Writing Life: What do You Think About?

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Time to Think...

                                    If you write, it's also Time to Think

*Happy New Year to everyone, with best wishes for the safest, healthiest, and most prosperous Happy New Year ever.  Happy 2015, people!     


It's time to write....What do You Think About?

Vacation's over, time to get into gear. Haul out that pencil and paper, pen and ink, or even the crusty, unreliable  old laptop. It's time to write, write, and write but you're stuck in a rut?  What do you think about? It has to be one of the most interesting facts about people; each individual is different, unique,  and many have highly individualized, specific interests.  Some are apathetic and have none. The collective human condition by design, or by destiny may be involved.  Common interests may occur as a result of necessity, social exposure,  peer association, societal trends, and pressure to fit in manipulates the mind  this way and that. But does that mean you must consistently think the same ‘content’ as your peers?  Are you required to conform?  No. Think. Perhaps lifestyle, career-oriented, keep-up-with friends and  trends are involved to some degree. Influential. They rule you. No?  Regardless, you can bust out of the mold. Perhaps you're already  totally different, weird&wonky, unique in every way.  Congratulations if you're interested in old books, literature,  writing, fancy cars, snowflakes, art,  writing, tools and rocks, pickup trucks, pickles&pies, mud-in-your-eye religion,  kids, cats and coconuts, history and mystery,  —or are you just plain weird and think differently because of some happy accident? Do tell.

Be Different, Think for Yourself, Decide...

How do you know if you're really different? Do you daydream about  horses, college courses, law and discourses? You like pinecones, old bones, gardening gnomes and get distracted easily?  What’s that down the rabbit-hole? Wait, there’s a chicken. I want a sandwich. That tree looks like a bonsai. How many trees are there in Canada?  How does your mind work?  How do you decide what to think about and end up scribbling?

Have you ever really thought about it?

Are your interests in fishing  wild water and living in the rough? How about  skiing, glass blowing,  or  old bars, fast cars, classic guitars, apple- pickers and the Blues? There are crafters and believe in the forever-afters. Politics and magic tricks? What about the news? Sci-Fi , admire the sky, outer space is quite the place but inner space may be more challenging.  What have you got to lose—by exploring your mind? Do you know where your mind is and what it contains?  Dare to use it. You may be much smarter than you think if your interests are highly varied, and even learn to specialize as time flies. Think about it. You may already be a veritable, scribbling genius.  Are you another Einstein? Another outstanding writer, instead of boring ordinary.  Do you think like a genius?  Do you think in terms exotic, psychotic, neurotic, or erotic? Scientific? Quickly now, make a list.  See what you've missed.  Open the mind,  you never know what you’ll find… What do YOU think about?  The old adage "know thyself" comes to mind. Will self-discovery help your writing? # Is that Incoming I hear?FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

About Raymond Alexander Kukkee

A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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2 Responses to Writing Life: What do You Think About?

  1. Hi Ray,
    There’s so much to think about if we can only start to put some of it into words then who knows what we can create? Your post is great for the New Year as it is sure to prompt people to pick up their pens or (old) laptops and get writing 🙂 Nicely written, my friend!

    • hi Christyb, thank you. I’m guessing we must challenge ourselves to break out of the rather boring status quo, just as you have consistently achieved with your beautiful poetry and website Poetic Parfait.
      It seems you always offer a unique, different view on virtually any topic. That, I see as a mark of genius. No kidding. Thank you for commenting, my friend “:) ~R

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