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Issues: Mandate of Deception

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Mandate of Deception or Mandate Forgotten?

Here at Incoming Bytes we observe, and are often at a loss to explain how exceptionally well the true mandate of government is conveniently modified, twisted, disjointed, forgotten or simply ignored.

In it's place, a mandate of deception is engaged.  An agenda. Usually hidden, you know the kind, when exposed, discovered to be fraudulent, self-entitlement, enabling of legislation for corporate interests, bribery, corruption, back-room and international secret dealings all of which have no place in a model of good governance.

Within the framework of civilization, government is supposed to offer 'peace, stability, order, and good 'governance', whatever the 'acceptable' defined ideology may be called or is deceptively pretending to be. Worth repeating, whatever the defined ideology may be called or is deceptively  pretending to be, as in capitalism, socialism, communism, or whatever-ism. We smirk laugh. 'Whateverism'  is a good description of the observable government, a Playpen of Political Bobble-heads, the #Corporateaucracy, Grade III  Politikidz" or whatever else the smiling, thinking reader wishes  to call the status quo.     No matter.  Think about it. It does not matter what anyone calls it.  What is important is to keep in mind what it is, and what it does. To you.  For you—it seems, not so much.

Good governance is the 'agreeable and collective provision of functional services within an acceptable structure of constitutional right,  appropriate rule of  law and maintenance of order " for  the population as a whole.   Services and functions, authorized building of infrastructure beneficial to all,  territorial defense, —you get the idea, a unified front and  representation of a civilized nation which  individuals cannot possibly be expected to achieve for themselves individually.  Foreign affairs and establishing agreements mutually beneficial to equally-represented populations, similar-minded folks of other countries come to mind.

The establishment and maintenance of  order within a reasonable framework of desirable laws seems to be a reasonable goal. It's a system that actually works well, but only when not abused or corrupted.  When does the inevitable mandate of deception really begin?

When the true mandate of government is forgotten.  Think about it. Starting with a flawed constitution. When slick political leaders mislead and promise, but fail miserably--and keep on lying to enable their own agenda. When "arbitrary" laws are made to appease special interest groups.  When the 'politically-correct' are allowed to manipulate societal norms,  exterminating both morals and reason.  When wrong is made to look 'right'.    When justice is perverted,  fleeced by a dishonest judiciary, senile, corrupt judges and evil lawyer's tricks. When the voice of reason is silenced. When greedy corporate interests write laws to profit, and foolish, self-serving, conniving politicians enable them.  How does that happen, you ask?

Far too easily. Instead of ringing, the bell cracks...

Here at Incoming Bytes we   have yet to see the revolution that is inevitable, for history clearly shows it is the abuse of political systems, whatever they may be—that is the root cause of their ultimate demise. 


Is that Incoming I hear?

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