Writing Life: Procrastination? Who,me?

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Wait a minute...

Wait a minute...

  Procrastination?  Who, me?  I'm reluctant to admit I've been procrastinating. Procrastination is not helpful in the writing life.  Perhaps we could soften the guilt by calling it a mandatory sabbatical of sorts.   I like the comfort offered by that concept, a self-induced stress-relieving sabbatical.  At least that's the excuse reasoning I am tempted to  use, since I habitually and stubbornly resist believing in or admitting to suffering from the writer's block that other, better writers curse  wail about upon occasion. There's always something to write about, I happily tell my blank screen. The cursor blinks, and the empty coffee cup is reminding me there is much going on in the world, many Incoming bytes,  major world events of late,  curiosities,  mysterious fireballs in the eastern sky of Canada, commercial airliners missing for almost 3 weeks with hundreds of passengers missing without a trace, endless war in Syria, Russian expansionism and the invasion of the Ukraine Crimea—let's call it what it is,  but  I'll get to those later, I'll just get up and fill the coffee mug once again before I get on with it. And have lunch too. Procrastination, who, me?  Wait, I'm back, but I  just remembered I better go walk the dogs too, you know those loyal, patient companions of mine,  a.k.a.   T.T.T. (Tilly the Tall) and E.T.S. (Ebony the Short).  Before committing to any serious tapping away on the keyboard, that is. As an aside, the keyboard on my Gateway laptop  has  letters worn invisible. It also proudly displays a physical dent worn into the space bar where the thumb reminds the text to move on. Questionable Querty  (Q.Q. for short)  no  longer displays any indexing bumps, they're worn right off of this seemingly inferior keyboard too.   That sucks for a busy writer that touch-types. To avoid having to look at the keyboard and revert to hunt and peck,  I cleverly installed  fuzzy thick stickers on those two keys ('F' and 'J' , I'm guessing, it's so long since I saw them )  instead, problem solved. Whilst procrastinating, we wouldn't want to have to be slowed down by hunting and pecking for 'F' and 'J',   for 'D'  and 'E',   and 'S'  and 'L'   and a few others now fading fast,  never mind the space bar which editors seem to want to break off of my keyboard anyway. I have to wonder why. No matter, at least those two keys now type warm, fuzzy stuff. I wonder, perhaps all of the keys should have fuzzy stickers on them, would that make everything come out warmer and fuzzier? On time?  Even distractions and product failures can end up warm and fuzzy, or at the least, offer that illusion. We're procrastinating again, see what happens? Do you procrastinate? How does it affect your productivity?  Do you enjoy your comforting, stress-reducing sabbaticals?   Let's try hard to avoid procrastinating in the future, wait, want a coffee?  How about a nice walk out in that fresh air that's supposed to be spring-like?   Procrastination? Who, me? We'll be catching up next time...after the sabbatical and a snooze, that is.   Is that Incoming I hear? +  FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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A published author and freelance writing professional, Raymond lives and writes in Northwestern Ontario.
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7 Responses to Writing Life: Procrastination? Who,me?

  1. looks like i missed the red spots in the Canadian eastern skies..but don’t worry, i have also used the Syria, Crimea syndromes and other world diseases to -pro-crastinate..a special dis-ease of mine..though i must say, my keyboard shows signs of fading, more like disappearing A? etc…
    have been weaning myself from news and other excuses online..avoiding internet , and laptop..i have earned a slightly used Dell from a neighbor who needed someone to care for his wife, a fair barter.
    so on toward professional tapping and clunking, no more procrastination for moi, and spring is tulipping about, now THAT is a challenge of the natural kind. enjoy your season dear writer..,ns

  2. Hi Nadine, I suspect almost anything can be used as timely intervention …er..procrastination, that is, to avoid writing on topics important, insignificant and mundane. We struggle to persist, it seems.
    It sounds warmer down in your locale. Crocuses we shall see here in another month or so apparently –with our 4′ of snow, — and it pleases me greatly to know our few tulips shall also eventually surprise us with their presence too , though likely as not in July, at the rate the snow is ignoring the requirement to melt, if today is our finest example of ‘spring’ to date.
    I am pleased to hear you have a serious plan to avoid procrastination, doing some creative tap-tapping away on that keyboard,– a slightly used Dell to assist with that wonderful plan, veritably well-earned barter. Dell are good computers, my rather expensive Gateway is quickly wearing out, Dell or HP may be the next experiment, do let me know how yours performs.
    I’m afraid the Russian bent for invasion and expansionism – and ongoing Syrian blowup are most likely to grow completely out of hand. The ideologues and generals, Putin included are worrisome, testy and unhappy individuals requiring a serious brain check for the diseases known as ideology, brainwashing, expansionism and political greed; they all need to go home for rest, every one of them, and grow some garden, smile and make some beets borscht, plant some potatoes and enjoy life instead–smile and play with their children and grand children and perhaps watch for meteorites in peaceful western skies. We know, as writers, that would be a lot smarter, would it not, and many people would surely longer and happier lives, offering them much opportunity to both procrastinate and party long into the hazy days of summer. We offer hope.
    Thank you for commenting, Nadine, my friend, it is always wonderful to hear from you; I can hardly wait to read some more of your eclectic and thoughtful writing! Have a most beautiful and creative day! “:) ~R

  3. Glory Lennon says:

    Goodness! It’s the opposite for me! I’m all stressed out from NOT writing enough. I don’t have the time for my stress relieving writing, plotting and fanciful thinking of my magical story worlds.

    • hi Glory, GREAT point, writing does relieve stress at times, I DO find the same thing happens with myself at times if I don’t get time to write enough. A lot of it has to do with what’s going on elsewhere. I went through some trying times recently that had me really wondering, but I’m back to it again “:)
      Your fanciful, creative worlds are wonderful, no wonder they’re stress-relieving. You wouldn’t want to procrastinate TOO long creating some more now, keep that in mind….. “:) Thanks for commenting! ~R

  4. I sometimes procrastinate, but really I’m able to justify it in my mind 🙂 That makes it okay… doesn’t it?! I think I can sort these papers and then look at that website and then… oh look, it’s dinner time! 🙂 Well your post is done and now you may go for that spring walk! Wait… don’t you have snow??

  5. hi, Christyb, justification is part of the procrastination haha, that’s one of the best parts, it takes time to figure out the justification. “:) Oh, wait, it’s supposed to snow some more, I can wait a while and find out, and then shuffle papers and figure out the next post. Wait, the dog needs playing with “:)) Thank you for commenting, Christyb, now back to it…”:) ~R

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