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A-Z Challenge: F is for Forever

©2013  Raymond Alexander Kukkee [caption id="attachment_1163" align="alignleft" width="300"]Where is Forever? Where is Forever?[/caption]   F  is for Forever.  In our daily conversations, it is often heard 'it takes forever to drive through Kansas, or 'it takes forever to learn how to speak Mandarin".  It takes 'forever' to do the housework and an even longer 'forever' to learn algebra,  get over writer's block, or weed a row of tiny carrots when it is hot, muggy, and those nasty bugs are biting. That makes sense. After all, F is forever, isn't it? In our imaginations, perhaps.... But does anyone  know what 'forever' is in real time?  Where is it?  How about the condition,  F is for forever?   Let's sit in the shade and think about F is for forever'.  Exponential thought can define 'forever; or is that definition, too,  impossible?  The majority of human beings define everything in their reality in terms simplified, understood, and above all, tangible. Perhaps we can only define ' F is for forever' by what it is not.  Forever is not a limited period of time, no matter how long it may seem.  In reality, we did finally arrive at the other side of Kansas, and learned algebra too. We get to the end of the carrot row and congratulate  ourselves in Mandarin. We manage to get over writer's block eventually.  Clearly those goals did not take 'forever'. If F is for forever, when exactly is that? To achieve a difficult goal  can take a long time; perhaps an unexpectedly long time or what may seem to be even an unbelievably long time.  There is a clue. Undoubtedly time is involved.  Watch the clock and see. But Is time itself like a transparent rubber band, something that can be stretched out to an imaginary goal we optimistically label 'forever'? 'Forever' does appear to be some unattainable time in the future.  If that is the case, we can never reach that goal.  Why?  Because if the universe is expanding as is the popular scientific belief  -it is the elusive  'forever' along with it.  Advancing with time, deliciously in sight but just beyond human reach and our fallible beliefs -- is 'forever'. I see it could take forever to prove that, too.   That's why F is for Forever.   Is that Incoming I hear?
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