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A-Z Challenge: Z is for Zest

© by Raymond Alexander Kukkee [caption id="attachment_1428" align="aligncenter" width="727"]Zest -the ultimate flavour Zest  -Concentrated flavour[/caption] Z is for Zest.  It's spring. Can you feel it?  Hope. The exhilaration, the excitement, the unknown element  saturating the air  in the springtime?  It's the zest.  Dreams of warm, sunny weather, sandy idyllic beaches, dancing under the stars,  and warm breezes bearing hope.  The zest for life itself,  the big plan.   What has that to do with an orange, you ask? When was the last time you tossed away an orange peel without thinking about it? The zest of an orange or lemon is the outer, concentrated layer of the peel that contains virtually all of the flavour that can be found in  the peel. Smart chefs and bakers recognize the zest contains the highly-concentrated flavoured orange or lemon oil--a veritable jewel-box of flavour.   The rest of the peel, the white pulp, offers little taste.   What has that to do with life? The fact is, the exciting part of life, the zest - like the zest on the orange or lemon can be found living out on the edge;  on display for all to see, and hopefully to taste and enjoy. The colour, the joy, the flavour. The excitement. Let us equate zest to life experience--and what we do with our lives, bucket list included.   The rest of life is bland and ordinary by comparison --consumed by  structure, daily routine, work,  obligations, bills, problems, health issues, and stress.  We deal with the basic structural requirements for survival. Under the zest, the rest of the orange also has purpose, structure, juices and  uses, even the totally bland white peel, but the characteristics of zest render it special, worthy of thought and taste. The concentration of flavour makes  life tasty, interesting and special.   Scrape some zest off and taste it; taste life, while you're at it;  you'll see it's worth doing.  Go for it.  You may be surprised.  Why discard the best part of life? Zest is the extra joy, zing,  and excitement available to you not only on your oranges and lemons,  but also in life itself.  Think about it.   I'm thinking we must strive to take full advantage of it. That's why  Z is for Zest. Is that Incoming I hear? Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons +
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