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2013 Government Shutdown: Manipulated Crisis

© 2012  by Raymond Alexander Kukkee   [caption id="attachment_1163" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Where is Forever? Where does the money go? Down the Rabbit-hole?[/caption] The world watched with trepidation as the news-breaker  2013 government shutdown came to a predictable heart-stopping end. Drama.  Worry about a potential tempest in a teapot disaster.  The fact is, Americans, visitors, and foreign nations alike may have been duped. Sucked into a black vortex as they breathed a collective sigh of relief for a manipulated crisis..  Dear reader, one may also call the 'shutdown'  a  crisis, which sounds serious and  innocent enough, but sorry, but this event smacks of manipulation with intent. The vote numbers and 'fallout' suggest there's a lot more to this story than is being told.

Look at the Facts

Look at the 'facts'  if you can believe them.   Sixteen days of pretending  "attempting to derail  ObamaCare".  Sixteen days of playing games "negotiations".  Imagine that.    After sixteen days of whining, threats, and nasty crocodile-tear rhetoric and the big scare,  it's    "bygones will be bygones" at least temporarily .   Reportedly some "87" Republicans made it all better by "caving"  and voting with the Democrats. An economic bandaid.  Borrow more money. Go figure.  The count was supposedly Senate 81:18, and the House 285:144.   Imagine that some more.  Warm, fuzzy fog is rolling over the land. Well, okay. "It's warm and fuzzy,  all better now ".  Sure, we all believe that. Not. President Obama is quoted as saying:
"With the shutdown behind us we now have an opportunity to focus on a sensible budget that is responsible, that is fair and that helps hardworking people all across this country."    
Lovely words.  Political rhetoric at it's best, but after caving to the whining insurance industry which is now authorized by the president himself to rape the hard-working American people with the president's their very own "new health care system" anything goes.  Wait and see. As leader of the richest nation on earth, the President, by his own words, can and will now concentrate and  "set a sensible budget that is responsible" to ensure the  hard-working people to work even harder for nothingLet's face it.  'Skepticism' isn't a strong enough word. We refuse to use 4-letter invectives.  We must think for ourselves. Why are we so skeptical? We keep hearing about  wonderful Obamacare, legislated yet, complete with mandatory 'health products" and  fines levied on individuals, afford-it-or-not for non-compliance.  Unbelievable, where a  $16,000.00 deductible with a 40% Co-pay and huge monthly premiums— is even less believable.   In logic and  observation it is is NOT a health care plan, it is legalized theft by the rich, for the rich, and made to look like a 'win'.   It is not 'socialism', as the Republicans crying plastic tears wailed.   Fact is, to the remote observer,  it seems the very reverse.    It is closer to insatiable capitalism by dictatorship. Where poor people once paying $25.00 for basic care now must pay $125.00— let us laugh raucously when anyone outside of an official loony-bin suggests it is an 'improvement'.  No matter. That's not the point. "Why is it problematic," you ask, "since even Republicans voted to end the shutdown?". Yes, they did, we agree,  but, "why" 87 Republicans voted with Democrats should be the real question. It's a good question. In fact, isn't that a great question?   Don't you think the outcome was just a bit  too predictable?   Since the Republicans are traditionally the rich, supportive of 'capitalism and profit at any cost",  why would ANY Republican logically vote for the failure of  ObamaCare, which, bottom-line,  instantaneously generates windfall profits for the already obscenely-rich insurance industry?  The contradictions and questions generated  are many, with that one simple observation. The answer is quite singular,   the government  had to make it look like a 'good fight'.  Here's how it works:  create a crisis, back down just in the nick of time,  and display heroism,    "Let's rescue the American people" from  an apocalyptic "economic nightmare". Why sure, we're delighted to be rescued, aren't we, children? How transparent. How manipulated. How enriching.  A frightened population is much easier to control  Think.   Follow the money. Who made deals? Who benefited?   Why have Republicans been rewarded? Multi-billion-dollar projects  in a government that already cannot afford to pay the bills?  Where does the money go? Down the rabbit-hole?   Wrap your brains around that one, dear readers.

Reality—A Manipulated Crisis

The fact is, the hard-working American  people are having the last drop of blood squeezed from an unstable hamburger-job economy and their scrawny, dust-covered bodies. How did they arrange that? Let us all collectively shake our heads. We  just watched it happen. The government is bankrupt.  The national debt is unsustainable. Numbers are now meaningless. Can the government recover from the distrust this event has caused? Not likely.  At best, —even if truth be told,  the government is bankrupt yet again.  Both financially and morally. Meanwhile, back at the dude Ranch How nice to know the national parks and monuments are open once again so visitors and citizens alike, everyone out there can engage in political euphoria, continue to delude themselves with autumn leaves, shopping, and enjoy the drug-induced Great American Dream  —until the next manipulated crisis .   Is that Incoming I hear?   +
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