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The World Weeps Silently

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 Portrait of nelson Mandela (2008)Memorial

 Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela


  It seems there must be very little  that has not already been said about Nelson R. Mandela, clearly one of the most charismatic leaders the world has ever seen. News that a beloved giant, a revered leader of men,  women and children alike,  a respected president, friend of mankind and mentor — shocked the world even though it was expected,  leaving the world diminished.  What  remains to be said?  Words are not enough. The beloved and storied ex-President of South Africa  passed away in his home  at the age of 95, leaving an astounding  legacy and creating an outpouring of love, respect and compassion for humanity seldom  attributed to any single man. Was he bigger than life itself? Nelson Mandela was loved by millions,  but as with all successful human beings, let's not pretend otherwise; undoubtedly he had outspoken rivals and others disillusioned by his ideology,  beliefs, personal life,  his presidency of South Africa, and disrespect for his color alone.

The World Weeps Silently

The world weeps silently, tears flow universally,  in some ways a contradiction, as South Africans curiously, simultaneously, and joyously celebrate both the funeral and life of one amazing man in Johannesburg.  Leaders of  countries from around the globe have gathered to bid farewell,  sharing stories, condolences, speeches welling with  gratitude, heartfelt offerings and world-wide sympathy for, and with  people that both weep and dance.

Politicians Continue to be Politicians

Optimistic, and painful memorials seep reflectively, predictably from ineffective politicians—speaking with rhetorical grandeur of the occasion as mere mortals are wont to do, abjectly aware they are incapable of capturing  the smallest aliquot of admiration and respect commanded  by Mr. Nelson Mandela. It seems that Presidents, Prime Ministers and leaders all, also praise Mandela's steadfast, respected  leadership- but can only imagine and yearn for the impossible, an unspoken dream to garner just a wisp of the magnetic,almost magic and  pervasive power wielded by Mandela for decades. Politicians will be politicians as they bask in euphoric freedom that  statesman Nelson R.  Mandela held out to them—and seemingly continues to offer — a mythic power and influence beyond the grave. Attributing the dismantling of apartheid in South Africa to this powerful, driven man is the contemporary message, including a surge in belief in  hope for the poor and downtrodden. Peaceful  coexistence, forgiveness of past wrongs, the elimination of the eternal struggles of  color, and improvement in economic standing of all citizens were not only objectives, but keystones of his policy.   Understanding, acceptance, justice,  equality,  opportunity, and cooperation were  practiced  by Mandela in life, yet remain complicated, unresolved and  ever-moving  issues. Goals of racial  equality were special dreams,  idolized and projected —perhaps the  essence of Nelson Mandela himself. In analysis we must wonder if the world weeps silently, subconsciously knowing the truth—for racism,  tin shantytowns still exist, poverty still exists, the rich get richer, and ghosts of inequality and racism return to persist and aggravate, in spite of the man-wonder Madiba. No matter, we say,   the celebrated illusion of happiness will live on as is the way of optimistic humanity—but is it only temporary?  Is it a fleeting, celebrated distraction, hypocrisy,  everyman's illusion until a new people's Messiah inspires the next quantum leap in the eternal transplanting of dreams? We must ask, 'do crocodile tears ever dry?  Is  the illusion of success of the great vision now to be shattered by the stark reality of the  death of Nelson Mandela? In a quiet moment of reflection,  visions for the future may be seen as impossible, but as history is quick to reveal,  the will to make Madiba's dreams materialize remains with those still alive; those who honour and grieve and work selflessly,  gleaning lessons from the past and present —and  waste no time, acting with resolve. Rest in Peace, Nelson R. Mandela.   Is that Incoming I hear?   Photo Credit : S.Africa The Good News / www.sagoodnews.co.za [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons +
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