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Trudeau weeps

Tears for Fidel, or Crocodile Tears for Canadians?


Let's Comment: It's Going to be a Wicked Challenge to Catch Up...


As ordinary people  we're busy.  All the time.  I have to admit we find it difficult to catch up with the world at the best of times.  It can be a humbling experience, but  is it really becoming that difficult ?  Yes.  And why, you ask?  Why  keep up? We're about to find out.  To  attempt to catch up might be more likely. Let's settle for that...

a) Donald Trump got Elected to be President of the United States

Let's get right to the untrained elephant in the room. He's the most unexpected President-elect in history;  therefore,  as observers, let's sit back,  go with the flow and watch Donald the TV star  rev  mightily to catch up with, and derail,  the rotten  and smoking political machine. What are the odds, you ask...

Let us not  be uncouth and call Donald a guaranteed Fascist or dictator. At least not yet. Let's give the man a chance.  He'll  live gloriously in Trump Tower with Melania the beautiful fashionista.  Ivanka the pretty, smart daughter will take care of his business, and the boys will beg off to hunt trophies in Africa while he struggles  to  drain the highly  odoriferous  political swamp growing giant la-la -Liberal lily pads  in front of the White House.   —That all being  part of his promise to make America great again, naturally.

What WILL Donald Trump, President-elect do?

Trump will build walls  to Mexico,  build bridges to Putin's Russia.  Chase disloyal but employable deplorables out of hiding right to job heaven.  Chasten Hillary, kill NAFTA, the TPP and catch up in the dragnet  other  unsuitable deals,  practice isolationism in Trump Tower, attempt to make jobs flow back home, and rightfully so. He will undo Obama's flawed health care fiasco. For the better, we hope.  Trump  will  vet immigrants and escort illegals out of the U.S. of A. personally.  (Let's comment!....If he can find them.  And catch them. And doesn't need them for votes.)

That is all conveniently scheduled; that is  if Hillary the corrupt, sore loser  doesn't whine and cause too many ballot recounts and upset the celebrating Trump wagon.  Or  further encourage her followers to riot, loot and plunder. And tweet and whine everyone to death.  (Let's comment:  —And make flower-children from Californi-yay! and other Liberal states  want to secede from the Union and go where no other states have gone before. Perhaps to join Canada.  (One by one they'll go,  in droves. They'll line up at the Canadian border.  'Take a number, boys, we'll be right with'ya. ' Won't that be fun? ) But I digress...

The Great Unexpected!

I, writer of this blog, have to admit I  was almost surprised. Here we thought it was more likely Trump -supporter-types would be out in the streets raising hell whilst  screeching "Rigged! Rigged!"   With the unreliable, tainted media coverage of the election, we didn't expect the reverse.  Or so much damned whining. It seems  Americans  Democrats   are indeed becoming great again—at whining.  Take an aspirin and stifle it, Edith.

(Here it is, let's comment;  We say 'you voted, you got what you voted for, Donald won, so there, stop whining and get on with it, that ought to do it, catch up with that will'ya?"  And, smack your foreheads too, reality counts. For the record, if the USSR can fragment, so can the U.S. of A.  Just sayin'.....)

Meantime, up north there, y'know, up there...(here) in —Canada, yeah, the home of free and universal health care, that's the place...


 Trudeau's International Catch up Policy on Human Rights

 That  big bottle of red 'catch up' sits north of the border. Where all disillusioned Yanks  apparently want to go to flee the  supposed, unsettling #TrumpdisasterIntheMaking.  Apparently some disillusioned Yanks really  are scared and are now wannabe Canadians.  Good for them, air's better, food's better, universal health care,  but...you may have to wait a bit in the lineup...at the border.

Yes,  be aware that Prime Minister Trudeau up here is  pretty busy taking selfies, cracking mirrors and cell-phones,  rapidly shattering the pop-ular  rock star image he once had .  Unfortunately his dilly-dallying agenda and parade attendance  has been putting off business, destroying delaying  his inherited career and credibility too.  ( Let's comment: Hello out there...what else is new for politicians?   Why would Canadians expect otherwise, since those flash-in-the-pan "different, sunny"  promises have been  obliterated and  clearly demonstrated he is out of touch with regular Canadians?)

Justin Trudeau has now demonstrated he is trendy, perhaps more dangerously brash, inexperienced and out of style than Donald Trump under the 'nice hair'.  (Let's comment:  He has broken political promises,  'been double-speak diplomatically -dishonest,'  decided to pay lip service only to human rights by approving a billion-dollar arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and studiously avoided real issues and questions from Canadians.  He has wandered around Europe, Africa, and other fine venues like a sweaty student  in an expensive tax-payer-funded version of the  Amazing Race.)

