Comments and Sympathy offered…

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The Author smiling in 2015

The Author smiling in 2015


Let us offer our Comments and  Sympathy

Let's  offer some  comments and sympathy;  after all, here at Incoming we  want you to think.

By implication or by default, as a policy, in offering comments and sympathy,  let us tread lightly.  That magic formula may be called for or not.   It may help protect the sensitive feelings of  leaders. It may soothe  politicians, and politically-correct hypocrites.  Also the guilty and the deluded. It  leaves us compelled to think for ourselves,  in order to comment and offer sympathy creatively.

Hopefully doing so will encourage discussion.  Observe. Ask questions, politely.  The right ones —  demand request answers.  Politely.   How Canadian.

Most Canadians typically ignore the world.  Apathetically watch television pap.  Get brainwashed. Zip our lips. Wait in line patiently,  or 'queue up', comfy in our toques and woolen mitts. That is, if we happen to be Brit-type monarchy-soaked Will & Kate lovers. Nice people by the way, cute kids too.  We digress, but  remain, above all else, polite.  Yours truly, eh? We stand on guard. eh? Politely, eh?

The Canadian way to apologize. Say "I'm sorry" a lot.  Offer  comments and  sympathy for  everything and anything. Never comment without offering vomitous sympathy. To the blatantly-deluded, misinformed, the weary, or the consumer, and the brainwashed, who demonstrate little if any marginal propensity to think outside of the approved box. After all,  someone might be offended.  They might be the  wrong sex, the wrong religion, drive only a Chevy, be a vegan,  a serial killer, a distant relative, the wrong age, or  misunderstoodBig brother might be watching.  Every stroke, every word, every chat, every email....

Therefore...  well, er....we're sorry. Maybe.  Depending upon how incompetent and polite the  Big Eye of the now-cracking  sunny-ways government has been lately.  But we're trying hard.  If you believe the media.  Can we ever believe the media? Smile, you're on candid camera. 

It's a sign of the times. Offer  comments and sympathy —for everything.—Soon. 

For our loyal readers, there is a  tiny 'comment' link  below.  We're sorry it's not BIGGER.   



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About Raymond Alexander Kukkee

A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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4 Responses to Comments and Sympathy offered…

  1. Christy B says:

    Let’s see, we want to be polite here so we will say thank you for the post and pardon me if we have questions 😉 I think you should read Mike Myer’s new book, appropriately named “Canada,” which talks about some interesting attributes of our culture. I’ve watched a few interviews with him and he has some good insights. Hugs!

    • ha, ChristyB, yes, Always polite she is, the ‘ultra-smiling, polite British-Columbian poet with the unique poetic voice…and yes, we always have questions, we’re sorry in advance if we have no answers…haha! Hugs to you, and yes, I’ll read MM’s new book as soon as possible “:) Thank you for commenting, Christyb ! Smiles to YOU.

  2. Glory Lennon says:

    Well, Raymond, I will not be politically correct but I shall try to be polite for your sake… not going to be happy about it, though. 😉

    • hi Glory, politically-correct or not, even polite or not, please do comment freely, be happy doing so. I really do want readers and participants to think and say what is on their minds. Why? Brilliant ideas and good things can start from the most ordinary, mundane dialogue . We doubt if any comments can shock at this point, having watched the circus south of the border. “:) Thank you for commenting, Glory. really enjoyed your post on Beech trees ! You have a very unique style of writing. ~R

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