A-Z Challenge: Y is for Your, You’re, and Yore

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In days of yore:   1820-Country-Wedding  by  John-Lewis-Krimmel  (1786-1821)
  Y is for Your, You're, and Yore too.  In days long gone, days of yore that would be, it may be recorded that  the English language was much admired for it's trickery and common-sounding words now known as homophones. Perhaps they came with a wink or  a wee  inclusion of the Irish, Scot, or Welsh. Today one might be more tempted to use the dialect version of 'your'   being   ' 'yer'   --as in  "up 'yer kilt".   Go figure. 'Tis why the language is beautiful, is it not?" Unlike in the days of yore,   your improper selection of the correct synonym or  homophone could result in revelations of illiteracy in the upper class,  or at the very least, might  earn one  poor grades in  middle school accompanied by  a dunce cap and  immediate and stern admonishments from buttoned, top-hatted and  bespectacled teachers of English.  All of that for poor writing skills. Your mind image here might be Scroogified, at best. Today most people do not bother;  we are are displeased only if such perturbing defects  bother one's  sense of grammar, wizzardly protocol or self-entertainment with faded memories of an arcane language once perfected.   Should you always write what you think is right, and pay no attention otherwise to other purveyors of chicken-track scribbles?  Hm...that reminds me. See what good comes out of yore? Perhaps you're one of the contented and secret,  quill-yielding, literate lunatics  fascinating old geezers people that delight in,    twisttittiling the twistification  of wordlings and wordettes  words to salsify your own  wintickling wonderful but  whackified weird sense of parsnipperies   particularities in prose,  adding spice to life, and creating bad habits  which you shall  wear to the gravy.  Habitually?  Off to the nunnery with you, we laugh raucously. 'Tis  in black and white habits are written. Do you have any favourite homophones?   Ready or not, you're on the right track Get used to it, Jack.   Be unique.  Your secret will be safe with me, just like in times of yore.   That's why  'Y' is for 'Your, You're and Yore.   Is that Incoming I hear? photo credit:   Wikimedia commons +FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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2 Responses to A-Z Challenge: Y is for Your, You’re, and Yore

  1. Funny, I used the word “yon” as part of my challenge post for Y. Mhm, perhaps a dunce cap or two would be useful in today’s times? 😉

  2. Alexandra, the use of ‘yon’ indicates superior use of the old English language, ‘over yon’ and ‘yon village’ goes back a long way. Dunce cap? Handy for some, but for you, I say ‘nay’ ! You’re an excellent writer! “:)

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