What DOES Justin, the Selfie-Made PM of Canada Actually Do?

We 're glad you asked.  Justin got right to it.  Justin approved billion-dollar sales to Saudi Arabia in spite of their dastardly human rights record,  approved an unwanted gas terminal in B.C. in an environmentally-critical location.   He lied about "wise decisions" and then approved unwanted crude oil pipelines to export crude oil and expand the oil sands, destroying any chance of a near-future conversion to CLEAN technology.   He  signed the unwanted CETA agreement which  enables foreign nationals and corporate interests to screw Canada's future with billions of dollars worth of lawsuits  at the expense of all Canadians.

He grins at the ladies, takes selfies,  appointed ever more Senators to the corrupt, useless, redundant dinosaur Senate which Canadians no longer trust in, believe,  or need.  He promised electoral reform,  but that's not likely to happen since Canadians actually want to make that decision by referendum.   (Let's comment:  No comment, all this  occurs whilst he  leaps tall buildings and taking ga-ga selfies with giggling persons.)

Justin managed to enrage millions of Canadians without  half trying, but  somehow, SOMEHOW, he  also now insists upon also  offending  sovereign nations with his  pushy, sweaty,  gender-oriented   'let's all catch up to Canada's  Justin'sglobal LGTQ  gender-agenda ' —under the guise of being the Saviour  the world has been waiting for, the great and wise teacher spreading wise lessons on sexuality and  human rights.  (Let's Comment: Let us not comment further upon the personality and apparent obsession behind this same old, same old delusional 'governance'.)

Sorry, Justin, but in both observation and reality, most of the world isn't ready to shelve  centuries-old traditions, morals and ideas  to catch up with, accept, or adopt anyone's  personal,trendy and controversial  agenda.  Eye-brow lifting, rolling eyes, and foot-dragging and even out-right indignant refusal may be experienced out there in the real world  whilst  you are attempting to sell philosophical ideas.  Shall we list a few?  Governance by popular selfie.  Prime Ministers, dignitaries,  and officials prancing about in gay parades. Manipulating society in third world countries without being invited.  Legitimizing anal intercourse made essential by holding up  same-sex marriages up as equality.   ( Let's comment:  Even if YOU (correctly or incorrectly call any or all of the above  'human rights'  to African and other conservative nations, such representations are clearly insulting and disrespectful of their culture and sovereignty. Cultural sensitivity is absent.  But  above all, none of it quite seems to cut the mustard as statesmanlike leadership. )

Because of International reactions observed, we have reason to believe African countries still consider themselves  sovereign nations, with sovereign  jurisdiction over their own cultures, social practices , laws,  definitions of institutions of marriage, human rights, wrongs, preferences, and remain entitled to their  historical warts.

( Let's comment:  Surely, as such, Justinthey, too, are entitled to  choose their own culture, interpretation of human rights, morality, definitions of relationships,  family life, cultural complications, and other  issues.  Perhaps you recall "someone" years ago saying(paraphrased) "The government should not be in the bedrooms of the nation" ?   It now may be more appropriate to say  in 'sunny ways style'  "get the hell out of the bedrooms of the world." )

We offer an earth-shattering  idea...it may be  simply observed that it may be inherently smarter to M.Y.O.B. in foreign nations.   You are supposed to be representing ALL Canadians.   ( Let's comment:  How about "Concentrate on the good and proper  governance of Canada instead.  Do Canadian stuff."  There ya go....Take care of  Canadians and Canadian  concerns.  See to the well-being of all Canadians including, and particularly, First Nations peoples. Start respecting First Nations, our own indigenous peoples,  and STOP with the social manipulation.  There, that ought to help, and ....and by the way...)

c) More News For You, Justin: The Whole World was not Weeping for Fidel

R.I.P. Fidel Castro, with all polite and due respect...

—But P.M. Justin  (J.T.) proclaimed to the world how wonderful the late Fidel Castro was  or perhaps, may have seemed, back in the days ...er...maybe when Justin was a boy.   Justin the P.M.  offered  tears of condolence on behalf of all Canadians.     For the great and wonderful Fidel.

