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  *The Ice cream sandwiches disappeared before they could be photographed!  Imagine that....


Author Interviews:  Insight Delight and Ice Cream Sandwiches

Every once in a while we stumble across interviews that provide open windows of opportunity  to gain insight into the life of unknown, struggling, or even famous authors we may have come to admire.  Author interviews may bring out their struggles, projects, life and lifestyle, or wisps of dreams which may not yet be written  upon the sky.—You know, those writing secrets. Writing habits. Ambitions, methodology, mind set. Back stories. The classic line ' the rest of the story', the unknown may even apply. What's in store in an interview?  A great interviewer brings it on thoughtfully, and smiles impishly. I ought to know,  I was recently interviewed by Christy D Birmingham from Poetic Parfait. Do I sound like I've been interviewed? I'm feeling particularly lucky today.

"Hello hello! Here is a new author interview with Raymond Alexander Kukkee. Having him over for a chat was fun as we had lots to catch up on. It helps that I heard he likes sweet treats and so I put out some ice cream sandwiches for him at the kitchen table. We ate, we talked, we smiled. I hope you like the interview!..."

Continued.....Read the rest of this interview here

Wow. I was certainly honored to be interviewed by Christyb.  Guess what, people! The interview didn't hurt a bit!  She made it so easy with ice cream sandwiches!  Thanks again, Christyb! 

Christy D Birminham

'Christy D. Birmingham is a friendly type with a beautiful, impish smile —but don't let her disarm you, Christyb is no ordinary Canadian;  she is a successful writer-freelancer, published author, and contemporary poet.  Her poetic voice is not only brilliant but insightful; she often expresses a point of view unique and seldom experienced. You can experience Christy's poetry, writing, book reviews, author interviews  and great collaborations with fascinating individuals and artists at her blog,  www.poeticparfait.com. 
Pathways to Illumination

Pathways to Illumination

  Christy D.Birmingham   recently published Pathways to Illumination, a book of  Poetry. Available in both print and eBook.      


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About Raymond Alexander Kukkee

A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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7 Responses to Writing Life: Author Interviews

  1. Raymond! It was an honour to be at your blog and then reading this post here makes me smile (impishly, you know). Your kind words are wonderful. The engagement you have had with readers is wonderful to see through the interview post and I am excited for the new connections it brings you. It was my pleasure to have you there and, hey, next time can you leave us at least a bite of the ice cream sandwich? Thumbs up to great writers like you!

  2. And it was a brilliant Interview too by Christy… Good to connect again Raymond..

    Namaste.. Sue

  3. Thanks again, Christyb, you’re so kind, let’s hope rankings turn into sales “:) ~R

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