy for others when they do achieve a goal. Genuine happiness encourages a positive attitude in all concerned.
  • Encourage the exploration and expansion into field of endeavor they may not have considered. For writers, as an example, encourage the exploration of other genres. Encourage self-publishing.  Critique freely without vindictiveness.
  • Let your agenda be for the concern of others; discover their potential, and in doing so, learn, develop, and discover your own.
There is much to be learned by examining  and exploring potential of your own -and others around you. That's why P is for Potential.   Is that Incoming I hear?        FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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  1. Action is so important… Little bit every day is better than a ton of effort then none.

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