Pierre  Trudeau, dear old dad,  (Mr. Fuddle-Duddle himself,  we fondly recall,) was a  close family friend of Castro. We got that;  Pierre,  and Justin too, just like dad—admired Castro. Yes, that Castro, the 'some say wonderful' —but  for the official record, a stubborn and murderous dictator. A suppressor of free speech, murderer and  jailer of those "nasty, unacceptable protesters", vocal critics and legal opposition.  The disappearance of innocent, impoverished people. No matter...

Tears and praise for a man who almost precipitated a  globe-sized nuclear holocaust. ( Let's comment: Oh, my,  Bucky-diddle-do.... Justin, your  polite eulogy enraged the global world of the informed , too—without even half trying....Go figure.)

And  then... Fidel the  Enigma...

Let us  pose a question...it may be uncomfortable. As ever-curious observers of humanity and brainwashed by fine capitalists, we DO  have to wonder how the hated/despised/beloved el Commandante,  —el Dictator, —Fidel the man—ever managed to offer free education  and free health care to his people on the  little island of Cuba.  With A tiny  socialist economy.  Circa 1950's technology. Old cars.  In spite of  aging technology, aging infrastructure, threats, blockades, sanctions , non-cooperation, isolation,  extreme political objections  by the most powerful  and intimidating nation on earth.

(Let's comment: Just how DID he manage that? Could it be that the lack of 'greedy corporate interests' might suggest a key to understanding?  Here at Incomingbytes, We can hear the ideological screams and capitalist indignation all the way from the USA, but in the interest of fairness, we believe an honest answer is required, so answer, already, if you dare.

That success,  above all, —galled and plagued  ten U.S. capitalist presidents.  Presidents  he endlessly and laughingly  out-played,  out-smarted, out-maneuvered, out-ran, and out-lasted.  An amazing race —whether you personally  loved or hated  Fidel (and his other 'notorious  antics, saviour status and historical atrocities' or not

( Let's comment:   Interestingly,  glorious  readers— you must decide  and answer that question for yourselves.   Or at least acknowledge the enigma, the  thorn in  the right butt-cheek of the now precariously over-inflated, greedy ideology called  North American capitalism.)


Therefore ...

We are compelled to ask:  Can Trudeau be redeemed after such  a reckless start for this 'career'— or has he already spent and clearly confirmed his true colours?   (Let's Comment:  We prefer to avoid suggesting a response to this question,  unlike the trendy and now somewhat untrustworthy media, which would attempt to pollute  the fertile minds of readers with outrageous commercialism, lies reckless reporting, false news stories, and pre-spun 'half-true news'.  Funny, but sad. )


 The Trudeau M.O.

Unfortunately,   the  Trudeau m.o. is  clearly a one-tracked interest in  hypocrisy,  trendy  ideas for social manipulation,  inclusion and tolerance —even of questionable elements of society however distasteful and unwanted.  At whatever cost. Pushing a gender-dominated, feckless, politically-correct Liberal,  and frankly, a now-revealed as dishonest agenda .

We may as well include  in that M.O.   the outrageous  approval of unwanted pipelines,  a considerable sell-out of the environment and humanity itself, the  potential sell-out of sovereignty over Canadian resources, environment regulations   and infrastructure ownership to greedy, reckless, domineering, profiteering, and merciless foreign interests including Communist China.  

(Let's Comment: Redemption for J.T. may not be quite at hand, it seems. )

Oh Well... Dear Readers...meantime...Catch up on your sleep ...

 Let us  hope there are only three years (or fewer) of political charades and  grinning ga-ga selfies remaining in Canada, and the end in sight for this questionable and demonstrated , misleading dishonesty, (Let's comment:  Forget not the stupidity , incredibly bad judgement and incompetence. )

  I say the whole circus is enough make  Canadians of every ilk migrate  or secede from Canada itself, or at least catch up on some well-deserved shut-eye...  "just thinking out loud"...


*Update:  A 'must-read'...

Trudeau,  when asked the big question about Fidel, replied in an off-script, blank, curt, confused, entrapped,  then distinctively crabby manner —and finally admitted Castro was a dictator.  "Yes!" he finally blurted.  ....No wonder he was so crabby, being  no longer able to  justify  a free holiday to Cuba and all...

(Let's Comment:  Canadians ALL —must recognize that political gaffes and dishonesty are the norm, and like wooden stakes for vampires, are  inevitably driven through the heart of  flashy one-term political careers...nice hair or not.   Canadian karma, we suspect...)

Did we catch up?  Nope.  Not by a long shot....(Let's comment: We're gone...  Who knows, maybe we'll catch up with'ya  at the coffee-shop...Relax, take a selfie...)

Is that Incoming I hear?


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