Christmas: It is great to know that…


by Raymond Alexander Kukkee

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

With the hectic holiday season and  Christmas fast approaching, here at Incoming Bytes  I think we are wonderfully blessed.   Some things are especially nice to see. It’s great to know that:

  • We awoke to see another day!  The bones weren’t objecting too badly
  • The mind is working just fine. The muse is chattering away, and no wonder, because
  • it’s snowing gently and  beginning to look a lot like  Christmas,
  • Everyone I know, care about and love  is healthy and still kicking
  • The pups are happy. Tilly the Tall and Ebony the Short found bunny-tracks out on the walking trail,  but not the bunny.
  • The walking trails are still passable with only a couple of inches of snow
  • Snow falling on the snowman out in the yard will ensure he won’t melt
  • The end of the world isn’t happening quite yet, it’s still a good idea to plan for next year.
  • Somewhere in the dust of time, there’s a seat for that fancy Mayan unicycle wheel everyone thinks is a calendar
  • The universe is unfolding precisely as it is supposed to do
  • People at the malls respond– if we are brave enough to smile first
  • Pretty, gracious ladies, young and old, do appreciate doors opened for them
  • Children are laughing and happy
  • Beautiful poetry warms the soul at Poetic Parfait with Christy Birmingham
  • Seed and flower catalogs are already here to dream about while watching those snowflakes gently floating down
  • Old St. Nick didn’t get stuck in the chimney last year
  • There are reindeer tracks all over the back field
  • The Muse hasn’t become overwhelmed with Christmas ‘music’
  • Morgidoo’s Christmas Carol, my Christmas classic  eBook, still warms the heart
  • We remain capable of expressing love of our family and friends wherever they may be
  • Mother Nature has been kind to us, we are surviving, blessed with food and what we need, even if we don’t always get what we desire
  • Our faith in the basic good within humanity persists, –surprisingly– in spite of horrific global events and human tragedies.
  • Our belief in God allows us peace within. Above all, it’s great to know that……
  • There’s more to Christmas than getting gifts. Let us celebrate the true meaning. 
  • I can hear bells ringing....

Merry Christmas, everyone. *Wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Stay safe, and please do not drink and drive.


Is that Incoming I hear?  



About Raymond Alexander Kukkee

A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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5 Responses to Christmas: It is great to know that…

  1. Glory Lennon says:

    Lovely sentiments! Merry Christmas to you and yours and a blessed New year, too!

    • Thank you, Glory, Merry Christmas to you and yours too! May the New Year be wonderful for you, my friend!

    • Hi Glory Lennon, thank you for visiting my new location for IncomingBytes. I must apologize, I’m still feeling my way around the new WP platform and site, I had not seen your comment. Thank you so much for the Christmas blessings –and Happy New Year to you too, I do hope you have a wonderful, safe and prosperous 2013. “:) ~R

  2. Oh you are seeing reindeer tracks already?!! Well I hope Santa pays your family a visit and is good to you! Nice incoming 🙂

  3. Oh yes, Christyb, reindeer tracks already, they’re snacking on the fields, building up enough energy to fly all the way to B.C. too! Thanks! “:)

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