A-Z Challenge: O is for Options

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gt Triumph Model H c. 1914  with Wicker Sidecar

Triumph Model H   circa 1914 with Wicker Sidecar 

O is for Options As human beings, we are offered options in life, with minor and major choices to be made, but do you cleverly and consistently choose the best ones?  Why are options so important? Perhaps your options become apparent best,  first thing in the morning. Let's call the boss and tell him we quit.   It's a sunny day.  Get it?  Too nice to be in a stuffy office.  Oops, Perhaps you are now no longer employed, having  exercised the option to take the rest of your life off,  awaken the mind and quit the skull-grinder of a job.  You now have the option of schmoozing all day instead, getting creative,  going back to bed, or heading off into the sunrise on the old Harley  Triumph with your trusty pooch and that  beautiful, red-hot mama in the sidecar.

Destinations are Options

Let's choose California. Destinations are always options.   Take lunch.  That's always an option too.  Camping gear.  No wonder we like camping better.  You're in control now, having chosen an option.  On this exciting day, maybe you'll be driving the sidecar eyes wide shut  in white-knuckle fear, or  catching Z's  instead, depending on the exciting ride and options the better half offers you as she pushes your Harley Triumph down the Interstate toward fame and fortune, speedometer  at the max.  The option to get famous  fast is one of the best parts of life,  isn't it? As writers we can choose to write haiku,   A to Z bits,  nursery rhymes, children's books,  commercial copy,  custom niche articles, poetry that fails to rhyme or not,- or we can exercise the option to write the Great American novelCanadian, that is, as identified  on  my options list. Might that be a bucket list?  We may choose to write lists  too. We have options which make life interesting --and  are life itself. No matter. We have the wind at our our backs. It seems we've chosen  A -Z  temporarily. Riding the sidecar with the eyes and mouth  shut. Avoiding bugs.  Maybe daydreaming, a basket case.  The muse riding in a speeding hand-basket to hell?   No matter. The whole day will be a Triumph. hm.... Better than any old Harley.     It's a great day regardless.  The tires on the bike are round, 'O'  is a nice round letter,  and what goes 'round' comes 'round'.    "Triumphantly".....  We announce to the world, we're up next;   options ride  with us.  That's why "O" is for Options. Is that Incoming I hear?   photo credit: A.R. Pingstone  Wikimedia Commons +FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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6 Responses to A-Z Challenge: O is for Options

  1. buddhakat says:

    We all appreciate having options… even if they are not always the best, at least we have options!!!


  2. Nice post. Options are wonderful…unless you are shopping with my MIL, then it’s painstaking.

  3. Mac Pike says:

    That San Francisco QB runs one helluva option.

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