Chaos in Canada, a Handy Guide for the Future

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The inverted Maple Leaf flag of Canada --a symbol of distress

Chaos in Canada --or Distress?

Chaos in Canada:  A handy guide for the future?


A handy guide to disaster in the future? Would that be more accurate?  Chaos in Canada, observable today — could not only  be a handy, but predictable guide for events in the future.  It will not be necessary to guess where  chaos in Canada is heading.  Predictable. Perhaps the title should be Chaos for Dummies. Chaos for The Apathetic. Chaos for the Foolish.  Chaos for the Remnants of Canadian Civilization. Chaos Directs the Demise of Canada.

Is  chaos observable in Canada today  —a guide, a template for the future? You decide.  Step by step...a handy guide to chaos... We must wonder who would want a handy guide to chaos in Canada. The prime minister?   Americans? Islamist invaders? The average family-fan-driving mom? Non-thinking think tanks, UN elitists, Hollywood, ANTIFA, globalists,  Justin's 'little friends'?

Chaos Comes in many Forms

Chaos comes in many tangled  forms but let's be brave and attempt to list them.  How many do you recognize? Have you witnessed, participated, or been subjected to these? Would you care to add any?

Environmental changes observable. Climate change, (personally-believed or not).  Extreme weather events. Catastrophes. Economic disasters.  Fallout from insatiable corporate greed, power, and corruption unchallenged.

Inexplicable political events and trends.  Traitorous political activity in government which  is Treason.   Instability of foreign nations, manufactured or otherwise.  Invasion of  western sovereignty by incompatible cultures via internationally manufactured "refugee crises".   Verifiable creeping intrusion into domestic governments by elitist, globalists, Islamists and other elite foreign interests. Rats in the woodpile.

Unwanted social manipulation by bureaucrats and politicians in office. Lunacy and emotional instability (expressed in unprecedented human behaviour and the trend to violence. ) Less than ideal "idealism". Mass populism, violent demonstrations by the so-called 'peaceful'.  Unexpected and unwanted results from elections...manufactured trade wars with allies.  Distrust by historical allies and friendly next-door nations.

Should chaos in Canada be a surprise when politicians are clearly more interested in promoting their own personal agendas? Obsession with gender, of all things. What's in your pants, dearie?  Obsession with "identity". Obsession with 'feelings'. Obsession with drama and ga-ga selfies.  Self-entitlement.  Divisiveness. Intolerance.  M103.  The scam contrived and labeled "Islamophobia". Hate speech. Hate crimes.  ALL encouraged by government. Have no doubt, the removal  of freedom of speech is the goal —to justify "action" and 'clampdowns' by this devious, untrustworthy government. which clearly displays an arrogant tendency to dictatorship.

The handy guide itself.... becomes damning and  hideous. Good grief.

Backlash and Predictability

The backlash to trendyNeoliberal Fascism and questionable ideology is not a surprise, nor should it be. Is chaos predictable as history itself?   Are the forces of evil once again growing as a supreme test of humanity?  Let your faith be your advisor.   How about ...what goes around, comes around?  Reality  and necessity eventually overtake unrealistic, grandiose manipulation of any country by fools. Shall then, the predictability of chaos —actually be what  guides us?

We Remain  Polite even with the onset of Chaos in Canada...But...

All of these factors and others have  inevitably contributed to the onset of chaos and self-doubt  in Canada.  Worth noting and repeating. Canadians may be polite but... we're not immune to upheaval, disaster, or self-inflicted wounds.  We Canadians are quite capable of action should the onset of  civil war,  so common in other countries, becomes  necessary.  Do our 'politicians' not recognize that fact?

We're NOT Different.

We're not different.  With callous, arrogant, careless leadership Canadians  can realistically expect  the eventual coming of the same  calibre of events as those occurring elsewhere on the globe.  With weak and dishonest, distrusted and disliked  leadership which is so offended at being  called out  in Canada, we are  no longer  immune to the  reality, brutality and gob-smacking  instability of  unpredictable tarriffs and economic warfare, much less  historical violence, terrorism, murder and mayhem  so often displayed in Europe and  the Middle East.  Balkanization of Canada itself.   Terrorism. Let that sink in.  Demonstrations, riots.  Violence.  Why?

An epic fail in political  leadership, domestic and social political foolishness has occurred in Canada.    As  if social and domestic policy failure are  not bad enough, an immigration crisis is now full-blown and has already become far too problematic.   At the invitation of the Prime Minister himself,  Muslim and other illegal immigrants walk across uncontrolled border points at will.

ISIS fighters, enemies of Canada, return freely to Canada, recklessly endangering the lives of Canadians and the stability of Canada itself. Unbelievably, at the invitation of Justin Trudeau himself. Why? Divisiveness encouraged. Intolerance, terrorism, a culture of fear are a delight to this 'leader' --and his 'government.

The problems of the middle East and its traditional, stubborn, disagreeable, dominating and incompatible 'cultures' are on the march right into Canada. With the blessing of the UN, the EU, and the  confused,  treasonous and delusional "Prime Minister" Trudeau ,  his personal agenda, and his poisonous appointees, who endlessly prove they will simply thumb their noses at  the traditions, laws,  blessings, inclusiveness  and security of Canada. By destroying it.  Add that to the 'handy guide' and it becomes eminently more clear, more predictable.

Is Chaos in Canada  the new Normal?

The new social confusion trade wars, the potential failure and end of NAFTA brought on by incompetent negotiation and epic failures of trust. Genuine international distrust. Hurt feelings.  Unwanted, uncontrolled immigration. Blossoming cultural domination by an unwanted,  bitter, incompatible, archaic  ideology.  Open bordersBottom line, chaos in Canada courtesy of politicians completely  out of touch with the nation, the people,  the past, the future, all  embellished  with  disastrous economic and unwanted social manipulation.

How handy!

Enjoy.  How handy! A guide to not only Chaos in Canada  but a guide to the Fragmentation of Canada itself.  Two for the price of ONE.



Is that Incoming I hear?


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